Applebees Hot Fudge Sundae Menu Picture Vs. Reality

Reader Jose wants to know what happened to all the hot fudge that was supposed to grace this excuse for an Applebees sundae…

Looks like Applebees in Lexington, VA doesn’t believe in truth in advertising. Compare the menu’s Hot Fudge Sundae shooter, which fills the glass and spills over the top, to the Sundae they served me, which barely fills half the cup. I guess I didn’t get my two dollar’s worth.

Beware diners, the inflation-powered Grocery Shrink Ray has escaped from store shelves and is now lurking in restaurant kitchens. It is destined to terrorize the masses until Ben Bernanke angrily rises in opposition after being served an equally disappointing dessert.


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  1. Dobernala says:

    I’d still eat it!

  2. cortana says:

    Yes, but would you PAY for it.

  3. zentec says:

    Applebees is simply unacceptable, even when it looks like it should. In my opinion, they are the worse of the chain restaurants, serving up food that is only marginally better than a microwave dinner. I’m sure much of it is prepared by Sysco and sent to the local store to be thrown into an oven or dipped into the fryer and then thrown onto a plate.

    Gross food.

  4. pinkbunnyslippers says:

    What happened to just sending it back instead of complaining on a website?

  5. homerjay says:

    “what happened to all the hot fudge that was supposed to grace this excuse for an Applebees sundae…”

    Duh! Isn’t it obvious? Its all over the outside of the ‘bowl!’

  6. says:

    but look at whats overflowing on top.

  7. KyleOrton says:

    @zentec: Word. Awful, awful garbage. If I ever get dragged there by someone else, I’ve found that ordering the least healthy menu items are always the best choice. Anything attempting non-bar food is a mistake.

  8. dregina says:

    Applebees really is the WORST. My partner got an Applebees gift certificate from parents of a student of his – which was incredibly nice of them,- and yet, we discovered, even when it’s free, Applebees isn’t worth it. Greasy, tasteless and unappetitizing to look at.

  9. PinkBox says:

    I’m also not a fan of Applebee’s… I’ve never found a single thing I’d actually like to eat on their menu. I’m not even the picky type.

  10. Dominikanfrank says:

    Its Applebee’s… What more can you expect? If I’m eating at one of these chain restaurants, better believe it’s gonna be ATLEAST Fridays.

  11. Skankingmike says:

    Friday’s is the worst. Greasy crap food.

    Applebees used to be good then the food got worse and worse.

    As far as a chain restaurants go I like Famous Dave’s.

  12. TangDrinker says:

    Crapplebees is how we’ve referred to it for a looong time.

    Haven’t been back in about 5 years, but I see their commitment to dining excellence is still going strong.

  13. world-inferno says:

    @pinkbunnyslippers: “What happened to just sending it back instead of complaining on a website?”

    I wouldn’t “send back” anything at Applebees! It’d be guaranteed to come back with 100% more spit. It’s two fuckin dollars. You just take the hit and tell your friends not to waste their money. And thanks to all this wonderful technology, the friends you warn goes from 5-10 to 50,000.

    Complaining on websites FTW! haha

  14. Juliekins says:

    @Skankingmike: Yeah, I think things really picked up speed on their way down the shitter when IHOP took over.

    I don’t hate some of their Weight Watchers dishes, but I’ve found I can duplicate them and do a better job at home. They used to have this tilapia filet with mango salsa that I really liked. The recipe for it is all over the web so I no longer need to darken their (screaming kid-filled, flair-filled, kitschy) door. I’ve pretty much given up ordering dessert at a restaurant unless it’s at a place like Culver’s (it’s hard to mess up a sundae) or a couple of local joints that actually employ pastry chefs. The rest is just pre-fabbed freezer cake crap.

  15. Here_we_go says:

    If you have a Ruby Tuesday in your neighborhood I would say go there. Applebee’s really is horrible and is only getting worse. I stopped eating there about 4 years ago.

