Okay, who decided it would be funny to hack Comcast? DSLReports says, “Though there’s no indication that user privacy is jeopardized, you may want to avoid using Comcast webmail until things have been completely cleared up. [DSLReports]


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  1. highmodulus says:

    That explains why my email to a Comcast.net email user got bounced several times this morning. Hopefully that will encourage Comcast users not to use their terrible email accounts(I have their broadband, but use Yahoo and Gmail accounts instead).

    Don’t blame me, I was hacking Best Buy- I wanted to update their fake internal websites with new fake prices that were much lower. . .

  2. Eldritch says:

    Huh. Maybe that’s why my Comcast cable has been on the fritz all day and the customer service people have been less than helpful…

  3. oyvader says:

    Well, that explains why my e-mail’s been so sporadic.

  4. semanticantics says:

    The Slowski’s.

  5. Sqrfrk says:

    Anyone NOT using Comcast.

  6. highmodulus says:

    @semanticantics: You win this thread!

  7. So… that email I haven’t been able to access for 3 years has been compromised? Yay?

  8. darkrose says:

    Now if I can only get them to quit filtering my internet service (port 25) so I can properly use ISO standard ports to send mail to servers outside their network…….

  9. iEddie says:

    Yay, you posted my tip! :)

  10. girly says:

    I and a family member recently switched to comcast ( I couldn’t resist the 290 + 200 dollar rebates) and both of us got around half a dozen letters last week saying we changed our passwords. I did that on ONE email account.

    Comcast must have spent a lot of money on those letters if it wasn’t just us.

  11. strathmeyer says:

    As a Comcast user, all I can say is: I have a Comcast e mail address? Seems like something they should’ve told me.

  12. donkeyjote says:

    Well, they deserve it.

  13. Munsoned says:

    Blame the victim?

  14. amed01 says:

    It’s Comcast’s fault … it’s always their fault!

  15. ConsumerAdvocacy1010 says:

    @strathmeyer: I hope you are being sarcastic.

  16. Okay, seriously, having just changed 3/4 of my address book over when Comcast bought local provider Insight — GET A GMAIL ADDRESS, PEOPLE! I mean SERIOUSLY. Updating address books when people graduate college/move services is one thing. Updating EVERY TIME they change providers (or providers get bought) is seriously annoying.

  17. I read the article, and Comcast is saying that only webmail is effected … BS. As another commentor stated, I’m getting DNS errors on returned messages sent to a comcast.net email address, and a message I sent yesterday morning to my wife’s comcast address never arrived. It wasn’t returned either.

    I think their problems are a little bigger than they’re letting on.

  18. Buran says:

    @ConsumerAdvocacy1010: I doubt it — ISPs don’t make a big deal about their email service. I did register my preferred username with my ISP to prevent anyone else from getting the address should I ever start using it, but I don’t use their service. Many people either aren’t aware that they have ISP email (thanks to the aforementioned lack of advertising) or they choose not to use it due to services like gmail that offer a good web/POP/IMAP interface, good spam filters, and are totally independent from your ISP, meaning you don’t have to change email addresses if you move or change ISPs.

    Some, like me, even own their own domain and do things like use Google Apps/Gmail Hosted or similar services to not have to worry about storage, backup, etc. and still have their own company or personal domain name.

  19. Buran says:

    @Eyebrows McGee: But then everyone who got one would be another address book update… ;)

  20. armeck says:

    Comcast didn’t get hacked, their account at Network Solutions did. Hard to blame Comcast for this one.