Subway Sandwiches Now With Rusty Bolt Goodness!

According to News 10, Josh Sjowall ordered a foot-long roast beef combo at a Subway store in Tracy, California. As he picked up the sandwich he felt a foreign object with his thumb and discovered it was a rusty bolt. And oh yes, Subway is….”taking it very seriously.” Details and photo, inside…

The article says,

I felt something strange with my thumb and said, ‘What the hell,” said Sjowall, 17. Josh’s mom saw it, too.”It looked like a big bug. Then I realized it was a bolt baked into the roll,” said Jeri Sjowall.

And Jeri Sjowall was right — what Josh found was a rusty 3/4-inch bolt baked into the bread of his sandwich.

The Sjowalls took the sandwich back to the store, where managers didn’t doubt their claim. A Subway manager said the company was taking the allegation very seriously and they’re investigating where the bolt may have come from.

The sandwich was express-mailed back to General Mills headquarters in Minnesota, where Subway’s bread is baked.

At least this foreign object can be put to use. Perhaps it is the elusive part Mr. Sjowall needs to fix his ’67 Camaro. Or maybe this will be Josh’s “lucky” rusty bolt that will one day be passed to his grandchild. If all else fails, you could whip it at Jared if you ever see him around. Here’s to you, Subway!

Tracy Teen: What’s a Rusty Bolt Doing In My Subway Sub? [News 10] (Thanks to Ethan!)
(Photo: News 10)

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