585-756-1119 is the number to reach Time Warner Cable Level 3 tech support for people living in the vicinity of Rochester, NY.


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  1. Are they as useless as TWC in Utica?

  2. gqcarrick says:

    No actually I have had really good luck with TWC in Rochester.

  3. brs928 says:

    Wow. This helps a very specific group of people.

  4. MotherFury says:

    Last time I had to call, I got the impression Rochester call center handled all of WNY & CNY?

    If that’s true, it would mean Rochester IS as useless as Utica.

  5. dragon:ONE says:

    Rochester handles CNY, right? If so, THANK YOU.

  6. gqcarrick says:

    The TWC in Buffalo was the old Adelphia call center before TWC took over. I honestly think they have the best techs, they always seem to help when I get there.

  7. martyz says:

    Friendly banter got me some extra coupons with Target customer service.

  8. martyz says:

    @martyz: Oops, wrong post.

  9. kgazette says:

    Wow, thanks! I was really confused when I saw a 585 number pop up in my RSS feed reader! But this could prove to be insanely helpful.

  10. MontgomeryButterfly says:

    I have not generally been a big fan of phone based customer service, but in
    all fairness, the Rochester based TWC people have been exceptionally
    professional and helpful. They also have a service where, if there is a
    delay in answering your call, you hang up and they call you back.

    However, don’t get me started about Sprint.