Top Posts Of The Week

“Gay” Player Name Banned By Xbox Live
“According to the supervisor, it wasn’t that she found the name offensive, but it was the “greater Xbox community” that found it offensive.”

Fake, Funny Poncho Ad Causes Outrage, Laughter
“He thinks the ad is hilarious, but we found at least one complaint from a Weekly Dig reader who thought the fake ad was “misogynist” and that the “potential hilarity was ruined by bad taste and poor judgment.”

Charter To Begin Tracking Users’ Searches And Inserting Targeted Ads
“Charter Communications is sending letters to its customers informing them of an “enhanced online experience” that involves Charter monitoring its users’ searches and the websites they visit, and inserting targeted third-party ads based on their web activity.”

Starbucks: Shut Up, I’m Recording The Celtics Game!
“Customers, please try not to talk about the Celtics game. I am recording it and watching it when I get home tonight. I would really prefer to not know the outcome ahead of time. Thanks.”

Lazy Employees Lose Kohl’s An Easy $300 Sale
“I am watching the counter person empty out and count up her drawer (It’s about 6:55) and it turns out she can’t hear me, or the other two gentlemen at the counter at that time.”

(Photo: msmail)

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