This Virgin Mobile FAQ Is Honest, But Not Very Helpful

Reader Aiden was considering buying a Virgin Mobile phone, but he had some questions about their Studio V program. (It allows you to make wallpapers and ringtones and sell them for $0.10 in airtime credit to other Virgin Mobile users.) The FAQ he found was honest, but not very helpful.

I am looking into a new Virgin Mobile prepaid phone after my old one broke awhile ago. While browsing their site, I noticed an ad for one of their services, “Studio V,” claiming that if you design a phone background and people download it you can make money. Naturally, I looked into it.

After not finding anything major referring to it, I referred to their help pages. I located its file, and, well let’s just say someone fell asleep at the wheel. I got enough information, but I certainly got a kick out of some of their FAQ responses on the page…Virgin Mobile has no idea how to use their own product!


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