Shady Energy Resellers Stalk Hallways Of Brooklyn

A reader writes: “Another day, another energy scammer in Brooklyn. This was the most misleading one yet—a man was walking around and banging on every door up and down the hallways of my building—identifying himself as having been “sent by building management about our ConEd bill.” So I ran and got my video camera, which also serves as a digital voice recorder. Here is the conversation…The gentleman vacillated between telling the truth, misleading me and completely lying.”

“ME: Who is it?

GUY AT DOOR: Ambit Energy.

ME: Did you say you were with building management?

GUY: Building management sent me.

ME: Building management sent you about what?

GUY: I’m talking to every tenant in the building, ma’am, on how to save money on their electrical bills, ma’am.

ME: And where are you from?

GUY: Ambit Energy, associated with ConEd.

ME: You’re Ambit Energy?

GUY: Yes.

ME: You’re from ConEd?

GUY: Yes.

ME: Can I see your ConEd ID please?

GUY: No problem, you can see a pamphlet and everything else too, sir. Here ya go. [holds pamphlet up to peephole]

ME: I need to see your ConEd ID before I open the door.

GUY: I just started actually this job just this week, so I didn’t get my ID yet. But I can show you everything else about the company.

ME: And you’re from ConEd?

GUY: Yes, sir.

ME: I don’t think you are.

GUY: Uh, if you want I can slide it under the door and you can take a look yourself. [slides Ambit pamphlet under door]


GUY: [indecipherable] you will not be paying for delivery [indecipherable]

ME: OK, thank you for your time.

GUY: No problem, you have a good day and Gd bless.

ME: You too.

When is Andrew Cuomo (the New York Attorney General) going to do something about these shady resellers? Enough is enough!”

Cuomo will start doing something after enough people file complaints with his office. Here the form you need to do that.

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