  16. Katharine says:

    I haven’t been to an Applebee’s in 4 years. I have gone to several locations (n different states) and had bad service, undercooked food, and in general horrible experiences. It is the worst.

  17. Did you bother to point this out to the server? If you had, and their customer service was decent, they would have apologized and promptly brought you a new one and maybe even have removed the charge from your bill.

    Is this really a reason to submit this to Consumerist? One incorrectly prepared representative sample?

    Petty much?

  18. radiochief says:

    @KyleOrton: I agree one hundred percent. I have gone Applebee’s several times. Any time I have actually gone for a sit-down lunch or dinner– the meal has been flavorless. Now, if it is a get together at the bar– that’s a different story. Pub-grub and drinks/beers are okay.

    But then again, my judgement probably impaired by the Pearl Harbors I have been imbibing!

    Over here in NE, I rather go to a 99 or Chili’s, if I want that type of ambience.

  19. dizzie386 says:

    I haven’t had a good experience at Applebees in a long time either. The ONLY good one I have ever been to is in Starkville, MS. The food was good (and NOT undercooked) and the service was great. Everywhere else, the service is just unbearable. Recently a large group I was with went to one and we had to flag down different servers to get refills on drinks and order food. We were there for 2 1/2 hours, not that we wanted to be. Everything took SOOOO long. We were there at 3:00 in the afternoon, so it’s not like it was busy.

  20. monkey1976 says:

    God, what the hell is wrong with people? That sundae looks DELICIOUS! There are people in Haiti who are EATING DIRT COOKIES (seriously, Google it) and you’re bitching b/c your foody-woody doesn’t match the picture-wicture??! Get a real problem to worry about and grow up.

  21. Bryan Price says:

    Last time my family ate at Applebee’s, my wife’s steak was an unchewable hunk of cartilage and fat. My steak (we ordered the same thing) was an OK steak. The son had chicken tenders (he’s had better he said). We brought it to the attention of the waitress, who brought it up to the manager, who said he would have a new one cooked right away. After two more visits from the manager apologizing for the delay, we finally left the restaurant, with the wife’s meal packed as take out.

    Now I understand that sometimes a bad piece of meat gets out to a customer. But to wait 30+ minutes on a redo was a bit extreme. They were crowded (but I don’t remember waiting for a table, and I don’t remember seeing anybody waiting when we left), but a redo should automatically go to the head of the line, not just get put in the queue, and it was still ridiculous at that. I would hate to think what it would have been like if she had ordered it well done, and not medium rare!

    (n.b., I used to eat regularly with a friend in which we would order the same thing, the only difference is that he would order his steak well done, and I’d have mine rare… I’m sure the cooks weren’t happy with that.)

    Now, compare this to Lonestar Steakhouse where my wife who showed the waitress that her steak was medium well instead of medium rare (she was going to eat it anyways, she just wanted to show that the cooks weren’t cooking right). The manager came over, whisked her plate away and less than one minute later had a new steak in front of her, medium rare.

    I used to eat regularly at Applebee’s, but it’s been years.

  22. jwarner132 says:

    @Daniel Alderman:

    You need to watch the movie “Waiting” and then decide whether or not you want to retract the first paragraph of that comment.

  23. pixiegirl1 says:

    I never send food back at a restaurant, mostly out of paranoia of what the waiter/chef will do to my “new” dish(spit anyone? or other bodily fluids I’d rather not think about). I will however complain to a manager if I get really bad food and when they offer me a new dish I decline usually I’ll either have my item taken off the bill or they will comp the whole meal but that’s just my experience.

  24. mgy says:

    @jwarner132:Of course, Waiting… is a comedy film, which are often known to blow mundane situations out of proportion for laughs.

  25. linoth says:

    @pinkbunnyslippers: One gets attention and drives traffic to a blog.

    One doesn’t.

  26. world-inferno says:

    @mgy: Oh right, the idea of an underpaid annoyed worker spitting (or worse) in a $2 ice cream is SOOOO blown out of proportion. That would never happen in real life!

    @pixiegirl1: Totally.

