You Have To Wait Longer For Your Stimulus Payment If…

“Where’s my freakin’ money?!” is what some people are wondering about their stimulus payment. Here’s some bad news, you’re getting your money later than you thought if you:

* Used a tax prep service, like TurboTax, to file your taxes
* AND had filing fees deducted from the refund, took out a Refund Anticipation Loan, or entered into any other loans
* AND had refund direct-deposited

When will you get your money?

In this case, you will get your payment on the paper check payment schedule. Why? Because the IRS is paying your tax prep service, and then the tax prep service pays you. Guess how the IRS is paying the tax prep service? With a paper check. (You still get yours direct-deposited, though.)

Here’s the paper check payment schedule based on the last 2 digits of your social, and the relevant part of the IRS FAQ

00 – 09 —> May 16
10 – 18 —> May 23
19 – 25 —> May 30
26 – 38 —> June 6
39 – 51 —> June 13
52 – 63 —> June 20
64 – 75 —> June 27
76 – 87 —> July 4
88 – 99 —> July 11

Q. I chose direct deposit for my 2007 tax refund but also requested a refund anticipation loan (RAL) from my preparer. How does that affect my stimulus payment?

A. Taxpayers who use Refund Anticipation Loans (RALs) or enter into any other loans or financial agreements with a tax professional, such as agreeing to have return preparation fees deducted from their refunds, cannot receive their stimulus payments by direct deposit and instead will get paper checks based on the paper check distribution schedule.

Looks like it’s Skippy and Sanka for you for a little while longer, boyo!

(Photo: Chad Beckerman)