Reservation Rewards Infects

Reader Jared reports that another online business that has hooked up with the bogus Reservation Rewards membership club is Watch out for a popup at checkout that asks you if you want to save $10 off your next purchase. If you select it, the small print signs you up for Reservation Rewards crappy deal club and starts deducting $12 from your card every month. The good news is that if you call up, they will remove the charges very quickly, because they know it’s shady and what they don’t want you doing is actually complaining to your credit card company, bank, or someone else that might get them in trouble.

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  1. DanGross says:

    I used to buy a lot of my electronics at eCost, but no more. I ordered a BlueTooth headset and they sent the headset in a plastic pouch (no packaging…it was listed on their site as “new”), and the pouch in a padded envelope. While the headset was in its charging cradle when delivered, it behaved wonky from the get-go (didn’t always respond to button press)…Took me a while to determine that the problem was the headset and not my phones. By then it was too late to return under their policy. Probably doesn’t matter anyway, because according to their policy they “test” their returns before giving refunds, and since the problem was intermittent it probably would have been tested “good.”

    Bottom line: don’t buy from eCost. They don’t care about getting stuff to you safely and obviously, from the above, are looking to scam you wherever possible.

  2. SJChip104 says:

    Ordered an MP3 player from them with a $50 rebate (I HATE rebates, but $50 is where I’ll bite). Thing took like SIX WEEKS to get to me and by the time it got to me the time to file for the rebate (to be RECEIVED 30 days after PURCHASE) had expired. PS: MP3 player was a POS as well.

  3. whatdoyoucare says:

    That picture is REALLY creeping me out! What the hell is that thing hanging from his arm?

  4. Kat@Work says:

    @whatdoyoucare: Leech?

  5. RandoX says:

    For anyone who is still considering a purchase from eCost, take a look at this.

    Spoiler: 1.8 / 10 rating for the last 6 months, with 43 reviews.

    Oh, and what the hell is that picture?

  6. BigElectricCat says:

    @RandoX: Forcing a leech to let go with the flame from a lighter.

  7. catcherintheeye says:

    @whatdoyoucare: It’s a leech. When you get leeches attached to your body, you need to use a source of heat to get them to release their grip, hence the lighter.

  8. HelenCosby says:

    Eh, I actually did this once and paid attention to what I was doing.
    Reservation rewards gave me a free 30 day membership before charging me. I
    saved $10 off my bill, found a few coupons I liked on reservation rewards
    and canceled at the end of the free trial period. They had actually charged
    me the $10 monthly fee the day before I canceled, but refunded it without
    any problems when I called up to cancel. As long as you pay attention to
    what you’re doing this seems like one of the better useless subscription

  9. ConRoo says:

    Actually, a sprinkle of salt does quite well to get leeches to let go. No sense in burning ones self.

  10. ConRoo says:

    I got scammed buy bogus Reservation Rewards once. One time was enough to make me read the fine print. Where do we report this shady company?

  11. cstx says:

    This happened to me too…for some reason, I didn’t notice for 5 months, and when I called my bank, they told me they didn’t have the name of the source that was making the withdrawls–only the #. So I got a hold of these people and asked if I had accidentally signed up for something or what…the rep. was really nice, but did say that they make it “very clear” what you are agreeing to. Although I didn’t remember signing up for anything, and didn’t think anything was “very clear”, they refunded all of my $ without much coaxing…I guess I need to pay better attention to the small print next time!

  12. LifeInTheFatLane says:

    After reading the last story about reservation rewards I checked my bank statement, sure enough there it was. I called the 800 number right away. You have to go through the phone tree three times before you get to talk to csr. They told me they hooked me through and had been charging me since nov. 2006.
    After getting angrier than I intended they told me ALL charges since then would be refunded and that I would get confirmation e-mails when I do. Still haven’t received 1 but I will let you know whether I do or not

  13. AlexSea says:

    Wait, you opt in to this? Who actually thinks you can magically check some box during check out and save money no strings attached?

  14. ameyer says:

    I’m guessing that the box is pre-checked.

    I believe the technical term for this is “negative-option billing”, and it’s legal, but it probably shouldn’t be.

  15. friedduck says:

    I got burned my as well. Reservation Rewards refunded the three months’ fees after some pressure.

    Guess where I no longer buy movie tickets?