  27. PoleMan14 says:

    @mgy: Have you not worked in the restaurant business?

  28. humphrmi says:

    @monkey1976: Yes, agreed. We should all shut up and accept poor service and product because people in Haiti are eating dirt. Thanks for straitening that out for us. Next, maybe you can help us solve the problem in Burma – maybe accept food with lead poisoning?

  29. Lambasted says:

    I stopped eating at Ruby Tuesday’s for the exact same reason. I ordered a basket of chicken wings based off of how delicious they looked on the menu. They arrived swimming in a sea of grease with more of a butter sauce coating than BBQ. They looked nothing like the juicy wings pictured. Just nasty. I called the waiter over and showed him the picture on the menu and compared it to what was in front of me. Pointing at the menu, I said, “I want my wings to look like these.” He took them back to the kitchen. A few minutes later he brought them out and they looked just as unappealing as they did before.

    After another instance like this at a different Ruby Tuesday’s that was it for me. I swore to never eat there again. Years later, I still haven’t.

    Regarding Applebees, I don’t know about their sundae’s but I ordered the BBQ ribs at the Applebees in Times Square. They were some of the best restaurant ribs I have ever tasted. Good god, those ribs were good! There are popular steak and BBQ restaurants around here in D.C. that pale in comparison to what I had at Applebees. I hope those NY ribs weren’t a fluke because there’s an Applebees near me where I hope to duplicate the experience.

  30. Jesse says:

    When I worked retail, my co-worker and I used to eat at the one by us upwards of 3-4 times a week. The food was decent and the service was great (since we knew everyone).

    I moved on after graduating college and a few months ago stopped in and you can tell that chain is going downhill. My steak tasted like it was cooked in a nuwave oven and the service was just okay, even though the restaurant was dead.

    Not to mention it took 10 minutes for my beer to get ordered due to their “ID Procedure.” Although, to be fair, I think that location was busted for selling to a minor, so maybe they had to fax it in to the police or something for verification.

  31. Trai_Dep says:

    Chains, boys, you get what you pay for. The whole point of them was – I guess – you’d never get variability, only consistency. Guess what – you were suckered.
    Dump these places for a local place. They won’t try to blatantly hoodwink you, the food’s made from better ingredients for damn sure, and if you complain, they’ll fix you another one.
    If there aren’t a lot of them around your ‘hood, frequent the ones that ARE there. Others will gradually spring up at the expense of the Borg restaurants: the magic of the marketplace.
    On a macro level, they keep your money circulating in your local community instead of shipping it out to Wall Street.

    Else, line yourself up for another and softly mutter, “THANK you sir!”

  32. Lambasted says:

    @monkey1976: While I feel for poor people living in Third World squalor around the world, to compare our lifestyle with theirs is just silly. See the thing is, we don’t live in Haiti and we are not paying for the pleasure to eat something that just looks better than a dirt cookie. If “looks better than dirt cookies” was the standard of food measurement in America, we all might as well eat out of a dumpster.

    It is a disgrace that in this day and age there are people still living in huts or having to eat dirt cookies. But you don’t help people by lowering your own standards. You help them by raising theirs.

  33. bohemian says:

    The Applebees on our side of town has had fairly consistent food, yet still you can tell most of it is frozen prefab. There is always a 30-60 minute wait to get in. The combination of blah food, long waits and high cost for what you get we just don’t bother.
    We have had to hit Applebees on a few road trips because in some of these middle of nowhere towns your options are McDonalds or Applebees. The quality of some of these small town locations was horrible, I can see how someone could get a mess like that sundae at an Applebees. So we have started adjusting our trips or bringing food with us if we have to travel by car.
    As for Ruby Tuesday, after both of us getting a massive case of food poisoning we won’t go back. Famous Daves is generally pretty good but our local one has gone downhill. The last time we were there on a Friday night it was dead, the service was extremely bad and food quality had gone down.

    On the upside we have found some great local restaurant lately and try to go back there instead.

