Send Them $10 And They'll Send You… Something

If you enjoy receiving mysterious packages with unknown contents, (control freaks with anxiety disorders, this store may not be for you,) meet the “Something Store.” The concept is simple. You give them $10. They give you something. Shipping is included, and the quality of the “somethings” varies wildly. (For example, one customer got a duct tape wallet, another one got a leather wallet from Fossil.) You can get an idea of what sort of something you may be in for by checking out the “something tracker.”

The something could be anything, but they do have a list of somethings that they will not send. The list includes pornography, cable descramblers, drug test circumvention kits and “unsubstantiated cures, remedies or other items marketed as quick health fixes.” What? No kinoki detox foot pads? Deal breaker!

Something Store [via BuzzFeed]

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