Personal Finance Roundup

Plant a garden, harvest savings [Bankrate] “A productive patch can really cut food costs, even after you account for the investment in gardening tools, seeds, water and time.”

Reasons for delayed and no-show tax rebates pile up [USA Today] “Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers who had their e-filing or tax-preparation fees deducted from their refunds are belatedly discovering that they’ll receive their checks by mail – even if they received direct deposit of their refunds.”

Three Home Value Drains to Avoid [Wall Street Journal] “Nearby foreclosures, crime and environmental threats can end up costing a lot more than mold in the basement.”

4 Reasons to Buy a High-Def TV Now [Smart Money] “For bargain hunters, now’s the best time to join the craze.”


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  1. BreadBoy says:

    Growing your own food, or at least some of it, makes alot of sense; the food tastes better, its ‘greener’, and just working in the garden has health benefits.

  2. opsomath says:

    Planted my first garden this year…just a couple strips of dirt with some compost – okra, melons, tomatos, one lonely eggplant, and some herbs.

    If half the plants produce a decent yield of fruit, we’ll make back our investment tenfold.

  3. gig says:

    I planted my first garden last year also. I had tomatoes, eggplant, peppers (green and red) and cucumbers all summer long. The plants I planted in a planter didn’t do so well as they needed more room and the plants I planted in the ground took over my yard. The cucumbers were gigantic like watermelons. I am not sure that was normal. I am learning. It was fun though and a thrill when I got my first harvest.

  4. Eyebrows wants you to grow veggies. Eyebrows suggests you start with lettuce, which is dead easy, and herbs, which are a) easy and b) expensive to buy in stores. Radishes are super-fast and very easy; carrots are also pretty easy and fast, but if you have heavy soil they won’t be very big and they’ll tend to be all twisty. Onions are easy, but, again probably won’t get burger-size unless you have really loose soil. Still, great on salads.

    A really great book is “Square Foot Gardening” — with a 4×4′ raised bed, you can keep 1 person in salad all summer. We have a series of raised beds arranged in a pretty pattern, people love it. Plain 2x6s from the lumber store, but MAKE SURE THE WOOD IS UNTREATED, unless you like arsenic in your food.

    Our food bills definitely drop over the summer.

    (And Isabelle, you’re meant to harvest the cukes before they get so big — the flavor is supposed to be better when they’re smaller. But I don’t eat cukes so I couldn’t say.)

    I’m launching a website called [] (still very beta!) about upgrading your backyard to something that’s environmentally friendly, useful to humans (i.e., food), and still purty and pleasant to relax in. Veggie gardening is a big part of it!

  5. Elvisisdead says:

    Ah lookd 4 a koinstar. No found. Heer – tak ur moneyz bak.