Canceling HBO Costs $1.99 But Canceling Comcast Is Free, Which Do You Choose?

UPDATE: Comcast Responds To Yesterday’s Article, Waives $1.99 Fee
Reader Jonathon wanted to cancel his HBO so he contacted one of Comcast’s infamously useless online customer service representatives. CSR Adam informed Jonathon that to cancel HBO would cost him a fee of $1.99. He asked to speak to a supervisor to get the fee waived but CSR Adam said that would be impossible. The CSR then pointed out that there would be no charge to cancel Comcast’s service altogether. Decisions, decisions. Jonathon’s letter and chat log, inside…

I don’t know if this qualifies as news or not, but I was getting tired of paying $160/month for cable an internet (one TV). My wife and I decided that now that the Wire, Sopranos, Rome, etc. have gone bye-bye, sacrificing HBO was no big loss. I was then informed that I could cancel HBO for the low, low price of $1.99. But it’s free to cancel my Comcast account entirely! Customer service at its finest. Here’s the transcript. Enjoy, and please let me know if you decide to print.

user Jonathon_ has entered room

Jonathon: Cancel HBO

analyst Adam has entered room

Adam: Hello Jonathon_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Adam. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Adam: Jonathon, I will be happy to help you with this.

Adam: One moment please while I access your account information.

Adam: Protecting your privacy is a priority to us, before we can provide you with the requested information, we must confirm your identity as the authorized account holder. To do so, we request that you provide Comcast account number or the amount of your last payment.

Jonathon: I don’t have either on me at the moment

Jonathon: Hold on and let me see if I can get the amount from my bank account


Jonathon: $158.91

Adam: Excellent. Thank you

Adam: Ther is a one time charge of $1.99 to make this change

Jonathon: Pardon me, are you telling me that you are going to charge me a fee to cancel a service?

Adam: Ther is a $1.99 to make a change to the acocunt that is correct

Adam: Either add or remove a package

Jonathon: That’s absurd. I’m already unhappy with the service I get and Comcast wants to charge me for the privilege of canceling? That’s a terrible policy.

Adam: How do you want me to proceed?

Jonathon: Without charging me $1.99

Adam: I do apologize but I amnot able to waive that fee

Jonathon: My I speak with somebody who can?

Adam: We do not have a supervisor on shift at the moment however, you can call us at 1-800-COMCAST and request to speak to a supervisor that way

Jonathon: To be frank, if I have to pick up a phone to handle this matter at this point it will be my entire $158.91/month service that I am canceling, and not just HBO. Would there be a charge for that as well?

Adam: NO charge to cancel

Adam: Jonathon Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Jonathon: So I’ll be treated with greater decency if I decide to leave all together? No, I don’t believe that you can help me with anything else today.

Adam: Have a good day :)

Adam: Thank you for making Comcast part of your day. If you need assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us through Live Chat or E-mail (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Thank you again for choosing Comcast we appreciate your business. To visit our local support page including links to contact us via Email, as well as many downloadable forms,and FAQ pages, please visit:

Did you know that Comcast offers its customers a variety of free benefits? These include McAfee Antivirus, Firewall and Privacy software as well the Comcast tool bar that lets you take with you while you surf, and the Desktop Doctor to help you restore lost settings…plus much more, please visit to see all of the extras that we provide.

Analyst has closed chat and left the room

It’s almost as if Comcast is begging you to cancel your service. Some may consider such a decision akin to throwing the baby away with the bathwater, although, if you have a fugly Comcast baby the decision seems clear. Which would you choose?

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  1. Why am I starting to think that Comcast doesn’t care about its customers?

  2. amodlin says:

    This is hilarious! It seems to me that they would rather have you cancel your whole service than HBO. Good thing I switched to FioS!

  3. Sounds like you’ve been given a gift. Cancel Comcast and get the hell out of there!

  4. weave says:

    I was hoping that chat would have ended with him telling them to cancel it all. Looks like he didn’t, and Comcast was counting on that as well. Maybe they aren’t so stupid after all.

