Updated: Reach Verizon Wireless Executive Customer Service

Here are a several direct lines for Verizon Wireless executive customer service reps, good for when lower level customer service reps and their supervisors fail you. These are the folks imbued with godly powers to fix customer service problems at all levels. It’s like playing Super Mario Brothers using Game Shark.

Rick Fields


Lisa Jackson


Korlene Baker


Lisa Bennett


Verizon Wireless executive customer service desk: 845-365-7700, 908-306-6750, 910-794-6200

Dan Malutith (Supervisor of Exec Relations)


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  1. Jeangenie says:

    I had a rather nasty surprise texting bill (over $1500). My teenager had one of those lapses that we will laugh about in 10 years. I had thought that I had blocked texting on our family’s phones. In fact, the warning text message sent to my phone was blocked–but somehow the block never went into effect on my 15 yr old’s phone (Oh noes!).

    Ok–before I am flamed, the ‘issue’ with my kid was addressed. The texts were made and received by my son. I should have been on the hook for the whole amount.

    I pled my case up the food chain, rep, supervisor, another supervisor–and they were able to upgrade my plan to cover the messages. No $1500 bill/ simply a recurring $20 month charge for adding texting.

    I was planning on adding it anyway. I told the uberrep that, said that we were long time customers, ‘thought’ we had blocked texting—and was nice, and asked very meekly for their help.

    Success! And Verizon wireless is not evil in my corner of the world. I appreciate that I can modify my plan (almost willy-nilly) without incurring fees. They give a 30day return period, and they pro-rate ETF fees.

  2. Pink Puppet says:

    @Jeangenie: My family had an issue where we DRASTICALLY overused minutes one month because of a family emergency. It was a massive bill, and the Verizon rep was awesome about retroactively upgrading our plan. The rep just up and suggested the fix.

    Verizon is just simply awesome as far as I’m concerned. Their executive customer service reps are probably made of wonderful, wonderful magic and unicorns or something.

  3. dbson says:

    Yes, finally something I said made the front page!

  4. danseuse322 says:

    I LOVE Verizon wireless. I hate hate hate Verizon phone/DSL, but I have been told by the co. they are actually different–although the same (????). When I call, which is rare, they assist me with no problem. They are always nice about it. Last Christmas I got a new phone, fancy deal that needed a new plan (well, I wanted it). I called to change it all around and the CSR said “and let me give you 250 minutes credit to be sure you don’t go over, since this is the holidy season.” I only have 900 a month, so this was a lot. And sure enough, 250 min. credit, no extra charges. I wish you could keep a working number for DSL customer service. The only way they “help” me is with BBB complaints, seriously. But Wireless rocks!

  5. bboehm says:

    Verizon Wireless has BY FAR the best customer service reps that I have ever had to deal with at any type of high-tech organization. They’ve always been very prompt, courteous and professional. And best of all, they hire customer service people right HERE in the good ‘ole USA!! I CAN’T STAND it whenever I have to talk to a United Airlines rep in India. Yes, they may save money, but they piss off a WHOLE BUNCH of loyal customers in the meantime. Great job Verizon!

  6. dbeagle says:

    I actually used this today and it worked. They charged me 2 reconnect fees for a bill that I paid on the date I committed to paying it. They charged me anyway. So I called the escalation number and they reversed it immediately. Great info.

  7. crackle says:

    I just used this today, Korlene was super helpful and gave me a call back. But the usual steps of escalation should be followed: start at the bottom and keep asking for a higher sup.

    They don’t HAVE to help you if you don’t follow the escalation properly, but a nice tone will certainly go a long way.

    I asked her, “where do you fit in the big picture?” and she said “I work directly for the President”. She also said she doesn’t like to sit through boring meetings. Really gives Verizon a much friendlier face. I wonder if good companies realize that their low-paid customer service minions makes them look terrible.

  8. WardTweedy says:

    God-like powers, perhaps…but not common sense. I’ve been dealing with Lisa Jackson on several technical and billing issues, and she has been an absolute nightmare!!! You would think that Verizon would only put responsible people into these positions. If you do…think again!

  9. brink says:

    I’m currently dealing with a Verizon Wireless issue — specifically, a Broadband Access issue. It’s one of those deals where a Customer Care rep told me one thing and I acted upon that — and now the Customer Care reps and supervisors don’t want to take responsibility for that and the resulting $400 in extra charges.

    This has been culminating for the last month-plus, and while I haven’t been spending a ton of time trying to solve it, I reached the end of my rope last night trying to deal with a supervisor in the West Coast Area last night.

    I just spoke with Ms. Baker and she’s working on it. Here’s hoping she can restore my faith in VW’s customer service. I’ve been with ’em for more than 12 years — yes, since they were Airtouch — first time I’ve ever had to argue something like this.

  10. brink says:

    Following up on my above post… I’m happy to report Ms. Baker came through for me, by way of delegating the task to “Jennifer” with the West Coast Executive Customer Care team in Irvine. Yeah, it took about 30 minutes more of my time than it should have to fix, but all things considered, VZW still has a 100% satisfaction rate for me when it comes to customer service. In short, they’re crediting back $400 in data charges and waiving a $175 ETF.

    Honestly, this really only gets me back to even as it was their own Tier 1 Customer Care rep who caused the problem in the first place with misinformation given to me, but at least they finally made it right with me.

    I guess in a dozen years if that’s the worst issue I have to endure, I can live with that.