18-Year-Old Says He Hacked Comcast Because He's "Tired Of Their Shitty Service"

Here’s a technique we’ll not be adding to our list of fun ways to escalate your complaint: The 18-year-old who recently hacked Comcast and took down the company’s homepage and webmail told Wired that it was Comcast’s own fault… The hacker, known as EBK, called Comcast to let them know they’d been hacked. The manager scoffed and hung up:

“If he wasn’t such a prick, he could have avoided all of that,” says EBK. “I wasn’t even really thinking. Plus, I’m just so mad at Comcast. I’m tired of their shitty service.”

Comcast Hijackers Say They Warned the Company First [Wired]
(Photo: cmorran123)


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  1. Squeegoth says:

    “We have not been hacked, our truck was there on time, our network managing software is working perfectly, and things are business as usual. Taking down services? You’re just doing our job for us, kid.”

  2. RandomHookup says:

    I know you are going to change the photo, but that’s one hot looking 18 year old boy.

  3. Crymson_77 says:

    As much as I typically dislike hackers and the like (as most are asshats on powertrips like Apple store managers), some are pretty smart and I, personally, think this kid is awesome.

  4. quirkyrachel says:

    True, it’s not really a good way to resolve the issue. But it totally tops the list of things I’ve thought of doing to Comcast when I was a customer. *evil grin*

  5. DoktorGoku says:

    @RandomHookup: Hahaha :P

    Ah, Comcast, when you’ve ticked off your customers to the point where many of them don’t mind you having been hacked- shouldn’t that say something?

  6. blackmage439 says:

    NICE! My computer security teacher was just telling the class about this last night. Can’t wait to see what he says about this next week.

  7. Bladefist says:

    This is fantastic.

  8. MCShortbus says:

    It’s Comhackstic!

  9. Disturbedearth says:

    It must be Karma… Or Sharon Stone.

  10. ByeBye says:

    This has been causing headaches at ATT – we get tons of customers asking “Why can’t I use my comcast email? bla bla bla” – I want to tell them to leave the craptacular company, but nope.

  11. A.W.E.S.O.M.-O says:

    “I slept in my clothes, because the last time they came, I was in my underwear with my dong hanging out and shit,” says Defiant.


  12. ViperBorg says:

    @RandomHookup: Indeed. Amazing resemblance to the Tea girl.


  13. Gopher bond says:

    OMG my pr0n!

  14. elislider says:

    dugg for the main page having the same picture as the previous story of the cute girl sipping tea
    … oh wait.. this isnt digg

    but seriously, the interview is funny and actually pretty interesting. the best part tho is if you scroll down the page into the blog comments and you start seeing AOLers posting stuff like “CHAT2 FTW GOGOGOGOGOGO” lmao its hilarious

  15. Bladefist says:

    @ViperBorg: Obviously you are racist if you are trying to say all white girls look the same. those are obviously two different people.

  16. Hairyback says:

    They fucked up my business two days. I hope they get raped in prison.

  17. akede2001 says:

    @Hairyback: If your business relies on Comcast e-mail or being able to access their web site, then you’re better off out of business.

  18. Crymson_77 says:

    @Hairyback: Just to be sarcastic…

    Have you not read all the wonderful Comcrapstick stories on here?

  19. Bladefist says:

    @Hairyback: If your business relies on internet/email, you should get a dedicated line, like a T1. May cost me, but if you figure up your opportunity costs, it may be a life saver for you.

  20. Juggernaut says:

    Who is bladefist and why does he always say/know what I’m thinking?

  21. Bladefist says:

    @Juggernaut: even on the political stuff? :)

  22. mike says:

    I think the article highlights more on how any big corp is vulnerable to this kind of hacking.

  23. reiyaku says:

    so wait… comcast got monopoly down on west coast? isn’t there like another cable/internet provider that does a better job?

  24. Machina says:

    The kid is a dumbass. Going through an interview, posting a picture of yourself, giving away your hometown (even if you say it’s not correct) as well as screenshots is like giving a roadmap to your house with a big ‘arrest me sign’.

    Also, since he was going across state lines I bet the FBI will be involved.

