Make More Money by Working at Night

Here’s another idea to add to the list of how to make more money: start working the night shift. Yep, simply by changing work time from 8 am to 5 pm to evening hours, you can add a significant amount of money to your annual income:

“Most industries offer a financial premium for employees who work into the wee hours of the morning. Pharmacists, police officers and Postal Service mail sorters make up to 10% more overnight, according to Some TV and radio news writers earn 15% more, and nannies can earn a 20% premium.”

Other professions that earn more at night include nurses, truck drivers, bartenders, and waitresses.

And making more money isn’t the only benefit of nocturnal work:

“There are other intangibles, such as greater autonomy, fewer meetings (all the higher-ups are sleeping) and the likelihood of getting promoted sooner, because there are fewer people to compete against.”

Of course it takes a special person with a flexible family situation to work at night, so it’s not for everyone. An alternative: supplement your income just a bit by volunteering to work when regular nighttime employees need time off.

Want more pay? Get a night job [MSN Money]


(Photo: morsteen)