Louisiana Sonic Employees Spat In Drinks

A representative for a Sonic restaurant in Eunice, Louisiana has admitted that two of their employees were spitting in customers’ drinks. “It was brought to my attention by the manager of the store that the incident was brought to his attention that an employee had spit in a drink of a customer,” said the rep. Oh, good. So long as something was brought to someone’s attention.

Several customers at the restaurant said their drinks were spiked with saliva.

“(My daughter) came up here and got a soda and come to find out some girls spit in the drink” father Joe Lawrence said.

A Sonic representative told KFLY-TV that the incident has been investigated and action has been taken.

How can you tell if someone spit in your cherry lime? Beats us. It might be best to just request no spit the next time your order from the Eunice Sonic.

“Fast-Food Workers Spit In Customer Drinks” [Local6.com] (Thanks to Jian!)
(Photo: trekkyandy )

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