Top Posts Of The Week

Burger King To Offer Huge Burger Meant To Feed 6 People?
“Supposedly, this item is going to help BK compete with “pizza.””

10 Confessions Of A Kmart Manager
“7. We hate Sears just as much as you do.”

Are You A Sucker For Using Your Credit Card?
“I’m reasonably sure that many people do not make the same purchases when they pay with plastic. This isn’t just a feeling or anecdotal evidence. Researchers have found that people’s willingness to purchase more products or services increases with the use of plastic.”

How Do The Detroit Lions Feel About Season Ticket Holders? “F— ‘Em”
“…it seems that Kevin didn’t appreciate an email that the Lions inadvertently sent him concerning a problem with his tickets. The email read: “Lance…he is not talking about you here. Mark was asked to speak to these people and he said no. F… ’em until next year.””

Lawsuit: The Bank Told Me To Spend That Mysterious $280,276.76 They Put In My Account
“Now the bank is suing Herbert Starbird, claiming that he never contacted the bank. By the time the bank noticed the error, Mr. Starbird and his wife had spent $163,330.37.”

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