  5. Chairman-Meow says:

    Of course when the Comcast Executives start to actually notice that the churn-rates are excessive, they will boldy announce that they are “taking things seriously” and actually do something.

    Of course that “something” will be completely superficial and not actually change anything.

    I hope Comcast dies on the vine just like Sprint is doing right now.

  6. swags says:


    Behavior like this is making it really easy for me to not get pay TV when I go off to law school this fall.

  7. Nogard13 says:

    Comcast blows. Unfortunately, it will be a few more months before I have FIOS available. After that, it’s bye-bye Comcast!

  8. swags says:

    @Front_Towards_Enemy: It won’t happen until Comcast has viable competition from truly comparable services in the majority of its market. Most people don’t consider going without a viable option.

  9. sleze69 says:

    Call and tell them you want to cancel. Retentions will definately waive the fee to retain you.

    As nice as Fios’s HD is, their On Demand PALES in comparison to Comcast’s. They really need to improve it.

  10. macinjosh says:

    I just got rid of all my movie channels on Cablevision. I think they do this too but I haven’t seen my new statement yet.

  11. mndjkc says:

    The biggest problem with the online chat is the loacation of the representatives. When you call customer service you either talk to someone here in the US or Canada. Communication of your problem is easy, though resolution can still be a bitch.

    But after going through an ordeal with online customer service earlier this year, I finally recived a call from one of Comcast’s online customer service supervisors. The call came from the Phillippeans.

    The ability to communicate with someone with a solid grasp of the english language is becoming difficult among major companies these days, and I’m sorry to see Comcast starting down that road.

  12. limiter says:

    I recently canceled Comcast cable and they didn’t seem to care if I paid them $135 a month or not. I canceled at the local office which is the best way to cancel (they didn’t give me a sales pitch or try to keep me with special offers they just canceled it). I have no TV service now, it is actually quite nice.

  13. rpm773 says:

    I like how everyone is crowing about FIOS in here. Between Comcast, DirecTV and Verizon, it’s not like anyone has better customer service than the others. Different companies, same BS.

    I’m waiting for my TV to stop working after the switchover to HD next winter. Then it will be cancel city, baby.

  14. fostina1 says:

    when my direct tv contract expires, im going back to the $12.00/month basic comcast package. im already using the $20/month dsl and am fine with it. gotta feed the gas machine, satellites first to go, then cellphones. seriously 75/month for 2 cellphones with nothing extra is crazy. 75/month for tv is crazy. the bundles are a good idea but priced about 3x to high. they should be fighting on giving me tv service and the cable providers should be paid by the commercials as well, not by me.

  15. swags says:

    @mndjkc: One of my housemates received a customer satisfaction survey from Dell recently. Two of the standard options to mark for problems were along the lines of “Could not understand representative” and “Accent too heavy”.

  16. joshthephenom says:

    @swags: My wife is in law school, one of the first things to go was cable. Just too much homework!

  17. DashTheHand says:

    I’d love to cancel cable or go basic, but I’d miss Top Gear too much on BBCA. Maybe I should just move to the UK instead.

    For that matter I’d love to find a cell phone service that doesn’t blow for under $60 a month too.

  18. Logan26 says:

    It is a total shame McAfee is total and utter crap when it comes to being an ISS. The only package worse is AOLs when it comes to not actaully protecting peoples computers.

  19. mndjkc says:

    @swags: Not only do these companies save money on call center labor, but I think the simple fact that they service is so useless when it’s based off of a script and keywords, is actually making them more money.

    Let’s say I have a problem with a $10 charge that showed up on my bill once. Sad to say many americans would simply let it go if they knew they were calling an overseas call center.

    The frustation and inability to actually resolve issues that we experiance most times we call or log-on to these places is training americans to feel that the antidote is worse than the poisen.