    I will say it was badass he hacked it, and the ‘I slept in my clothes, because the last time they came, I was in my underwear with my dong hanging out and shit’ part had me LOLing.

  25. Nearsite00 says:

    I’d like to see them hacked again, but this time for longer.

  26. @A.W.E.S.O.M.-O:

    definitely quote of the year

  27. “Comcast Cares… So buckle up, wouldn’t want to get tickets for not wearing a seatbelt when plowing down infants and beating kittens”

  28. evslin says:

    “The situation has kind of blown up here, a lot bigger than I thought it would,” says Defiant, a 19-year-old man whose first name is James. “I wish I was a minor right now because this is going to be really bad.”

    It got worse the second Wired posted your name and photo on their website for the whole world to see, champ.

  29. sleze69 says:

    Atleast he didn’t break up one of their offices with a hammer…

  30. Crymson_77 says:

    @sleze69: I think his ass would have been better off had he done so instead…

  31. OletheaEurystheus says:

    He allowed them to. They know their identities are going to be figured
    out soon and where pretty clear that they expect any day now for swat to
    break in and take them out.

    As for the situation at hand though, despite how douchy the kids sound
    (and BOY are they ever douchy) they touched on a very interesting fact.

    Comcast knew. Comcast’s chief tech KNEW these kids had info they
    shouldnt have and blew them off instead of taking the info to heart and
    using what they told him to patch a HUGE security hole. Not only that
    but they are now DENYING there was any hole to begin with despite the
    fact that any of us forced to use Comcrap KNOW they where hacked, and
    hacked BAD.

    Seriously there is no point denying that you guys fucked up at this
    hackers have told Wired the holes STILL EXIST, anyone who understands
    what they did could go right now and do the exact same thing over again,
    but actually get customer info (which the hackers could have gotten but
    avoided doing)

    So the kids might be douches, but the bigger douch is the company whos
    trying to pull the Jedi Mind Trick on the entire nation right now in
    regards to what happened.

  32. Norcross says:

    Anyone seen the screenshot? A hacker uses AIM? Ever heard of…I don’t know…IRC? Maybe even an open-source client?

  33. ViperBorg says:

    @Bladefist: Hey now. I’m not trying to say anything, I let the evidence speak for itself. :)

  34. ViperBorg says:

    @Norcross: Yeah… that IS pretty sad.

  35. ninjatoddler says:

    I think Comcast found a perfect excuse for their crappy service – EBK!

  36. This is hilarious. Two kids not even hiding their amateur prank and now they get to go to club fed.

  37. ianmac47 says:

    Comcast had it coming, though I think a better hack would have been getting into their billing office servers and granting all their customers credits. Now that would be a good hack.

  38. mac-phisto says:

    i hate black hats. i hope they throw them away for awhile. don’t even throw them in jail – send them to haiti to do “community service” for a decade. if they make it back from that island, maybe they’ll understand what useless idiots they were.

  39. amed01 says:


  40. acasto says:

    They should have avoided the telescreens… will get you every time!

  41. donkeyjote says:

    @Norcross: IRC? Hey grampa, get off the magic speaker box.

  42. IrisMR says:

    Did he at least put up hilarious material on the website? Come on, he has to be original

  43. khiltd says:

    Odds are better than average this kid is taking credit for something he didn’t do just to get attention.

  44. fostina1 says:

    im not 18

  45. Imaginary_Friend says:

    I know it’s wrong, but it’s hard not to be amused by this kid. Just look at that Wired picture: Comcast got p0wned by a pot-smoking high school dropout. His mom’s fucking raffia floral wreath and Glade air freshener are in the background! I may die laughing.

  46. @fostina1: and you probably did’nt do it either but the whole krew that did is under scrutiny at the moment. These kids deserve the time in club fed they will get. I would not even insinuate you were involved because anyone even remotely taking credit is probably being tracked by the feds.

  47. Crymson_77 says:

    @tawni: Funniest part is that they will probably end up in low security and get to play tennis and do underwater basket weaving for a few years for this…

  48. Hairyback says:

    @akede2001: Yes, and then I can bunk with you in your parents’ basement?