  34. Superawesomerad says:

    Two bucks for what looks to be a shot glass of plain vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and aerosol whipped cream? That’s a rip-off even if it’s well prepared.

  35. aphexbr says:

    @PoleMan14: If the server is annoyed enough to do that with any legitimate complaint, how do you know they didn’t already do it?

    Seriously, if you’ve got a legitimate issue and you don’t act like an ass about it, most sane employees won’t mind. e.g. “Erm, excuse me but I don’t seem to have any fudge sauce in my sundae (points to big gap in glass)” rather than “Are you stupid? Get me another now and this time it should have sauce!”. The second will get you bodily fluids, the first an apology and a new sundae.

    Also, what makes you think that the employees won’t see you get out your camera and taking pictures of the sundae and decide to put stuff in your coffee anyway?

  36. VikingP77 says:

    @PoleMan14: Uuummmm mgy has obviously NOT worked in the restaurant business because I thought Waiting was pretty accurate! I haven’t eaten at Applebees in over 5 years. Lets just say that quality over quantity is more important to me. Applebees service is terrible as well, they couldn’t care less about you. @monkey1976: I thought about the dirt cookies thing in Cuba too and you know what? THATS IN CUBA NOT here. People that have the money to spend in an Applebees deserve the right to complain if something isn’t up to par with what they ordered. Lets not forget many of the main courses are over $12.00.

  37. Buran says:

    @monkey1976: Did someone pissy-wissy in your foody-woody today-woday?

    If you don’t like people complaining about bad service, what are you doing on a site called “consumerist”?

  38. baristabrawl says:

    Why would you complain on here instead of simply demanding that they fix your sundae in the restaurant? If I were in the customer service industry, I’d be mad if you didn’t tell me you were unhappy with my service. If I then neglected to give you what you wanted, then you could complain all over the place.

    This is an inflated complaint that should never have been. For $2 they might have even given him a new one.

  39. katra says:

    I stared at the pictures for a while, trying to figure out what was actually Consumerist-worthy here. Not enough fudge? Couldn’t you politely ask the server to bring you some extra in a separate dish, so you could add it as you liked? Since that wouldn’t involve having to remake the dish, they’d probably do it happily.

    As for not matching the picture… the ice cream scoop seems to be stuck a few inches above the hot fudge. Wanna bet it would look like more if it did?

  40. jamesdenver says:


    And those living in third world countries actually KNOW proper cooking techniques, and are gifted to have the knowledge to cook an animal or food item from start to finish – rather than walking a box out from the freezer and dumping it into a fryer.

    I like watching Anthony Bourdain.

  41. othium says:

    I saw the movie “Waiting” and having worked in many restaurants, I felt it was pretty accurate. I would never send something back to redone.

    Just take it off the bill and never go back to that restaurant. Not too hard.

  42. ekdikeo says:

    That would be because Jose ordered an ice cream, with chocolate on top, and then started crying on Consumerist.

  43. Rachacha says:

    Many years ago, I worked at a private, family owned restaurant. A customer ordered a steak rare, and it was delivered to them between Medium & Medium rare. The waitress was called over, and the customer nicely expressed their displeasure with the preparation of the steak, so the waitress brought the steak back into the kitchen and relayed the message to the chef…

    The chef was clearly pissed, took a knife, cut is finger, and while squeezing his blood over the steak said “If they wan’t rare, I’ll give them rare”, and handed the steak back to the waitress.

    The waitress half stunned and half scared for her life, left the kitchen with steak in hand and told the owner what happened. Thankfully, the chef was immediately fired.

    The general rule in the restaurant industry is you can send something back once with a reasonable request (like you ordered something Medium well, and it came out Rare), but never send it back twice. You never know what you will get.

  44. karmaghost says:

    I used to love going to Applebee’s when I was in high school (about 10 years ago), but last time I went… it wasn’t that the food was bad, it just wasn’t any good. So I haven’t been back in probably 3 or 4 years.