    So rather than fight these small battles we let them go, to the finacial benefit of the companies. Win-Win for them.

  20. mndjkc says:

    Sorry, my grammer is still asleep.

  21. Gokuhouse says:

    I need to chime in here, I live in central Iowa and in a rural area to boot. The only option I can get for fast internet services in our cable company MediaCom and I also get my television services from them too. They have the exact same policy where they charge customers 1.99 to make any change to a service. I have successfully argued my way out of 4 of these ridiculous charges though. All it takes is some time and reasoning and maybe some lying on my part about not knowing about the charge or maybe that when I signed up for the service I was told I could cancel it without the stupid charge. So far so good.

  22. bohemian says:

    1.99 is cheap. Knology tried to charge me $10 to cancel the premium movie channel package we had. After debating it for 10 minutes with a CSR she suddenly became able to waive the $10 fee.

  23. swags says:

    @mndjkc: Charging excessive, unwarranted, or even illegal fees has become a legitimate business model. We’ve seen it escalate with banks and credit cards for years and now the rest of the economy is catching up. Ars Technica’s recent article on cramming highlights how impotent regulators are when it comes to dealing with this too.

  24. TurboWagon00 says:

    @DashTheHand: If you have even the most rudimentary DSL (we have the 768kb happy-saver plan) you can bittorrent all 10 seasons of Top Gear in HD, unedited (a full hour vs. 42 minutes for the BBCa version). Usually about 13 episodes per series, 350 Mb per hour.

  25. backbroken says:

    That’s a bargain! DishNetwork charges $5 to downgrade your service. I should know. I downgraded today.

  26. jumbo pongo says:

    Well they got you to keep HBO, didn’t they!

    Are you sure this isn’t just because you were trying to cancel through chat? Do you still get charged $1.99 if you try to cancel HBO over the phone?

  27. ComcastAnon says:

    “Reader Jonathon wanted to cancel his HBO so he contacted one of Comcast’s infamously useless online customer service representatives.”

    I’m sorry to divert from the topic, but I resent that remark. Judging the rest of us, by the actions of a small minority is very disrespectful, and detrimental to progress. Don’t insult the work I do through generalizations that come, for the most part, from CSR’s that work for companies like Nucomm and Convergys.

    I may not be ecstatic about my job, but I do take pride in the work I do for the people who I talk to everyday.

    And if you really want to get rid of it without a charge, cheat the system. Get yourself to tech support, and act like you thought you were going to sales/billing/retention. For the most part the divide between tech support, and sales/billing/retention does not usually include what fees each side charges for what actions.

    Most likely someone at CDV/internet tech support will rip the HBO off of the account, and never even give a charge a second thought.

    But be warned, if you call during the busy period, and they have alot of customers holding, you may get handed off to someone in billing/sales/retention.

  28. It’s almost as if Comcast is begging you to cancel your service. Some may consider such a decision akin to throwing the baby away with the bathwater, although, if you have a fugly Comcast baby the decision seems clear. Which would you choose?

    DirecTV or Dish Network and pray there’s an open wireless network nearby.

    Hey wait a sec… That’s what I’m doing.

  29. nerdette314159 says:

    I actually just canceled my HBO with the online chat (18$ for a channel I never watch), and they never mentioned a charge to cancel?

    Honestly – I haven’t had awesome service with the customer service on the phone, but next time I have an issue with my account I’m going to their chat system.

  30. @DashTheHand: I’d love to cancel cable or go basic, but I’d miss Top Gear too much on BBCA. Maybe I should just move to the UK instead.

    At least in the Philly area, they just took Top Gear out of On Demand :(

  31. Bye says:

    @ComcastAnon: I’m sorry, but the Comcast CSRs are precisely why we canceled our service and switched to DirecTV 5 years ago. The only time I could understand the crappy attitude was when I stood in a HUGE long line holding my converter box with a dozen other folks also returning their equipment to get our from under their nasty, unhelpful service.

