Personal Finance Roundup

Plant a garden, harvest savings [Bankrate] “A productive patch can really cut food costs, even after you account for the investment in gardening tools, seeds, water and time.”

Reasons for delayed and no-show tax rebates pile up [USA Today] “Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers who had their e-filing or tax-preparation fees deducted from their refunds are belatedly discovering that they’ll receive their checks by mail – even if they received direct deposit of their refunds.”

Three Home Value Drains to Avoid [Wall Street Journal] “Nearby foreclosures, crime and environmental threats can end up costing a lot more than mold in the basement.”

4 Reasons to Buy a High-Def TV Now [Smart Money] “For bargain hunters, now’s the best time to join the craze.”


(Photo: jgodsey)

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