UPDATE: Sony Reads Consumerist, Decides To Replace Your PS3

Reader Dustin was upset that Sony responded with form emails no matter what he wrote, now he “has a smile on his face” because Sony contacted him and would like to replace his broken PS3.

Dustin writes:

I’ve got a smile on my face again.

I wrote to you last week with a bad email exchange I had with Sony regarding the hard drive on my Playstation 3. They had replied with form letters, no matter what I wrote to them. I ended up calling Sony and setting up a service call, but they insisted on having proof of purchase to get the machine fixed under warranty. They said if I didn’t include a copy of my receipt, I would have to pay $150 for the service call. Since I got the PS3 as a gift, I couldn’t get a receipt and was upset at having to pay money to fix a machine that was still under warranty.

Now to the good news: I received a call this morning from a number I didn’t recognize, and since I’m at work I let it go to voicemail. Imagine my surprise when I listened to the message and it was a lady from Sony. She said they had found my email exchange and call notes, and instead of having my machine serviced, they are going to switch it out with a new machine (as a one-time courtesy).

She specifically stated that I would not need to include a proof of purchase, and that she would upgrade the exchange in their system to make sure things went smoothly.

I’ll let you know if/when I get the new machine from Sony. In the meantime, they’ve redeemed themselves in my eyes. Someone took the time to track me down in their system and make sure I was happy. Hooray!


Hey, good for you, Dustin!

(Photo: reinn )