    That was the smartest thing I’ve done. My biggest fear of switching was an occasional lost satellite signal, but in all honesty, our Comcast cable went out far more often than our DirecTV has. (I think DirecTV has gone out twice – and very temporarily – in those 5 years.)

    I remember the headaches, the horrible phonecalls, and the terrible terrible service provided by Comcast. I don’t want you to feel badly about what you do for a living because I’m sure there are some shining stars in the company. I’ve just never had the opportunity to meet them and I can only speak to what I know.

  32. MMD says:

    I’m surprised no one’s mentioned the blatant lie the employee told about there being “no supervisor on shift”. That can’t possibly be true. I once needed to speak to one at another company and got fed that line, but when I called the rep on it, she admitted that there was actually a supervisor but that they only called people back, they didn’t take calls.

    So I guess the point here is that it’s harder to be blown off if you’re on the phone, pushing for what you need. Call Comcast and push until the fee is waived. Sure, it’s only $2, but it’s $2 you can do something about.

  33. @swags: “Behavior like this is making it really easy for me to not get pay TV when I go off to law school this fall.”

    You say that now. Wait until you have all those empty hours to fill which something — anything — to take your mind off the soul-killing horror that is law school. I self-hypnotized with Animal Planet 24/7 and made enough hand-crafts to supply a small nation. One of my friends BUILT A BOAT FROM SCRATCH IN HIS BACK YARD. The other option is constant drinking to insensibility.

    But as soon as I was DONE with law school, it was like, “see ya, cable!”

  34. rhmmvi says:

    I’ve used the Comcast chat before and it’s utterly useless. Tried to transfer service from my old apartment to my new one and I had to explain it to them multiple times before they could understand it…and then they told me they couldn’t do that over the chat. Useless.

    HOWEVER, huge tip for getting a breathing human being with a brain at Comcast (few and far between I know) – call the local number that’s on your bill. I live in the DC area and called the (703) number on my bill for service and have consistently spoke to helpful, intelligent people who actually cared about helping me. They’re at the Manassas, VA call center. Will use that # 100 % of the time in the future.

  35. darksunfox says:

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of online banking and account management, it’s that to get anything outside of strict policy done, you need to speak on the phone to a CSR or supervisor. It’s a lot easier for a lot of us to do things online, but at the same time, online representatives have absolutely no power to do anything outside the box. I’ve tried with several companies to have fees waived and none will do it online – but when I called they waived them. It’s a lot harder to go through with tough talk or to resist a sales pitch from someone who is being nice to you on the phone than to someone who is nothing more to you than text on a screen, and don’t think companies don’t know this. In general, I think of online service as an ATM – you can do basic transactions, but you can’t get the ATM to waive a fee or reverse a charge.

    Bottom line, if you want to get your HBO dropped without paying a fee, you’re probably going to have to call.

  36. EarlNowak says:

    It’s Comcastic!

  37. backbroken says:

    @Eyebrows McGee: From scratch? I doubt it. Did he plant the trees for the lumber?

    Well then.

  38. @mndjkc: “The frustation and inability to actually resolve issues that we experiance most times we call or log-on to these places is training americans to feel that the antidote is worse than the poisen.”

    Tell me about it. It often costs me more in time to get bad charges fixed than I make for the same time at work.

  39. @Eyebrows McGee: : “Behavior like this is making it really easy for me to not get pay TV when I go off to law school this fall.”

    You say that now. Wait until you have all those empty hours to fill which something — anything — to take your mind off the soul-killing horror that is law school.

    Isn’t that what alcohol is for?

  40. swags says:

    @Eyebrows McGee: Maybe I’ll actually get interested in programming again and find an outlet there. I haven’t written a single line for my own amusement since starting this other soul-killing career of business application development that I’m eagerly abandoning after five years.

    If that fails, there’s always porn.

