Kieffe & Sons Takes Back Apology For "Sit Down And Shut Up" Ad, Attacks "Blog-Lo-Dites"

Another update to the Kieffe & Sons “Sit Down and Shut Up” ad fiasco: The quasi-apology issued by the California Ford dealer on Wednesday was mandated by Ford Headquarters. Kieffe & Sons remains unrepentant, so to speak, and blames the imbroglio on “Blog-lo-dites.”

On Wednesday, Kieffe & Sons posted a statement on their website, apologizing to “all who were offended.” As commenters pointed out, saying you’re sorry that someone got offended is not the same as actually apologizing for what you said. Now, according to the Bakersfield Californian, we find out even the non-apology wasn’t genuine.

“I don’t regret the sentiment at all,” said Kieffe, who bought the 48-year-old dealership from his father in 1974. “It’s what we believe.”

. . .

The dealer’s Web site Thursday bore a statement about the ad that included an apology “to all who were offended.” Kieffe said he’d been contacted by Ford Motor Co. after the manufacturer heard complaints from numerous “blog-lo-dites.” The company asked him to post something saying he was sorry if he’d offended anyone, Kieffe said.

Kieffe said he will continue using J.W. Horne for the dealer’s ads. Horne also confirmed that he wrote the trolling, single-entry blog that went up on Thursday.

Ford Says “Shut Up” Ad Was a Mistake, But Dealer Stands Behind It [Bakersfield Californian]
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(Photo: Amy Watts)

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