You Have To Wait Longer For Your Stimulus Payment If…

“Where’s my freakin’ money?!” is what some people are wondering about their stimulus payment. Here’s some bad news, you’re getting your money later than you thought if you:

* Used a tax prep service, like TurboTax, to file your taxes
* AND had filing fees deducted from the refund, took out a Refund Anticipation Loan, or entered into any other loans
* AND had refund direct-deposited

When will you get your money?

In this case, you will get your payment on the paper check payment schedule. Why? Because the IRS is paying your tax prep service, and then the tax prep service pays you. Guess how the IRS is paying the tax prep service? With a paper check. (You still get yours direct-deposited, though.)

Here’s the paper check payment schedule based on the last 2 digits of your social, and the relevant part of the IRS FAQ

00 – 09 —> May 16
10 – 18 —> May 23
19 – 25 —> May 30
26 – 38 —> June 6
39 – 51 —> June 13
52 – 63 —> June 20
64 – 75 —> June 27
76 – 87 —> July 4
88 – 99 —> July 11

Q. I chose direct deposit for my 2007 tax refund but also requested a refund anticipation loan (RAL) from my preparer. How does that affect my stimulus payment?

A. Taxpayers who use Refund Anticipation Loans (RALs) or enter into any other loans or financial agreements with a tax professional, such as agreeing to have return preparation fees deducted from their refunds, cannot receive their stimulus payments by direct deposit and instead will get paper checks based on the paper check distribution schedule.

Looks like it’s Skippy and Sanka for you for a little while longer, boyo!

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  1. Tightlines says:

    I didn’t do any of that and I still haven’t gotten my stimulus. Where’s my stimulus?

  2. chiieddy says:

    I got mine last Friday with a ’29’ in my SS#. Problem was I filed on 4/14 and it wasn’t “processed” until after 4/15 (although the IRS accepted it by 4/15). The IRS is saying you should have your money 6 weeks after filing if you were close to the 15th. BTW, I waited because I owed and I didn’t want to give them my money sooner than I had to. :)

  3. weakdome says:

    woo… first tip posted for me… *pats self on back*

  4. B says:

    I got my Stimulus direct deposited into my bank account a couple weeks ago. Then I got a letter last week saying I would get it on the 16th.

  5. carso says:

    I filed my taxes online with TurboTax in late January, and paid the filing fee out-of-pocket at the time. I received my stimulus check one week ahead of the published schedule in early May.

  6. wring says:

    BF did taxes via turbotax, received refund via direct deposit, did not have any taxes deducted from direct deposit, and still he got teh paper check.

  7. fostina1 says:

    you probably got someone elses lol.

  8. Mykro says:

    Bullshiezen! I took my taxes to HRBlock.. They didn’t give me any money, I had them just prepare it. No rapid refunds here buddy.. This is crap. I want my free money direct deposited… lol…

    I love how EVERYONE AND THIER MAMA is complaining about the delay on the FREE money they would have otherwise not gotten at all.. Just sit back and relax. Imagine you didn’t know anything about a stimulus.

  9. fostina1 says:

    so should i be looking for a check from the irs or from h&r block. i would have probably thrown anything i got from h&r block away before i read this.

  10. Letsgohokies says:

    @carso: Ditto, last 2 was “25”

  11. weakdome says:

    @Mykro: I think it’s the principal of it all…
    We get all these notifications saying “Here’s when to expect your stimulus!”
    and “Your stimulus calculation answers!” and “Find out when your payments will be mailed out or deposited!”
    and then… there is some crap-ass excuse why none of those things were correct. It’s just annoying.

  12. johnva says:

    I filed via Turbotax, did NOT have fees deducted from a refund, did NOT use a RAL or anything like that, but paid taxes via direct debit from my bank account (the debit was from the IRS, not TT or SBBT or anything). I also specifically DID fill out the question Turbotax asked about including your direct deposit information even if you were not getting a refund (which TT said was for DD of the stimulus).