  41. wallapuctus says:

    My favorite is when companies charge me a fee to pay my bill over the phone. RCN tried to do that to me when I lost my paper bill so I canceled instead of paying. Unfortunately, I switched to Comcast, as it’s the only other option. But, they’ve never tried to assess a fee for paying my bill over the phone.

  42. brianala says:

    Anyone who expects to get real service from a “customer service chat room” is deluded. It’s always a third party company, and they don’t have any more access to your account or special functions than you do when you log in to your account online.

  43. warf0x0r says:

    God I wish we had FiOS in MN!

  44. Gann says:

    @wallapuctus: I love companies that charge you more for a service that costs them less. To pay my rent online I would currently have to pay a percentage of my rent as a fee (it came out to around $40)

  45. subodhgupta says:

    All those who think that Switching to FIOS will get them a better customer service are so in for a surprise.

  46. muffinpan says:

    @ comcastanon: Headline is accurate, sorry.

  47. BuddhaLite says:

    DirecTV is psychic with their commercials lately

  48. HairyJew says:

    Hey, I’m Jonathon. To answer a few questions;

    1). I did not cancel because I have no alternatives in my area. They have my by the short and curlies and they know it. I will not pursue it any farther because it’s not worth the time and frustration. Yes, I know that they are counting on that. I guess you can call this a victory for Comcast. They earned $1.99. And some great PR.

    2). No, I expect no better CS from Verizon FiOS (which I covet and yet, cannot obtain), but I do expect competition to stimulate churn and improved offerings. Service included.

    3). As to whether or not I am deluded expecting decent customer service from a chat interface. I’ve come not to expect decent CS at all, from anybody. Anywhere. Ever. At least through a chat console I don’t have to listen to 20 minutes of muzak, navigate through 9 circles of voice menu hell, and wade through accents thicker than molasses. Essentially, if I’m going to waste my time I want to waste it efficiently.

    Yes, I know I could go with satellite and DSL, but that’s really just cutting off my nose to spite my face. I don’t save that much money, the CS is no better, and the product is less than ideal. At this point I am willing to give AT&T Uverse a try, even knowing that AT&T CS is the devil spawn and the company itself is as evil as three Cheney’s in a Cheneymobile. Alas, not available in my area.

  49. mdoublej says:

    Do you still need a land phone-line to get the good stuff on Directv (DVR, order ppv off remote)? That’s why I left for cable, I use cell only at my house. I’ve been thinking about losing HBO, at least for the summer, since Entourage won’t be back till Fall anyway.

  50. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @ComcastAnon: You resent that Consumerist says that Comcast’s online customer service representatives are “infamously useless” and then advise OP to contact tech support instead. You basically admitted that you can’t use online service rep for this problem.

    Furthermore, whether the unhelpful CSRs work for Nucomm and Convergys or not makes no difference to the consumer. If the person they’re talking to usually can’t help them then it’s Comcast who has bad customer service not whatever company they may have outsourced to handle customers.

    I’m not saying you should be happy about the “useless” comment but it’s not like it comes out of nowhere or is invalid because some of the employees don’t work directly for Comcast.

  51. jwissick says:

    Comcast is actually an experiment to see how much shit customers will put up with before they bail.

  52. Sarge1985 says:


    I’m sorry to divert from the topic, but I resent that remark. Judging the rest of us, by the actions of a small minority is very disrespectful, and detrimental to progress. Don’t insult the work I do through generalizations that come, for the most part, from CSR’s that work for companies like Nucomm and Convergys.

    You can resent or resemble the hell out of it. When your company outsources a function out, the company that takes on that task now represents your company and the consumer really doesn’t give a flying f*** who the voice on the other end actually works for, they are representing the company that they do business with, which in this case is Comcast. If you or your company don’t like it, then do something about. And I mean actually fix the problem and not just talk about it.

  53. Killfile says:

    I used to work for Dish Network as a CSR and we got these calls all the time. The conversation takes an amusing bend here but let me put it in context.

