McDonald's: Drink What We Say Or No Free Southern Chicken Sandwich

Reader “Thunderpants” says that she was in McDonald’s yesterday during their free chicken sandwich promotion. The deal: Buy a medium or large drink and the sandwich itself is on the house. For some reason, however, this particular McDonald’s declared that only soft drink purchasers qualified for sandwiches. Nothing, not even a customer who claimed to have written the actual ad copy for the promotion, could convince them otherwise.

Yesterday, McDonald’s was giving away free southern-style chicken sandwiches if you purchased a medium or large drink. I went down to the location in my office building, where there were three lines. It was busy, but nowhere near riot status.

As I stood in line, I repeatedly heard the employees telling customers that purchasing a “Sweet Tea” didn’t count for the free sandwich. Some left, some rolled their eyes and ordered a “drink” instead, but all of them were pretty peeved about it.

As it happens, someone in the line ahead of me worked for the ad agency that McDonald’s uses and said she WROTE THE AD COPY. She asked to talk to the manager, because she said that Sweet Tea was part of the promotion.

They made her wait. By the time I had ordered and was waiting for my food, two managers came out from the back looking decidedly hostile. When the ad exec tried to explain the ad to them, they immediately cut her off and shouted “No, No, No” and pretty much told her to get lost.

My curiosity was piqued, so I called McDonald’s customer service hotline to find out who was right. Guess what? The managers were completely wrong. The CSR told me “you could buy a milk chug and get a free sandwich. Any drink!” She offered me free coupons for more chicken sandwiches, but I declined because I didn’t want to give my name and address, especially since I wasn’t directly involved.

So, BOO to the local franchise managers, but way to go Customer Service Rep.



Nice investigative reporting, Thunderpants. It’s good to know that ad agency people are forces for justice, trying to keep McDonald’s honest, but it’s too bad they didn’t listen to her.

(Photo: Paxton Holley )


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  1. Zerkaboid says:

    I got one of these sandwiches yesterday, they’ve got nothing on Chick-Fil-A.

  2. GreatCaesarsGhost says:

    What is the deal with these penny pinching stores? Do they not understand what a “promotion” is? They make you buy the drink so you don’t just keep going through the line over and over. Who cares what kind of drink they buy?

  3. frankadelic says:

    If I ate one of those I’d be a tunderpants as well!

  4. mbordenkircher says:

    They’re managers at a McDonald’s and cheating a promotion to raise their numbers, suprised?

  5. xamarshahx says:

    they rejected me cause i chose the meal, meaning if i said give me a drink, free sandwich, and fries on the side i would have paid like 2.50, but since i said meal, they charged me like 5.50

  6. scientician says:

    I got one for breakfast w/ a coffee and one for lunch w/ a soft drink and then a sensible dinner.

  7. Shutaro says:

    @frankadelic: Zing!

  8. dragonfire81 says:

    Soft drinks are I believe the most inexpensive drinks for fast food places to survive.

    I feel this persons pain as I have I encountered promotions before that insist on soft drinks. This always frustrates me because I am in a minority of the population that does not drink soft drinks. I am not simply going to buy one just to get some deal. I usually end up not ordering anything at all, or if I’m really hungry, paying more to get a non-carbonated drink.

  9. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    I’m amused that the ad writer got screwed only because thier jobs is to entice people to consume what they don’t want, make people forget a company’s wrongdoings, and confusing the general public as much as possible with too-good-to-be-true deals.

  10. dragonfire81 says:

    “…for fast food places to SERVE”

    Are we ever going to get an edit button?

  11. frankadelic says:

    @Shutaro: It would have been better is I managed to spell Thunderpants correctly :)

  12. DashTheHand says:

    The McDonalds I went to for lunch specifically for this freebie offer didn’t have any signage and the drive thru guy was particularly good at “playing dumb” until I said I wanted to drive around and speak to a manager. He understood what I wanted to order pretty damn quick then.

    Later in the evening my friend wanted to get the freebie offer so we went to a different McDonalds near my house and they actually had signs promoting it, but as we were pulling into the drive-thru, the manager came out and started taking the signs down. This was at about 5:30. I asked if the promo was still on and he said “Well, yes, but you’re the last one to get it.”

    Ordered a large sweet tea both times and didn’t get hassled about it.