    And I still haven’t gotten any stimulus payment. Is this purely just because I owed taxes instead of getting a refund? The IRS website says no information available, so I assume I’m getting a paper check.

  13. mike says:

    @B: Some thing happened to me. I got my refund and 3 days later, I got a letter saying that I should receive it soon.

  14. nightsky says:

    Got mine, spent mine, want more.

  15. parad0x360 says:

    I think I got screwed on this stimulus…

    I got $600 total back. My Girlfiend also got $600 back BUT I have full custody of my Son and my GF is not his biological mother. We both made the same amount of money last year and paid the same taxes yet I got $300 for me and $300 for my Son instead of $600 for me and $300 for my son.

    It makes no damn sense! Can anyone explain?

  16. crabbyman6 says:

    @Mykro: How do you propose “pretending” I’m not getting this when I’ve known about it for months? I was planning on paying semester student fees (1/2 my monthly income) with it and saving the rest, now its time to tighten the belt and hold out until July.

    I wonder if TurboTax et al. knew about this beforehand and didn’t warn anyone.

  17. weakdome says:

    @crabbyman6: The same way we should “pretend” that gas prices aren’t F-ing us in the A.

  18. DeafChick says:

    I used TaxAct for FREE and had to pay them!

    I still haven’t gotten my paper check but they had no problems cashing mine.

  19. BreadBoy says:

    Got mine about a month ago. Started spending already…

  20. backbroken says:

    Did the check from China to the US Treasury bounce?

  21. forgottenpassword says:

    still waiting. Looks like I SHOULD get mine late june & maybe later IF its true that because i turbotax it will be delayed.

    So…. at worst… maybe I will get mine sometime in july

  22. parad0x360 says:

    @forgottenpassword: I used Turbo Tax and I got mine the 2nd week but i got screwed with the amount. I would have rather waited to be honest. Read above for the store if your interested.

  23. thelushie says:

    @weakdome: I think I had two posted. At least now I know they don’t do a “thanks for the tip” thing.

  24. chewiemeat says:

    Enjoy your free money, subsidized by the rest of us who are responsible with our finances and don’t get a freebie back.

  25. parad0x360 says:

    @chewiemeat: What? Even people who i would consider rich $80k+ got a stimulus check…

    You comment is very dickish assuming everyone who got a check is horrible with money.

  26. ionerox says:

    @B: me too! I got the monies way before I got the letter.

  27. TC2COOL says:

    Stupid H&R Block… so that’s what happened to my monies… And I want to stimulate now.

  28. TexasScout says:

    Don’t feel bad, they confiscated mine. I owed back taxes that I was paying off monthly. They got my refund AND my stimulus check. Doesn’t that defeat what the “stimulus” check was trying to do?

  29. webdoyenne says:

    Filed online with TurboTax first weekend in April. Owed money; sent in payment with coupon and check. Social ends in -0x…still haven’t gotten anything.

    I think it’s a scam.

  30. champel says:

    showed up in my account on saturday 4/26, before it was even supposed to. social ending in -0x. no problems here.

  31. jslay012 says:

    I filed online using H&R Block’s online system, had my return direct deposited, and got my refund direct deposited right when the IRS website said I would (in the 2nd week of payments being sent out.)

    My girlfriend did the same, except used turbo tax instead of H&R and also got her refund on time.

    Guess we were just lucky…

  32. theutopian says:

    Something similar is happening to me. I had a huge refund when I did my taxes so I had the direct deposit split between to accounts (savings and checking). Because of this, I have to wait for a paper check. I did not know this until last week when I began to wonder where my money was. They couldn’t have their computer just pick the account that had the larger amount of money deposited in it? Sigh. Sadly, my social ends in 87 so I’m at the end of the check line. It will be July before I see a dime.

  33. crabbyman6 says:

    @chewiemeat: Wow, bitter much? Just because you make more money than the people that get a check doesn’t mean us “peons” aren’t responsible with our money, it just means we don’t make as much as you. Now if we’re talking about bailing people out of house debts, that’s a different story.

  34. johnva says:

    Has ANYONE that owed the IRS money gotten their payment via DD?

