Introducing Jay

Hey everybody, meet our new writer, Jay Slatkin. After running The Consumerist Forums for over a year just because he wanted to, Jay had put in enough sweat equity that we figured he deserved a shot on the front page. Jay was born in Michigan where he lives today. He comes from a background which includes a stint as an airline pilot and more recently property management. He received his BA from University of Colorado and still holds his Commercial Pilot flight certificate. The Verizon Can’t Count story is what got him hooked on The Consumerist. He’s been doing great, displaying a knack for picking out great reader stories. Maybe all that time toiling in the forum mines taught him how to dig for gold. Please give me a hand in giving Jay a warm Consumerist welcome!


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  1. Uriel says:

    Hey, the long lost Wilson brother.

  2. rookie1026 says:

    Go Buffs!!!
    CU ALUM here ’04

    Welcome Jay

  3. Amsterdaam says:

    Congrats Jay! I know I haven’t been on the forums for a long while, but you did a great job there and I’m sure you’ll do a great one here!

  4. AimeeGabrielle says:


    Welcome Jay

  5. ConsumptionJunkie says:

    Not as cute as Meghann.

  6. Jaysyn was banned for: says:

    Hi Jay. Good luck in your Consumerist endevors!

    Yeah, she is kinda hot.

  7. homerjay says:

    Hmmm… Slatkin… Slatkin…. Hey, aren’t you the doctor that tried to give Princess Vespa back her old nose????

  8. Lucky225 says:

    Verizon Can’t Count is ALSO what hooked me.

  9. theblackdog says:

    @homerjay: Hard to say, does Michigan actually have golf courses? Maybe that’s why he needs to work on his putt.

  10. dmuth says:

    Congrats on the promotion Jay.

    Yay for meritocracies!

  11. WingZero987 says:

    @dmuth: Do you know what a meritocracy is?

  12. unsunder says:

    That’s the story that introduced me to the consumerist.

  13. dlynch says:

    welcome to the big time, jay. look forward to seeing your contributions.

  14. Univ. of Colorado? Go Buffs!

    (OK, I’m at the Denver campus, but still…)

  15. axiomatic says:

    Welcome Jay,

    When I flame you later consider this missive a pre-apology. ;-)

  16. Invisobel says:

    @WingZero987: That seemed to be proper use of the word. He was promoted based on his ability.

  17. JPropaganda says:

    I’m not one to usually leave my google reader just for a comment, but this seems like a special occasion.

    Welcome, Jay!

  18. ealexand says:

    Hola Jay!

  19. Imaginary_Friend says:

    Congrats, Jay — on both your Consumerist gig and getting out of the airline business just before the shit hit the fan! Your timing is uncanny. Got any stock tips?

  20. homerjay says:

    So are you getting paid for this gig?

  21. Snakeophelia says:

    Ooh, Jay’s cute! Hope he writes as well as he looks!

  22. pinkbunnyslippers says:

    @Snakeophelia: Took the words out of my mouth!! :)

    Welcome, Jay!!

  23. Jay Slatkin says:

    @homerjay: Yes. :)

  24. silencedotcom says:

    Booooooooooo! Oh wait.. I help Jay on the forums.. yay Jay!!!

  25. Congrats man!

  26. cmcd14 says:

    Woo Michigan! The land where you can get a house for $5,000. Literally, the banks are just giving them away.

  27. Dustbunny says:

    Congrats, Jay!

    So are you still gonna speak to us little people in the forums ;-) ?

  28. thelushie says:

    Hi Jay! You’re cute? Are you single?

  29. @thelushie:

    goddamn LUSH’s. Drivers ED class in CT warned me about you folk.

    @Jay Slatkin:

    did they find a replacement for the forums for you yet? I want to get a foot in the door but haven’t yet (I am a regular on ‘Giz, Lifehacker and Consumerist’ruly. Any advice would be helpful (public or private).

  30. sam says:

    yay and congratulations!!

  31. dmuth says:

    @WingZero987 I’ve always thought a meritocracy was a system where those who get stuff done, are those who get promoted.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

  32. agb2000 says:

    Question: does this post count towards Ben’s daily post quota?

  33. thelushie says:


    Never been drunk in my life.

  34. BlackFlag55 says:

    Tip of the Stetson, Mr. Slatkin. Keep your powder dry and yer chaps on the right way.

  35. Welcome to the big leagues Jay!

  36. ywgflyer says:

    Congrats Jay! Another pilot to add to the ranks, I guess (Canadian commercial/multi-engine IFR/Metroliner type rating holder right here) =)

  37. forgottenpassword says:

    I hope he wasnt one of those guys that sent those annoying form emails saying “thank’s we’ll check it out!” I get every time I send in a tip!!!!
    I’d rather get no response at all.

    I dont send in tips anymore because of them.

  38. DeltaPurser says:

    Marry me, and fly free! :-)

  39. hi says:

    There’s no victom to blame in this post, I’m outa here! Shop Wal-Mart!

  40. Jay Slatkin says:

    @discounteggroll: I’m still running the forums actually. Write a few sample articles and send them to people. Maybe they’ll give you some feedback.