    And yea, it seems to be a direct competing sandwich to Chick-fil-A’s, though not as big a piece of chicken.

  13. Nihon no Purin says:

    i don’t know people can complain about such petty crap like this. it’s a promotion. they’re not bound to it, and that’s why the tiny print always says crap like “participation may vary.” it’s a free sandwich, goddammit. if you’re too incompetent to just go in and order what they ask of you, then don’t complain when they don’t give you the sandwich.

    a possible reason why they didn’t allow sweet tea – don’t they already have a current ongoing promotion for $1 large sweet tea? to do so and to also get a free chicken sandwich would be combining two promotions, which always gets peoples knickers in a twist. in any case, give them a goddamn break. seriously.

    • ShizaMinelli says:

      @Nihon no Purin: Yeah, even though Customer Service and the person who WROTE THE ADS say the manager was wrong, we should “give him a goddamn break”, even after cutting off a customer and yelling “no no no” at them. Brilliant, and while we’re at it lets just shut this whole website down, who should ANYONE complain about service?!?

  14. Does anyone else find it funny that McDonald’s, who was trying to promote a “southern style” chicken biscuit, wouldn’t allow customers to buy sweet tea – which is a “southern style” drink?

    Maybe I’m the only one.

  15. phlyers18 says:

    I went yesterday and asked if I could order a sweet tea and get the free sandwich. Note that the Sweet tea is 32 oz and only a dollar (which is cheaper than a soft drink). She said of course. I got both and was on my way $1.05 later.

  16. outofoffice says:

    I had a med coffee with my free biscuit and the large sweet tea and sandwich for lunch no problems at all.

    I agree with the irony of not allowing a southern style iced tea to count towards the promotion, but as always, individual results may vary :)

  17. Nihon no Purin says:

    oh man, i gotta comment again in short succession (sorry). thunderpants says “So, BOO to the local franchise managers, but way to go Customer Service Rep.” So what’s the point of this post? Just so McD’s HQ can see it and be like “time to get to the bottom of this” and track down thunderpants’ local managers and reprimand them. good for you thunderpants, good for you (same to consumerist)

  18. HalOfBorg says:

    If it says “Medium Drink” then and med drink on the menu should suffice.
    Now, if it said “Medium SODA” or the like – fine.

  19. friendlynerd says:

    @Nihon no Purin:

    You think it’s so beneath you to complain about getting what is advertised, but here you are making comments about it. Go be an asshole someplace else, kay?

  20. Goodnightbabytron says:

    @Applekid: Yeah, ad writers (like me) use the Jedi mind trick. Go buy a sandwich and stop whining.

  21. forgottenpassword says:


    Yeah I agree! Its petty & pathetic. Of course you never know what would happen to a mCflunky if he actually thought for himself or allowed a substitution. Some of those managers are anal retentive, micro-managing wackjobs.

    I’m tired of the promotions where they say something is free (when you buy something else).

    I am not a big fan of chicken sammiches, but I’d get one if it were actually free & i didnt have to buy anything…. besides…I dont buy drinks at fast food places.

  22. nevadaniro says:

    It is a SOUTHERN chicken sandwich!!! How can you not expect it to be coupled with a Large SWEET Iced Tea!!

  23. Good Cop Baby Cop says:

    @wrongneighborhood: That was my first thought as well.

  24. Nihon no Purin says:


    i’m not presenting it in a manner where it’s “beneath” me or where i’m so high and mighty and not guilty of stuff like this on occasion as well. i just can’t help but be annoyed and angry when people on this website complain to no end about big evil corporations like mcdonalds, and yet participates in their promotions, only to spit back in their face and complain about that, too. really, all they did was tell thunderpants that he/she needed to get a different drink. it’s not like they even withheld the deal.

  25. radio1 says:

    I’ll take the manager’s side for some of this.

    A medium or large drink, I’d assume that would mean a fountain drink for how much? A $1.50 or $2.00? Maybe an OJ or coffee, too.

    I think it comes down to the drink price. Because McD’s Sweet Tea is $1.00 if you purchase it specifically. There’s probably some kind of break-even point for these promotions. Furthermore, I think it also depends on whether the store is a corporate or franchised store.