  35. Bladefist says:

    @johnva: No. They are mailing me a check on the 23rd. Last 2 are “16”

  36. Sudonum says:

    Filed via snail mail using Turbo Tax in Mid March, refund was direct deposited, got the check last Sat. Last 2 digits are “41”. Thanks China!

  37. Kounji says:

    Hey I happened to be a dependent last year so I can’t actually receive anything until I file 2008. So all of yall can quit bitching about your check.

  38. Sakura77 says:


    I’m in the same boat. We won’t see a penny of the “stimulus” payment. We still owed taxes from last year (we get a royal tax screwing because we both work and refuse to have children), then this year’s tax amount due landed on top of that. I purposely didn’t send a check in with our taxes when we filed – they can keep the state refund and the stimulus if it takes care of my outstanding tax balance. Personally, I think the stimulus payment was a lame attempt by the government to whitewash their way out of cutting taxes, stopping the Homeland Security fearmongering, or bringing down fuel prices.

  39. ravensfire says:

    I did all of the above except for #2 and I got my stimulus payment (deposited electronically into my bank account) back closer to the beginning of May. My soc ends in 10. I did my taxes through turbotax online in early April and paid no fees of any kind. Perhaps the earliness of my filing is what has allowed me to be stimulated seemingly pre-maturely? I also did not owe the IRS anything.

  40. Pink Puppet says:

    @chewiemeat: I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure what you mean. I’m quite responsible with my finances, though I only make a modest amount as I’m trying to put myself through college. Was I supposed to say “no, mister government, please don’t give me the money” instead?

    Yeah, no.

  41. davidc says:

    I used Turbo Tax, Schedule C with itemized deductions, paid for everything with a CC, and had my tax refund direct deposited, and filed on the 13th or 14th.

    To top that off, it was initially rejected cause I got my wifes birthday wrong.

    Refunds from Feds / State came in without a problem … Stimulus came in without a problem as well.

  42. Aphex242 says:

    Yeah I used H&R Block’s tax prep deal and got mine ahead of schedule as well… bullet one seems to be bogus.

  43. dancemonkey says:

    This doesn’t sound right. My interpretation of that passage is you will receive a paper check FROM THE IRS, not from your tax preparer. There’s nothing in the IRS FAQ about them paying your tax preparer, simply what conditions invalidate you (and me) from receiving a direct deposited stimulus check.

    Filed online through H&R, but had them deduct their fee from my refund, so it’s July for me.

  44. dancemonkey says:

    People who are calling bullet one wrong: the following two bullets are preceded with AND… all of the conditions must apply, not just bullet one.

  45. sonicanatidae says:

    Thats what I love about my govt. and Herr Kommandant-in-chief. The stimulus package hoopla + reality = They are taking 10 bucks out of your back pocket while dangling a $5 in front of you and cant even do that right.

    My checking account routing info is clearly indicated ON THE RETURN, yet, they cant seem to accurately determine my personal checking account number from a bank’s.

    Go Team..*retch*

  46. Osi says:

    Wow, submitted comments not showing up again … wonderful ..

    This article contradicts itself. On the top half, it claims that those who used TurboTax and had the fees removed from the refund … TurboTax will get the paper check from the IRS, and us (the customer) will get the check direct deposited from turbotax …

    However, the IRS quote claims the opposite. It specifically states (in bold), that us, the customers of turbo tax will get the paper check in the mail from the IRS ..

    So which one is it? Do we believe the IRS, or what the consumerist submitter?

  47. queenofdenial says:

    @johnva: We filed via TT, paid with debit card what we owed, and not stimulus check yet. Last 2 are 27. Perhaps sometime in early June…

  48. woogychuck says:

    I guess this is what I get for trying to save a few bucks with TurboTax. Looks like I will hire an actual person next year.

  49. woogychuck says:

    Apparently TurboTax has set up a system to contact people when they figure out what the hell is going on.


    If you used TurboTax and didn’t get your refund, it may be because they lost your information. Yeah TurboTax!