  45. Lambasted says:

    Never complain twice is a rule of thumb everyone should follow. Unlike in a store where there is not much an employee can do to retaliate against customers, I know what they do to the food of disgruntled customers in restaurants. Thus, when I don’t like the food at a place, I just never go back. Complaining in a restaurant is only for the adventurous who aren’t too picky about what they eat. I happen to prefer my food sans spittle.

    Yep, the second batch of horrid wings sat on the table. I didn’t eat them but I didn’t dare send them back again. I knew what was going to happen to the rest of my food if I did. Spit-spat.

  46. ZukeZuke says:

    $2 for a 1/2 sundae is a bargain!

    If that’s a camera phone pic, pretty nice res. If that’s a digital camera, do these people walk around with it waiting for situations just like this to use it???

  47. QueenHawkeye says:

    that half eaten oreo looks delish.
    i wonder if he gotten on of those too!?

  48. Lambasted says:

    @ZukeZuke: “Do these people walk around with it waiting for situations just like this to use it???”

    I believe you already know the answer to that, my friend.

    Some of the things people write in to complain about are truly laughable. People need to grasp the concept of: Not every offense has to be offensive. However, the good thing about nitpickers is companies are on notice that their every move is being watched and reported online. Though the fatigue affect of over-reporting can dilute the effectiveness overall.

  49. Angryrider says:

    Josè got what he asked for, an Ice Cream Shooter. I just didn’t expect it to be in a shotglass.

  50. lucidpsyche says:

    Actually (speaking from experience), the service at that particular Applebees tends to be decent, and the food isn’t terrible. There aren’t many good restaurants in that price range in Lex — most are too expensive, and the one really good one that’s in the price range (or was… they might have just raised prices) doesn’t have nearly enough tables for the demand.

  51. loueloui says:

    Invisible brownie! All we need now is a lolcat.

  52. reallyoldpunk says:

    Applebee’s doesn’t even have real cooks anymore. Everything is prepackaged and just re-heated in a microwave. You may as well buy frozen dinners at your grocery store and save yourselves tons of money. (Trust me, the frozen dinner will probably be better tasting.)

  53. lawstud says:


    Sending it back “twice.” Did I miss something your story says it was sent back once.

  54. Trai_Dep says:

    @Rachacha: Exactly. Family-owned restaurant, staff horrified, crazy cook immediately fired and new steak flipped onto the grill. Couldn’t ask for better, right?
    I think a conglomerate-owned restaurant would reward the finger-bleeding cook for “thinking outside the box”. Especially a cannibalistic conglomerate-owned one.

  55. AngryEwok says:

    Why not just ask for some extra syrup so that you can do it yourself? Chances are, the waitress will just have a new one sent out, instead.

    You can resolve these “issues” with tact.

  56. legotech says:

    Actually, with the size of digital cameras today its quite easy to slip one in your pocket in the morning….mine is about the same size as my cell phone so they share a pocket. Just as I carry a cell phone just in case I need it, I carry a camera in case I see something I’d like to take a picture of…doesn’t have to be to blog it…could be my dog does something funny, or my friends do something funny…well, you get the idea.

  57. zorba says:

    It appears to me that the real problem with the ice cream shooter is that the scoop of ice cream is too big. If the ice cream scoop was an appropriate size, it would have rested further down into the glass, smooshing the hot fudge in the bottom against the sides like in the picture. A smaller scoop would also have fixed the problem with the hot fudge dripping down the side…

    Probably should have asked for more fudge. Most chain restaurants have pretty strict rules about how much topping employees are to put on entrees/deserts, so chances are that is as much as he was supposed to get, just not as pretty as he would have liked.

  58. planetdaddy says:

    This is unacceptable.

  59. farker says:

    That sucks. I’ve not noticed a whole lot of food in restaurants that looks like the pictures on the menu or in advertisements, but it looks like Applebee’s QC could kick it up a notch.

    And honestly, it’s simply dumb luck for many of us that we were born into relatively good conditions. We can do our part through charitable contributions to help ease the suffering of people around the world; but saying that we shouldn’t complain about poor service here because people in Africa are eating dirt is ridiculous.