    Corporate stores have to accept everything. Whereas franchisees have some discretion. This is why promotions and coupons say, “Valid at only participating McDonalds”

    Usually when I buy a meal I get the cup and fill with that sweet, sweet dee-licious stuff! So, I even if I had to spend more to get a free sandwich, it’s still be a win-win for me! :)

  26. christoj879 says:

    At one McDonald’s I went to, they give you a medium cup and have fountains for customer use. So I got a sweet tea. At the other, the manager said I could also get a medium fry and qualify for the promotion, so I did that at that one and another one. On top of that, you could also get a shake and qualify. My cousin from NJ was visiting, and there was a McDonald’s here that still has Shamrock Shakes and she wanted one, so that was another sandwich.

    All told, I think it was 5 sandwiches I got, I ate two of them. I have to say, pretty close to Chick-fil-A. But DON’T ORDER CHEESE! It’s $0.40!!! CFA charges $0.20 for it, what a rip!

  27. Buran says:

    @radio1: Then they should have stated such. It just said “large drink” so that’s all you have to buy, not necessarily a soda.

    I can’t believe some people are blaming the victim.

    Then again, I can. Even when the admins come out and tell us to stop, it hasn’t.

  28. howie_in_az says:

    I’m lolling at all the consumerist posters that actually enter a McDonalds.

  29. ChuckECheese says:

    There needs to be a bully tag for this and similar posts. Yesterday there were the stories of unkinD Donuts refusing teens (free) iced coffee, and Wal-Mart refusing baby orphans water at a charity event. I think the refusals are motivated by greed, but the actions taken are extreme–there is much weight-throwing-around and anger. In the case of DD, some misguided managers think that youth aren’t profitable customers, and in the case of McD’s, there are probably a few more pennies to be made off a soda than a cup of tea. But there’s no need to throw people under the bus.


  30. dugn says:

    On one side, these situations where a single manager at a chain store or franchise ‘interprets’ a company-wide offering the wrong way are starting to wear thin here on Consumerist. You’ll always be able to find some goof-ball manager or sales clerk who blows it – and often blows it quite spectacularly in a way that makes for perfect media/blog fodder.

    On the other hand, companies should start getting a clue from the number of these types of posts on Consumerist. They should send a short, succinct, single-page notification on the terms of the deal (legalese will kill this, so it’s gotta be simple). It would be good to have the flyer/web site posting remind managers that stupid moves like this just make the company look bad and to show some intelligence – uh, I mean, common sense – when faced with a particular situation. Wise discretion can save a lot of companies some real consumer heartache.

  31. Jaysyn was banned for: says:


    Yeah, I’m amazed at that myself. I don’t care if they gave that shit away for free *every day*. I’m still not eating it.

  32. Angryrider says:

    Didn’t pay attention. I always thought Sweet Tea was something else, as it is always sold in a large cup.

  33. Kounji says:

    Again another bone headed management story. I think its awesome that someone claiming to be part of the ad-agency got denied. It would be funny if like the MC Donald’s CEO or an exec came in and was like. I’M THE EFFING CEO!!! and the clerk was like.. I’m sorry I can’t do that.

  34. consumersaur says:

    Sounds like a good time for a chargeback!

  35. Scuba Steve says:

    I think turning people away because you can’t take the effort to follow a promotion pretty much qualifies as the opposite of doing a promotion.

    But then again you don’t get to be manager of the local Mickie Sleeze by being the brightest or most likable person.

  36. TPS Reporter says:

    @Nihon no Purin: Actually the McDonalds here sells ANY size soft drink for $1, not just sweet tea. So your point is? And if the promotion actually says a medium or large drink, then in the English version, this means drink, not soda or pop or coke. If you don’t like them complaining, go read other sites.

  37. Chrome says:

    For what it’s worth, I ordered two sweet teas and got two free sandwiches.

    I found the sandwich to be pretty tasty. Too bad they are normally too expensive for such a small sandwich.


  38. BrienBear Thinks Stupidity Defies Logic says:

    @frankadelic: By the looks of your icon, you look like you might be well on your way there!!

  39. kathyl says:

    Yes, clearly McDonald’s is in such dire financial straits that it is important that consumers not ask to have the terms of a printed agreement, given the caveat that the store is a participating location, honored.

    Bad, bad consumer trying to deprive the big multi-billion dollar corporation of .50 during a promotion designed to get you hooked on their new sandwich that probably half of the people at least will come back to buy again multiple times at full price.