  49. And, as usual, two wrongs make a right!

  50. Hairyback says:

    @Crymson_77: I hate Comcast. I also hate the electric company, but I don’t come over to your house, pull your power lines down and say “Fight the power, bro!”

  51. Concerned_Citizen says:

    It seems they just hacked a dns registrar and did not actually hack comcast.

  52. ClankBoomSteam says:

    You know, I hate Comcast, too. I mean I HATE them. I think they’re pure evil, and I wish some force of nature could come along and somehow only destroy Comcast and its ancillary businesses, because that’s what they deserve.


    I really don’t think the smart way to protest Comcast’s shitty service is to hack their site, thus causing thousands of others to get even shittier service (and no webmail) while the site was down.

    I applaud the gesture, but this kid punished Comcast’s long-suffering customers rather than punishing Comcast itself.

  53. SpdRacer says:

    @Crymson_77: That isn’t the funniest part, they will go to Club Fed and be given jobs taking calls as CSR’s, allowing them access to computers so that they can hack Comcrap from behind bars.

  54. Solo says:

    Network Solutions spokeswoman Susan Wade disputes the hackers’ account. “We now know that it was nothing on our end,” she says. “There was no breach in our system or social engineering situation on our end.”

    I find it amusing that one of the crappiest ISP is using one of the crappiest registrar. But hey, if Netsol says it did not come from them, it must be totally true. Though there would be no way to temper with the DNS settings on a domain without messing with the registrar: maintaining DNS settings for domains is all they do.

    Now for the hackers, poor kids, they are in for a world of trouble. It is amazing how much disruption they cause with such a low tech attack. Totally not worth it.

  55. Buran says:

    @akede2001: Heaven forbid people use their ISP’s business-class offerings.

  56. fredzorz says:

    When I used Comcast, I felt like doing this about seven times a day. The only things that would have been better would be if A. The crackers hadn’t been caught; and B. They hadn’t change anything except make all the links point to comcastmustdie.com That would be perfect.

  57. Bladefist says:

    @Buran: People can use their business class offerings, but they need to understand that with cable internet, there is downtime, and shit happens.

    When you have a dedicated T1, shit can happen, but the T1 offer is under contract to fix it asap. In my dealings with T1, I’ve never seen one go down. It’s dedicated, and if my server doesnt ping, because I reboot the router or something, I have a phone call from AT&T within minutes.

  58. RChris173 says:

    While I don’t support what they did, it should be a reminder that Comcast sucks. I know my comment is low, but it’s the truth…

  59. joeflow44 says:

    After a particularly unpleasant visit I had to my local Comcast office this past week I now consider this guy my hero…and I’m a fan of his myspace photo too.

  60. Techguy1138 says:

    I wonder when he will be on the job market. The US is really short on such skilled talent. Attacking the DNS was not especially brilliant but more than a script kiddie attack.

    Keeping and handling all of the comcast traffic was amazing.

    Through social engineering and networking knowledge they managed to create more real pull than any multi-millionaire could.

    I really hope that this nets them a nice scholarship and or a job.

  61. @Techguy1138: these kids according to what they have all been posting on wired somehow got the information needed to talk their way into accessing comcast’s account for their domains through network solutions. it was just account manipulation. nothing special.

  62. donkeyjote says:

    If comcast or network solutions don’t/won’t explain in court how they were hacked, even under seal, then the kids get off :D


  63. Techguy1138 says:

    @tawni: It hit the realm of special when they were repeatedly able to thwart attempts to stop the attack.

    If the outage was that simple a single refresh of the dns tables from known good values would have stopped it in minutes.

    It should be a slow news day when a simple attack makes wired.

  64. TechnoDestructo says:


    That’s their problem, trying to let a truck do the job of a system of tubes.

  65. TechnoDestructo says:


    The kid cost you 2 days, or Comcast?

  66. XTC46 says:

    @Norcross: Why does it matter? Is there a rule book somewhere that says hackers must use only X software? if all his friends use aim, why wouldnt he?

  67. Norcross says:

    @xtc46: just seemed strange, given that (a) their ‘king’ had actually HACKED aol, (b) it’s riddled with ads and bugs that track users. considering they are hackers, one would think they wouldn’t use it.

