Consumer Reports has decided to weigh in on the new Pike Place Roast. CR once described Starbucks’ coffee as “burnt and bitter,” did the new roast manage to charm their testers? [CR]


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  1. theblackdog says:

    I am by no means able to detect floral notes and all that stuff in the coffee, but I do know it definitely has a milder flavor than their regular coffee.

    I actually like the stuff, boobie cup and all.

  2. DeleteThisAccount says:

    I drink coffee from any place I can get my fix. I do like this new roast. It doesn’t have that magical sensation of forming phlegm in the back of my throat and then dissolving it away in a burnt acid wash like the old brew.

    Bonus points for phlegm before 12 :)

  3. The article is wrong in that this roast is completely new and was never served in the Pike Place store until it was introduced to the entire company. Pike Place Blend was, but Pike Place Roast is brand-new.

    I personally prefer some of the darker African coffees, but I can take this new one with a couple of shots of espresso and a splash of milk.

  4. ConsumptionJunkie says:

    Right on , CR!