    Honestly, what is the world coming to when people try to redeem a coupon for what it actually SAYS you can do? Bad bad people.

    (sarcasm meter should be pegging when you read the above)

  40. peggyhill says:

    i was there yesterday and ordered the evm. and got charged accordingly… that was my bad.

  41. @Kounji: “It would be funny if like the MC Donald’s CEO or an exec came in and was like. I’M THE EFFING CEO!!! and the clerk was like.. I’m sorry I can’t do that.”

    I have a story kinda like that. Small family-owned local department store. Brand new late-teens security guard. A scruffy late-middle-aged gentleman dressed in a strange collection of odds and ends is repeatedly approaching and speaking to shoppers. The guard approaches him and very politely says, “Sir, I’m sorry, we can’t have you harassing our customers. I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to leave.”

    The apparently homeless guy looks bemused by allows himself to be quietly escorted off the premises by the security guard. Twenty minutes later, he’s called up to the manager’s office. Next to the manager is the scruffy guy, who says, “Son, I really appreciate the your courtesy and diligence in doing your job, but next time, don’t throw me out of my own store.”

    This was like 20 years ago but the store owner still tells it all the time and thought it was an excellent joke. He then says something like, “I took the hint and had my wife buy me some new clothes.”

  42. Oh Noes! I didn’t get a free dose of saturated fat, factory farm, wallowing in feces, filled with anti-biotics cornfed chicken.
    By turning you away (hopefully for life), McDonald’s was doing you a huge favor.

  43. darkryd says:

    Meh. I dont like chicken sandwiches anyways.

  44. coan_net says:

    Isn’t the tea the “cheapest” drink you can get from McDonalds? If it was that important to get a “free” sandwich, then purchased a coke and just ask them to fill it with tea instead if that is what you want to drink.

    I don’t have the ad in front of me, but most of them say at participating places… which gives stores basically the right to follow what they want.

  45. yikz says:

    The intelligence of the average McDonald’s employee is pretty low. Face it, there are better jobs that pay less. McDonald’s doesn’t pay minimum wage because they can’t get people to work there. McDonald’s has to pay more than minimum wage to keep their employees. That’s how bad it is. Who wants to go home smelling like greasy fast food? The employees do have the chance to move up. No one will come in off the street as a manager. They couldn’t pay someone enough money to entice them to work as a manager at McDonald’s. None of the employees will look to a manager fresh off the street for answers, because a manager off the street doesn’t know anything.

    So, it boils down to this: If you are stupid enough to stay gainfully employed at McDonald’s, eventually you get to be a manager. That’s the deal.

    How many times have you asked an employee a question and watched them immediately turn around to ask a manager? That’s training. 100% of the time, the employee will look for a manager, correct? The employees are stupid. Management treats them that way, and they are trained to look for a manager.

    Now, take all of the employees, and pick the one that is most likely to stick around the longest, and that person will be a manager. The smart ones quit. They take other jobs. They go on welfare and make more money, and have free time. The dumb ones stay, and they eventually learn the McDonald’s methods, and they become management. It doesn’t mean they can make good decisions. It simply means they have a high tolerance for work, they know the simple things that have to be done, and they can’t find a better job than McDonald’s.

  46. deathshadow391 says:

    Yeah thats what my manager was trying to do. She told us to only give away the free SSCK’s if they ordered a soda.

  47. topherchris9 says:

    I went in for breakfast yesterday and ordered the new chicken biscuit thing. I see it has it’s own meal on the menu and I ordered. Did they tell me that it would have been free if I had simply ordered the sandwich and a large drink? No, of course not. The cashier shifted uncomfortably and rang me up. To top it off, I work in Waikiki where everything at McDonalds is at least 25% more than other stores. Almost $7 later I walk out with a large OJ, sandwich and hash browns. Most expensive hash browns I’ve ever eaten!

  48. bodah says:

    I went to McDonalds yesterday for this and they wouldn’t let me get a Sweet Tea either. I didn’t really care. I just ordered a regular drink and filled it with Sweet Tea.

    I will compliment them on one thing though, even though they were absolutely packed, it was the best service that I have ever gotten from there. Everyone was working their butt off.

  49. Triterion says:

    McDonalds has sweet tea?!!? I thought you could only get that in the deep south!! I haven’t seen it anywhere here in California… they’re always like “um… you can put sugar in it yo’self” and I’m like “oh honey, you just don’t get it, now, do ya?”