  68. LibidinousSlut says:

    @mac-phisto: my family lives in haiti and it’s effed up to say that someone should be sent to other people’s suffering as “punishment”. People in Haiti were handed a shitty lot in life, there’s no reason to mock it.

  69. Lambasted says:

    When hackers shut down a service, they aren’t getting back at The Man all they’re doing is screwing The People. Hackers like these guys, and the group who hacked into Stage6 shutting it down for days, aren’t doing us any favors. Knowing that my evil Comcast interferes with downloading torrents, I curled up into a ball and cried for days when I was unable to download via Stage6. Ok, maybe I didn’t cry for days but I was very miffed for a few hours. If hackers think they are acting on our behalf, ummm… thanks but no thanks. I can do without that kind of “help”.

    Sure Comcast sucks caca, but disabling a service that millions rely upon benefits no one.

  70. donkeyjote says:

    @Lambasted: It benefits Verizon and every other comcast competitor.

  71. ViperBorg says:

    @donkeyjote: Holy Jumpin F***** Jesus!! Are you actually defending the use of AOL here?!

    Oh, God… my eyes… they’re burning!


  72. XianZomby says:

    Can somebody tell me why Comcast sucks so much? I pay my bill every month, and every time I turn the TV on there is television. And (almost) every time I go to check my e-mail, I connect to the server and download messages. I pay like 65 dollars a month.

    What part about that sucks?

  73. I just want to see the kid’s dong.

  74. Lambasted says:

    @donkeyjote: I meant not benefiting the parties involved: hackers, customers, and the company.

    Hacking definitely benefits competitors. After a video site has been hacked the first ones accused of the hack are competitors. That definitely happened when Stage6 was hacked. Until the identity of the culprits was discovered, people were speculating that it was YouTube who had paid hackers to try to shut Stage6 down. LOL!

  75. mac-phisto says:

    @Fatdogsmells: i’m not mocking it, i’m saying the authorities should make them do some real work doing good in the world so they gain some…perspective.

    i picked haiti b/c frankly, they need a lot of help down there right now. & where better for two suburbanite brats without a clue to learn what it’s really like in the world? maybe even gain some skills that are worth bragging about on the internet.

  76. donkeyjote says:

    @ViperBorg: The Aim network/client != AOL. Sure, it might be aol created or owned, but aim is nowhere near as bad as AOL as a company or software. Just get a third party client (like iChat :D)

  77. donkeyjote says:

    @Lambasted: If you want to look at it glass half empty sure, but it benefits the hacker (stress relief, bragging rights if they don’t get caught) and the customers (The company would (or should due to common sense) go “Ohh, huge gaping security hole we were just raped by… Maybe we should close those up.”)

  78. TechnoDestructo says:


    The fact that it is 65 dollars per month may suck, depending on the level of service you actually USE.

    Otherwise, just type “comcast” in the search field near the top of the page.

  79. freejazz38 says:

    I’ll bet their CRACK TEAM of web specialists said it couldn’t be done! The same Geek morons who used to work for Fireslog and Dork Squad.

  80. ViperBorg says:

    @donkeyjote: True, true.

  81. Machina says:

    @Lambasted: Lmao are you serious? Media defender was the one responsible for stage 6, they didn’t try to cover it up, and they were turned over to the FBI. Aside from the fact all they did was flood a server with syn packets, not exactly high tech. I wouldn’t insult others by calling Media Defender ‘hackers’

  82. GodzillaDad says:

    Well I think the thing these hackers have going in their favor is “Trial by jury of peers”. Something they are entitled to by law (most of the time). So assuming they arent denied that all they need is anyone who has ever had Comcast sitting in that jury box. Enough said.

  83. badnwsbrs says:

    Look, as a Comcast employee who works in one of the larger call centers, hate all you want the job provides for my family and the benifits can’t be beat, all the folks who celebrate what this guy did, and yeas a few of us here got a good laugh out of it, just know he generated a TON of extra call volume not only to HSI tech support but to all ques as people were selecting everything from billing to video sales to find out what was going on, making a long wait time even longer