Keg Fraud: Busted For Puting Pricier Brand Labels On Cheaper Beer

If you bought a keg in Greensboro, NC you might have gotten some crappy beer with a more expensive label, says the News-Record. David Edward Essa, 34, and Robert Christopher Martin, 35 are charged with three counts of the delightful-sounding felony “obtaining money by false pretenses,” after placing more expensive brand names on cheaper beer.

“Most retailers take seriously their responsibility not to fraudulently deceive consumers purchasing alcoholic beverages,” said Alan Fields, district supervisor for Greensboro’s ALE Office. “This is the first time in 20 years, I’ve heard complaints about switching brand labels.”

In April, ALE Agents covertly ordered a keg of beer labeled with the Bud Light brand from an employee at the University General Store. They also obtained samples of the Bud Light on tap at the Spring Garden Bar and Pizzeria. Analysis of both samples indicated the beer was Busch Light in both cases.

The ALE investigation also revealed that employees at Westerwood Tavern were selling Keystone Light beer from a tap, but representing the product to consumers as Coors Light, a more expensive beer.

ALE agents? Analysis of samples? CSI:Beer!

What’s on tap: Not what you think, ALE agents say
[News-Record] (Thanks, Dan!)
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