    Everyone has pro-rated pricing for services. That means that if you’re so inclined, you can treat HBO like Pay Per View: subscribing to it for only a few hours to, say, catch the big fight or whatever.

    Of course, that sucks for your cable or satellite provider. They don’t make any money off of that and the programing costs them something. If the practice were widespread they’d lose their shirts.

    The drop fee prevents the prorating service from being abused. It’s a dumb way to accomplish this, but it does work. If you’re going to pay $2 to cancel service you’re probably not going to play the add and remove game to pay for only the HBO content you like.

    Comcast doesn’t have a fee for canceling service because there’s really not much in the way of an installation cost for them to recoup. Hence the reason you can cancel for free but have to pay to drop a premium package.

    I’m not saying it’s a great policy (there are better ways to do it) but it doesn’t measure up to the corporate evil that we normally read about on this site.

  54. Jeepman says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this is a helluva lot of $*#(#_# for $1.99??? Isn’t your time worth more than that? Mine sure is. I’m sure it’s “the principle of the thing” but damn, man – pay the friggin’ $1.99 and get on with life.

  55. FLConsumer says:

    All of the positive comments regarding people wanting FIOS confuse me as well. Just a reminder folks, it’s VERIZON FIOS, not FIOS. That right there should set off a warning flag. Like most Verizon products, it comes with many empty promises, malfunctioning equipment and plenty of screwed-up bills.

    There was even an article in the Tampa Tribune last month about how even Verizon’s own employees constantly have incorrect bills and go nuts trying to get it corrected. Verizon can’t even get the city counsel members’ bills right. That also doesn’t include the extra $60-100+/year in electric Verizon’s crappy equipment will use in your home.

    Buyer BEWARE.

  56. HairyJew says:


    No, you’re not the only one, and I’m the one who “reported” this. We do a lot of stupid things that don’t make financial sense. Then again, I spent about as much time on this as you have in reading the article and responding. Riddle me that, Batman.

    For the record, I have every intention of paying the $1.99 and moving on. But I thought I’d get a passing “f-you” out to Comcast before I did so. 5,000 views is a hell of a lot better than me silently stewing. Now I’ve shared my misery with the world!!

  57. Jay Gardner says:


    I bought a Viewsat Ultra for $200, a used dish for $15, two LNB’s for $20 and a long cable for $30. For under $300 I’m getting 600 channels FREE, including premiums and PPV. The only inconvenience is that sometimes Dish network will send an ECM and knock the signal out for a few hours until they send me a fix. Fixes can be found free online ( FREE IS GOOD. COMCAST SUCKS.

  58. swags says:

    @pjcurry: How much time do CS reps have to waste dealing with customers that don’t want to pay that $1.99 before it’s no longer worthwhile for Comcast to charge it? All these dubious fees exist solely because corporations are counting on it not being worth your time to fight them.

  59. highmodulus says:

    @FLConsumer: Because some people only show up to slag Comcast, and never seem to remember the “show us your Verizon face” debacles. Or the Dish install scams. Or the Fios install disasters (including fires, with claim denials ect). The downside to Consumerist’s popularity its that the “viral marketers” and “reputation defender” types seem to be more prevalent in the comments now.

    Probably can’t be avoided, but you can pick up the pattern pretty quickly. Not saying Comcast is great (cause they ain’t), but DirectTV, Dish, Verizon and the big Telcos are just as bad, and sometimes worse.

  60. lunchbox says:

    i just cancelled comcast all together yesterday. i cannot and will not pay $60+ a month to watch what is effectively 5 channels. i will wait until FIOS arrives or comcast sends me another offer with a low introductory rate for new customers…and then switch to FIOS. also, comcast on line was useless to me. sigh.

  61. ffmariners says:

    The guy seemed pretty short with the CSR… the CSR is just stating policy. Guy should read the consumerist article on how to get what you want — tip: be friendly.