    It’s called survival of the fittest for a reason: who knows, maybe one day Americans will get so fat that a natural rebalancing effect will come about and we will have to accept our fearsome dirt-eating African overlords.

  60. midwestkel says:

    Famous Dave’s & Chilis, all day baby!

  61. @pinkbunnyslippers:

    Because sending it back would not generate buzz.

  62. Nighthawke says:

    Pic or no pic to compare the end product to, I can say that they screwed up on the pretense of common sense. Send it back on that note.

  63. richcreamerybutter says:

    How do you folks even tell the difference between Applebees, Ruby Tuesday, Chilis, Fridays, Tchotchkes, etc.? I realize there are very limited options in some areas but surely there must be a locally owned family restaurant equivalent in some of these places?

  64. humphrmi says:


    How do you folks even tell the difference between Applebees, Ruby Tuesday, Chilis, Fridays, Tchotchkes, etc.

    It’s the number of pieces of flair.

  65. Sifl says:

    Does anyone realize exactly what they do to MAKE those pictures of food that look so mind bogglingly tantalizing that you JUST GOTTA have it? I mean bowls of cereal… that’s not milk in there sheppie! Burgers painted up to look like it was fresh off the grill and veggies spritzed with water to look fresh as nothing else.

    Now I will admit, the gaping hole in that sundae compared to the pic was kinda o.O, but still could’ve been an honest mistake.

    But expecting food to look as close to or identical to the pictures is asking for a lot for some items.

    Not that you shouldn’t complain when there is something amiss… but try to keep that point in mind so you don’t come off as an ass when you’re being sincere.

  66. humphrmi says:

    @Sifl: I agree, to an extent, but there are some basic rules I would like to see. For instance:

    – In the menu picture, the hot fudge is layered throughout the sundae. In the actual, it’s all plopped on top. The layering of hot fudge directly impacts the taste of the sundae, and if they advertise a layered sundae, I expect to get one.

    – The obvious gap at the bottom of the acutal sundae pictured… poor, sloppy workmanship. Take pride in your work and pictures of your sloppy craftsmanship won’t end up on the web.

    Just a few examples from this post. I see this all the time. It’s not that I expect the delivered product to look just as gorgeous as the ad; but having the same basic design and content elements would be a start.

  67. chatterboxwriting says:

    @richcreamerybutter: Because Applebee’s is terrible and Ruby Tuesday is delicious (around here anyway)! My boyfriend and I had a great experience at RT a few weeks ago. The service was excellent and every dish we ordered was great.

  68. TheoGrouch says:

    I’ve eaten at Applebees twice. Quoth the Raven, nevermore.
    I’ve also eaten at local restaurants where the service & food were subpar, and again the Raven speaks very well for me.
    At one place, I ordered my eggs over-medium. I got one over easy, the other over-hard. The waitress and I both got a laugh out of that one.
    I work at a mom-and-pop restaurant, and we treat both polite and rude complaints the same way, with one exception – we snarf about the rude ones. Corruption of the food is thought of and discussed (i.e. Tabasco sauce on something that a rudacious said was cold, horseradish instead of mayo,that kind of thing), but that is only to blow steam, we never actually do it. Sometimes complaints are the only way we find out that something is wrong, like the Sprite is out or someone accidentally put sugar in the salt shaker, things like that.
    We do have people asking why our burgers don’t look like the one on the menu board. “Because ours is the real thing, and that one’s plastic.” Nuff said.

  69. humphrmi says:

    @chatterboxwriting: Agreed about Ruby Tuesday. Much better food, fresher salad bar, overall a better buy.

  70. Tom Servo says:

    People still go to Applebee’s?

  71. pine22 says:

    well, i wouldn’t call it a failure of service, but more of a failure in presentation by the cooks. seriously, its applebees, do you honestly expect them to plate things properly?

  72. morganlh85 says:

    They stink because the servers make them, not the kitchen staff.

