Use FeedFlix To Monitor Your Netflix Usage Patterns

If you’re the type of Netflix user who enjoys maximizing the value of your membership, you might find the new website FeedFlix interesting. The service scrapes data from your personal Netflix rss feeds and generates interesting graphs about how long you keep rentals, how many you rent per week, and your cost-per-rental. Sure, you could do this all yourself with a spreadsheet, or maybe Yahoo! Pipes, but FeedFlix is free and works instantly.

From the FAQ:

» How does FeedFlix work?

When you enter your Netflix RSS Link, FeedFlix processes your Netflix RSS feeds to get the movies in your Queue, the reviews you have written, the movies Netflix recommends for you etc. We also are able to co-relate your data with that of other FeedFlix users to tell you who else is watching or currently waiting for the same movies as you while still maintaining your (and their) anonymity.


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