  50. Osi says:

    No, this happened to those who choose to have their tax fees deducted from the refund itself ;) Still, having a person, or H&R block or whatever do your taxes is not a good way to go for simple taxes ,as they still ream their customers $$$.

  51. johnva says:

    @woogychuck: Thanks. That seems to cover my situation. Guess they finally admitted it.

    @Jinx: I did NOT have fees deducted from a refund. And my TT filing was free (I took advantage of the deal for free Turbotax filing from State Farm).

  52. Osi says:

    Congrats :) Serious … for tax wise I mean. Insurance-wise, is a different issue ;)

  53. m0unds says:

    Did my taxes and my g/f’s taxes with TurboTax in February and we both got our stimulus deposits the week before the IRS originally said we would (since things went faster with their computer systems than they thought they would or whatever.)

  54. m0unds says:

    *and we both had filing fees deducted and used direct deposit. i guess we’re lucky.

  55. Audiyoda says:

    I used TaxCut (tax prep service), deducted the cost of said service, and used direct deposit. Yet I got my stimulus check when I was supposed to – to the minute. I was electronically deposited to my checking account at 12:01 am on May 9th.

  56. Jesse in Japan says:

    This is probably a pretty stupid question, but do you actually get the stimulus payment if you file for a foreign-earned income waiver and don’t actually pay any taxes on that foreign-earned income, but still go to the trouble to file?

  57. phylboyse says:

    Well IRS and the government got to us again.

    The promise of a Stimulus Check if you filed a return and made a certain amount of money. My husband and I qualified for the amount of $1200 because we had the income to qualify and filed a return – but they don’t tell you that if you get a refund it is deducted from the Stimulus Check – we had a small refund and it was deducted from the $1200 we were supposed to receive.

    So they did it again. Thank goodness we don’t have to claim it on 2008 Income Tax return.

  58. smackswell says:

    TurboTax stole my stimulus check!

    Helps me Consumerist!

    I wants teh monies!

  59. Anson.Maddock says:

    Hmm, that’s really strange, I already had mine over two weeks ago. Came in three days before my last paycheck.

    1) SSN ends in 87
    2) Used turbotax
    3) Used direct deposit.

    :) I guess the IRS just loves me more.

  60. TheNerd says:

    I don’t think the check will be mailed to my tax preparer, as I just got a letter from the IRS to my HOME address, telling me that I’m getting a paper check (presumably to the same address).

    I suggest you clarify that in your post, as you make it sound like the tax preparers of our nation are going to be forwarding a plethora of stimulus checks.

  61. nffcnnr says:

    My ssn ends in 52. My $600 stimulus was electronically deposited to my bank account 2 weeks ago. According to the schedule, i wasn’t supposed ot get it until June 20. The US Gov’t must love me cuz i’m so awesome and whatnot.

  62. NikkiSweet says:

    Hmm… I end in “31,” das BF ends in “01,” and neither of us have gotten ours. My parents, “59 and “68” have already spent theirs, as have his parents…

  63. airren says:

    Hmmm… I’m a 73 and my $ was direct deposited the first week in May.

    Used Turbo Tax
    Did not subtract fees
    Had refund direct deposited

    I’m thinking the gov’t must lurve me too (and whatnot).

  64. czarandy says:

    I’m glad I mailed in my return. Yay.

  65. Bryan Price says:

    Glad I didn’t get that Rapid Refund Loan on the $83 I got back this year…

  66. LibertyReign says:

    Hundreds of millions of interest free loans to your Uncle Sam. I sure am glad for all those federal government programs I don’t use. Yay Socialism!

  67. phantom569 says:

    this is just not true…i fall into all three of the categories, got my “stimulus” about 4 days early and put it right in the bank….

  68. billhelm says:

    general consensus among my friends is that if you used Turbo Tax, paid your taxes before it was set up with stimulus info and owed that you’ll get a paper check. We’re all in that boat, and none of us have gotten our money yet.

  69. harryhoody says:

    So basically this is a crapshoot?