  73. glass says:

    ZOMG!!! I KNOW! Like this one time I ordered a Whopper, and it looked nothing like the picture!!!! What gives???

  74. SayAhh says:

    Constructive criticisms, anyone? Just kidding :)

    How about a survey of best/worst dine-in chains?

  75. nsv says:

    @ZukeZuke: I carry my DSLR everywhere I go. If something went wrong in a restaurant, I’d have no problem using it.

    The last time we used it in a restaurant, however, was when something went very, very right.

  76. Rick Rockwell says:

    As always, look to the Sopranos for wisdom:

    “You [Americans] expect nothing bad ever to happen, when the rest of the world expects only bad to happen. And they’re not disappointed. . . . You have everything and still you complain. . . . You’ve got too much time to think about yourself.”

    -Svetlana Kirilenko

  77. kabuk1 says:

    The applebees in my town is actually pretty good. I always get the fiesta lime chicken, I’ve had it probably 100 times & I’ve only ever gotten one or two bad meals. Guess it really all depends where you live, we don’t have really any bad places here(Norman, OK).

    Regarding the sundae- yeah I’d definitely send that back, it’s obvious it was very sloppily done. I hardly ever send stuff back, my food has to be VERY wrong for me to send it back but if I do I always ask very nicely & make it very clear that I do NOT blame anyone and I am NOT mad, but could they please fix it for me. And then I inspect it VERRRRY closely for spit, semen, and other rejectamenta when they bring it back, haha…

  78. lestat730 says:

    I’ve personally ordered this sundae shooter at a NJ restaurant and I must admit, it DID actually look like in the picture. I’d chalk this up to a rushed or inexperienced person making it. I’ve been to our local Applebees a number of times since it opened and have always found the experience pleasant enough to come back again and again. The staff is really nice, fast, and the food has always been good.

  79. beathookup says:

    I have worked in resturants before and I know how busy sometimes places get on a Friday or Saturday night and sometimes things happen. If the kitchen is slammed I’m sure things aren’t going to come out perfect. If the server is slammed they may have forgotten about a desert if they are in the middle of taking another tables order.

    Me personally I would have still ate the sundae and still paid for it. If you didn’t like the way it looked the first time you got it then don’t get it again espically if your just going to complain about it.

  80. youbastid says:

    Note to customer: You’re at Applebee’s. Get over it.

    I’m gonna send in my picture of a Big Mac tomorrow complaining that it doesn’t look like the picture.

  81. youbastid says:

    @reallyoldpunk: Yeah, that statement is 100% untrue.

  82. says:


  83. thejynxed says:

    My Applebee’s experiences have varied wildly. In the Applebee’s @ Colonial Park in Harrisburg, the food and service were always excellent. Where I am living now, the service is good, the food is only average at best. I think it really depends on how experienced the staff and management are at your particular dining location.

    The aforementioned Applebee’s in Colonial Park opened wayyyyy back in the early 90’s. The Applebee’s where I live now, only opened about 6 months ago, and you can definitely tell the difference that experience brings to the table.

  84. LogicalOne says:

    You know, they should outlaw pictures of food on menus and in advertising. Why? Because the real thing NEVER looks as good as the picture, NEVER. All those pictures are doctored. Pictures should be thought of as an “artist’s rendering.”
    Besides, it’s a rule of thumb: “If there are pictures on the menu, then the quality of the meal isn’t going to be all that it could be.”

  85. mikemar42 says:

    I would have just told them to bring it back, and to not bother bringing another. While they were doing that, I would’ve left too.

  86. Jad35 says:

    haha its awesome to see everyone getting pissed off watch the movie waiting its pretty bang on.

  87. XianZomby says:

    When I worked at Taco Bell, I had a customer complain the taco they received didn’t match the taco pictured on the menu board. I tried to apologize:

    Me: “I’m sorry ma’am. That’s just the way the picture is on the board. We can’t make it like that. Would you like another?”

    Customer: “Why are you calling me ma’am?”

    Me: “Because it’s polite.”

