Friendly Banter Helps Get Better Customer Service

Marketing blogger Seth Godin has a post with “Sixteen tips for getting your Mac or iPhone fixed.” Some are specific to Apple, like how if you bought the item under 30 days ago sometimes it’s better just to take advantage of the 30-day guarantee, return the product, and get a new working one. But here’s two of them that we should all remember when we call tech support or customer service:

10. Engaging in friendly banter doesn’t just help you get what you want. It makes the call better for you too. These guys aren’t your enemy. In fact, right now, they’re the best friend you have in the whole world.

12. At least once a minute, say ‘thank you.’ If you thought about it, you’d realize that yes, you do mean it.

AKA be nice and good things are much more likely to happen.

Working with Apple Tech Support [Seth’s Blog] (Thanks to Shawn!)

(Photo: Getty)

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