  62. BondJBond says:

    The $1.99 Change of service fee, is in place, due to unscrupulous consumers. Customers, for years, have been calling in one day to order a service (Say HBO on the night of a big fight), and calling the next day, to cancel.
    at a rate of 16.99 a month, that subscriber just paid 56c for the service. This unfortunately became a very common practice, and would cost cable companies a large amount of money. Hence, the 1.99 Change of Service Fee.

    So on this one you can thank the dishonest consumer, ruining it for the vast majority of the honest consumers.

  63. mike says:

    @ComcastAnon: You really are showing chutzpah coming here. Unfortunately, you work for a company that many, many people find annoying at the least and evil at its worst.

    I have yet to find one person who loves their cable company. All my friends only have it because there is no alternative (read: monopoly). Comcast RAPES their customers on a regular basis, making even the simplist things difficult, making promises that they cannot and/or won’t keep. You may be one of the few good employees left at Comcast. For that, I’m truly sorry. But it doesn’t change the fact of what Comcast is doing to its customers. Given the chance and option, I’m sure people would be more than thrilled to leave comcast.

  64. Empire says:

    @BondJBond: That doesn’t explain why, instead of addressing the flaw in their business model, Comcast decided to punish all its customers for the actions of a few.

  65. sashazur says:

    I actually had a good Comcast experience last week… I have been paying them roughly $45/month for Internet, then I saw an ad for their “budget” Internet at $25/month (it’s slower, I guess it’s to compete w/DSL that’s slower and cheaper). So I called them, the rep switched me to the slower and cheaper account at no charge and the change took effect within 10 minutes. He also told me that if I changed my mind and switched back, I wouldn’t be charged either.

  66. jeffbone says:

    @BondJBond: OK, so charge people $1.99 if the service is cancelled within the first 15 to 30 days or so of ordering it, and automatically waive the fee for everyone else. This will stop service “rental” and not aggravate normal people.

    Of course, someone will probably say there should be a 14-day free cancellation grace period, like the cell phone companies claim to have. Fine…perhaps the first 14-day grace period cancellation in a 12-month period is free, and $1.99 for every one after that.

    If a dumbskull like me can figure this out in less than five minutes, why can’t a highly-compensated “Vice President of Consumer Operations” do the same?

  67. agency says:

    “Ther is a $1.99 to make a change to the acocunt that is correct”

    Those reps should read what they type…

  68. rdm says:

    I just switched banks over a $5 one time fee for something I never order, so guess what I would choose :)

  69. aurf says:

    I just canceled Starz and Showtime. My bill after canceling was 90. My most recent bill just went back up to 145. The amount from when I had both premium channels.

    I contacted Comcast chat and the first rep canceled the chat after I explained the issue. The second one told me that it was perfectly fine/normal. So breakdown: with starz/showtime=145. afer I canceled it=90. month after =145. The month after bill is the same as the bill with the premium channels but the premium channels aren’t even on the bill.

  70. HairyJew says:

    Some good news. Comcast called me and waived the fee. Said that the reps should have done so in the first place as they have the discretion to do so. They were very pleasant and took some time to try to get me into a plan that would save me some additional money. Upon questioning, the supervisor calling me stated that they were simply doing QC on their tickets and came across mine. I don’t think that this particular post had anything to do with it as there must be thousands of “Comcast Sucks” themed posts going up ever minute. While it would have been nice had they been reasonable in the first place, I want to give credit where credit is due. Supervisor’s name is Mike Dodge. Nice guy who did a great job and saved my account from termination.

  71. skrame ? says:

    @Jay Gardner: What you say intrigues me. I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  72. HairyJew says:

    Yeah, I’d like to speak with Jay as well. Any way tog et in touch with a poster?

  73. HeartBurnKid says:

    @BondJBond: There are better ways to deal with the problem than nickel-and-diming honest consumers to death. How about a minimum 30-day period for all newly-activated packages? I.E. if you get HBO, you’re keeping it for at least a month.