  50. kenboy says:

    I got a large iced coffee & a breakfast one yesterday, and then came back and got a sweet tea, a medium coke, and TWO for lunch.

    What can I say, I’m a pig.

    The drivethru people didn’t care that one drink was a sweet tea, or that I was alone in the car.

    FWIW, I liked the biscuit version a lot; the lunch version was OK, but not as good as the Chick-Fil-A I was craving.

  51. Breach says:

    McDonald’s is shit food anyway even among other fast food joints, why is everyone up in arms to get a free crappy chicken-biscuit thing

  52. quirkyrachel says:

    Wait, isn’t the whole thing about the new Souther theme? They drink sweet tea by the gallons in the South, so I figured that was the reason McD’s put out the Southern style chicken sandwich at the same time…

  53. privateer says:

    @christoj879: BK is the worst on cheese. I have been charged 80 cents a slice when asking for it on a chicken sandwich. There’s cheaper ways to clog my arteries than that.
    I love how they shame you at BK. If you ask for extra of any condiment, they read it back to you as “HEAVY”!

  54. @Triterion: Not only do they have sweet tea, but the commercial for it says “sweet tea” in a quasi-southern accent. It’s pretty funny.

    However, I doubt you can order “unsweet tea” at a northern McDonald’s. :D

  55. Thunderpants says:

    Thanks for all your comments.
    Just to clarify:

    I didn’t ask for the Sweet Tea, other people were. My real shock/issue has nothing to do with the promotion itself, it was how rudely the two managers treated the alleged ad exec/customer, and I called Customer Service out of my own curiosity to see who was right. I didn’t throw anyone under the bus, and I didn’t accept freebies.

    On a personal level, I don’t eat McDonald’s frequently, but I was curious about the sandwich since I had heard people saying good things about it.

  56. humphrmi says:

    McDonalds – Washington & Wacker, Downtown Chicago – I got the breakfast chicken free with a coffee. About a quarter of everyone who ordered the free chicken there did not order a soft drink.

  57. womynist says:

    Sadly, I ate at McD’s yesterday. I ordered the 10 piece McNugget value meal and when I got home, to my surprise, there was a free Southern Style Chicken Sandwich in there too. I thought that was cool, since I assumed they wouldn’t count the value meal as “the purchase of a drink”. Either way, it was more chicken than I could eat, but I tried a bite of the sandwich anyway and it was so grease laden I couldn’t eat it. The bun was covered in grease as well, there was no sauce or mayo on the sandwich. I thought the whole thing was GROSS!

  58. wesrubix says:

    While This McD’s was wrong in denying correct action based on an ad, there was no actionable proof presented to them. Someone should have presented the actual ad. I didn’t see that mentioned.

  59. mdigirol says:

    @wesrubix: They should still know the rules of the offer. This reminds me of the Dunkin Donuts faux pas; all of the branches of the company need to be aware!

  60. Elcheecho says:

    To the person who has registered the name “Thunderpants:” I hate you.

  61. e.varden says:


    Aww, I just bet you broke TPants’ heart!


  62. Dick.Blake says:

    Didn’t bother, as I saw the drive-thru line encircling the building yesterday AM. However, my girlfriend did bother but went inside. They ran out of ALL size coffee cups. The guy in front of her ordered a large “orange.” The little white girl at the counter looked at him, puzzled as to what “orange” he was looking to consume. Eventually he begrudgingly added “drink.” “Orange drink” is orange soda I assume, but if I were in her shoes I would figure he’d want orange juice at 9 AM. She didn’t make any assumptions and just waited for him to clarify himself.

    Ah the joys of living in the ghetto of Atlanta on free fried chicken sandwich/biscuit day.

  63. vatica40 says:

    Geez. So many people go to McDonalds? I buy all my food at Target and Monoprice. Plebs.

    But yeah, I tried the sandwich, because I occassionally do go to McDonalds, even though I’ve been known to think for myself now and then. I actually preferred the McChicken. It wasn’t that this new sandwich isn’t ‘bad’, its just that I could barely tell I was eating it. The dollar menu version is better spiced in that it has actual spices.

    As for the promotion? Yeah, sucks that this persion had a bad run in. Oh well. It wasn’t company-wide however.