    Of course my customer is a ten year old boy who just looked like a little girl. That was 13 years ago, so I guess by now his balls have dropped down into his sack and he can grow hair on his face. I imagine by now he understands the picture never matches the food you get. And I wasn’t really sorry either. If he doesn’t like it, he can go eat somewhere else. Americans will continue to shop at Applebees and Taco Bell forever. Because it’s cheap and it tastes good and its usually fast. And nobody can reasonably expect to get haute cuisine when the featured entrée is 79 cents. When you want that, check your Zaget survey.

  88. Buran says:

    So it’s the customer’s fault for daring to be unhappy with their food because they didn’t eat at a hole in the wall restaurant, right?

    IT DOES NOT MATTER THAT THEY DID NOT EAT AT A HOLE IN THE WALL. It matters that they are unhappy.

    All you need to be concerned about is the immediate problem at hand. Lay off them for not eating at your favorite microscopic place.

  89. MercuryPDX says:

    There’s a reason why most of my friends and I refer to it as “CRapplebees”. At least once a year the “anti” crowd gets talked into a visit by the “pro” crowd, and both the food and service are so much worse than last time the “anti” side grows a little. ;)

    That said, you should never expect the food to look just like the picture. This is also true for Playboy models and Hotel Room brochures.

    Related note: $2 for a sundae in a shotglass?!?!?! Feeling good in the neighborhood… indeed.

  90. Phreggs says:

    By the way all…
    Every Sundae Shooter is like that. Its the difference in glasses that they use. The advirtise the nice (wide) shot glass, and then use a regular ol whiskey glass for the Shooters.

    So this isnt really an injustice to one, its to anyone who orders a Shooter from Applebees.

  91. darkryd says:

    Most of Applebees food is not even “cooked” on site, merely “heated”.

    They have processing plants down in Texas and other states where they flash-freeze the cooked meals such as the ribs, and then ship them off to the stores where they are heated or sometimes just microwaved before being brought out to the customer.

    Yep, you’re paying for someone to serve you a TV dinner.

  92. worrytron says:

    yeah! and my big mac didnt look as good as the picture!!

  93. Balisong says:

    @richcreamerybutter: How do you folks even tell the difference between Applebees, Ruby Tuesday, Chilis, Fridays, Tchotchkes, etc.?

    Ruby Tuesday gives you e coli.

    I don’t eat there anymore :x

  94. Triterion says:

    Well, two dollars isnt bad for ice cream at a restaurant!! Even if it doesn’t come with any hot fudge. I usually side with the customer, but i’ve seen like $8 tiny crappy desserts at restaurants lately!

  95. Ninjanice says:

    I have to admit that they have some good drinks at Applebee’s. I don’t eat the food though. I will go to the one my friend bartends at, but no others. You’d almost think they were a franchise with how different they are from one location to another. I won’t go to the one by my house ever again, though. Last time I went, the bartender made the wrong drink for me. Then she tried to make me take it anyhow, insisting that it tasted better than what I ordered. I told her I’d tried her drink before and didn’t like it. Then she said she’d give it to me for free (sweet, a free, nasty-tasting drink!). I declined and asked her to make what I’d ordered. She glared at me and actually started talking to another customer about me while I was sitting right there! Saying what she made was better anyhow, what I ordered was gross and no one liked it, some people are too hard to please even when you give them something for free, etc.

  96. handalanda says:

    Applebees always has really small portions. I ordered a salad there once, thinking it would be a good size like what MiMi’s has. Nope. I was still hungry after eating it. I avoid Applebees.

  97. Vilgrom says:

    It might be that I will just eat anything.. but from my experience, the food at my local Applebee’s isn’t so bad. I’ll just go in for happy hour for the half off appetizers. Sometimes the tortilla chips are kinda stale, but they never had a problem replacing them with fresh chips.

  98. dlemay69 says:

    How petty! Why not complain about why a Big Mac never looks as good as it does on TV. Better yet, how many menu pictures can you say looks EXACTLY like the food you receive??