  64. MMD says:

    @Nihon no Purin: I said it before during the whole Ben & Jerry’s fiasco a few weeks ago and I’ll say it again. If you’re a franchise owner, you should not be allowed to take advantage of the fame of the franchise name and yet not participate in the nationwide activities of the franchise.

    If you want to do your own thing, open up an independent burger stand.

  65. MMD says:

    @Breach: The food itself is irrelevant to the issue at hand – poor customer service.

    This is Consumerist, by the way.

  66. humperdinck says:

    I burnt my tongue on the free Southern Style Chicken Sandwich yesterday. True story.

    Can I sue?

  67. humphrmi says:

    @wesrubix: McDonald’s doesn’t issue “ad”s anymore. I found about it from Bargainist, and there was a poster in the window of my local McD’s that said basically the same thing: “Free chicken biscuit sandwich with medium or large drink purchase.” I think the salient point here is that the local manager interpreted “medium or large drink” to fit his or her profit goals for the store. Which goes against the basic premise of a “promotion”.

  68. I don’t agree with the franchise, but consider another view. Corporate headquarters for franchises such as McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King, et cetera, come up with these “great” promotions. Customers just love ’em.

    And guess who pays for these promotions? The franchisee, who in many cases is already being strangled by corporate with never ending fees and costs.

    It would be nice sometime to read a view from one of the franchisee sometime to hear their side of the story…

  69. And just to add, I most certainly do not agree with the rudeness from the managers… there’s no reason for that, period.

  70. humphrmi says:

    @twophrasebark: Boo hoo. People go into a McDonalds because of the name, not because Joe Schmoe owns it. If Joe Schmoe thinks he can run a better burger joint without McDonald’s name, he should take the signs down and go for it. He signed an agreement to honor McDonald’s promotions when he put up the big golden arches that drew thousands of customers into his store. Now he feels so strangled, because he’s got to give away some cheap-ass biscuits and chicken. We should all feel sorry for him. Poor Joe.

  71. SayAhh says:

    Do the words, “at participating McDonald’s restaurants” mean anything to anyone, anymore? I’m sure it’s on the ad somewhere. Didn’t really pay attention because I’ve been boycotting McD’s for about three or four years now, ever since I’ve read the book Fast Food Nation.

    Besides, I remember the coupon actually saying that a medium or large drink was required, but doesn’t say if you can get something other than soft drinks, like Powerade or lemonade, which are fountain drinks. I suspect that the reason for the “medium” or “large” purchase requirement is so that they’ll still break even, even though the sandwich was “free,” since the profit margin on the sodas is so high. On the other hand, if you would’ve gotten a “SUPER SIZED” for 69¢, they would’ve lost money, so that’s why it doesn’t say “medium” or larger.

    I look at it this way: you buy the sandwich, and get a free soda! Since I’ve been on another one of my “no soda for a year” self-imposed bans again (third one in the last three and a half years, the first two being successful, 12 and 14 months “dry,” respectively), I have no stake in this crappy new promotion, much like the stupid Starbucks’ Pike’s Peak burnt coffee promo, but that’s another rant for another day…

  72. jhuang says:

    I recently decided to give up soda.. an unfortunate decision, considering the hundred-degree temperatures I’ve been experiencing in the last couple of days. So I randomly decide to hit up a McDonald’s and get something to cool me down, like a McFlurry or a Fruit & Yogurt Parfait or something. As I get into the drive thru, I see an ad for a $1 Sweet Tea.. so I decide to try that. And then I see an employee stick an ad for the free chicken sandwich in the ground on the other side of my car.

    These two together, I decide, would be a good combination, considering the relatively low cost. I ask if I can get a sweet tea and still get a free chicken sandwich; the employee tells me yes, but I’d have to order a medium or a large. So I get a medium sweet tea for $1.39 and a free chicken sandwich and go home to enjoy.

    Too bad the sweet tea was way too sweet and the chicken sandwich was a bun with a piece of chicken and two slices of pickle. So these people were probably better off without either..

  73. crimedoctor says:

    That’s the McDonald’s in downtown Manhattan, NY. They used to have great food and the place was sparkling clean. The occasional live piano music and great decor gave this McDonald’s a different air about it. But hey, it’s still a company whose CEO belittles everyone by calling it’s health conscious consumers cave people.