Linens 'N Things Marks Product Up $10 During Free $10 Gift Card Promotion

Jim from Blueprint For Financial Prosperity writes:

I thought I’d send along an interesting find from when I visited a Linens ‘N Things (the one going through bankruptcy), they had some Rowenta Irons marked UP by $10… and then had a $10 LNT gift card promotion sign right next to them. It’s no wonder they’re going bankrupt! I think they need to be a little more savvy than this. I mean, are consumers so stupid that they won’t notice that the $10 LNT gift card promotion is on a produce with a handwritten price that’s $10 higher than retail?

We think this is evidence that Linens ‘N Things has just given up. They’re not even trying anymore. How sad.


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  1. Norskman says:

    That’s just mean…

  2. pine22 says:

    print a new sign lol

  3. tedyc03 says:

    I mean, are consumers so stupid that they won’t notice that the $10 LNT gift card promotion is on a produce with a handwritten price that’s $10 higher than retail?

    In fact, I am liable to think that consumers are just stupid enough not to notice. These are the same people who signed mortgages with adjustable rates, and didn’t think that they might increase, right? And the same people who fill out a credit card app for free soda?

    Yeah, I think American consumers might just be dumb enough to fall for this.

  4. boomerang86 says:

    “… receive a $10 LNT Gift Card by mail”… says it all.

    I wouldn’t touch that offer with a $10 pole!

  5. rmz says:

    LOL, they’re not even trying to hide it.

  6. allstarecho says:

    Who in the hell would pay $119, $129 or $139 for an IRON????

  7. Jthmeffy says:


    I don’t really have any sympathy for those stupid motherfuckers.. I’ve owned two homes (I’m 22 btw), and both had a fixed rate for the life of the loan. I am not gonna let the bank choose how much I owe them on a monthly basis.

  8. FilthyHarry says:

    They are going bankrupt. thats why. Just trying to make what they can before the news hits.

  9. scoobydoo says:

    And I’ll bet they take a few pages from the Sharper Image manual on giftcards…

    Once you finally get your $10 card, you can’t use it unless you spend $50, and the card is only good for $5 off.

  10. RidleyVespillo says:

    Comment on Linens ‘N Things Marks Product Up $10 During Free $10 Gift Card Promotion In reply to allstarecho, Rowenta are the Cadillacs of irons and you
    really need a good iron for hobbies that use fabric (quilting,
    costume/clothing construction, etc.). I paid close to that for
    mine…just…not from LNT. =)

  11. Jenng says:

    OK I hate LNT cause they screwed me out of a rebate once so I’m glad to see them go under.

    While it is stupid for the hand written price to be marked up $10.00 if you read the sign it is a $10.00 gift card on ANY Rowenta iron over $59.99. Yes it’s absurd to have this sign next to a hand written mark up of $10.00, however it could apply to other irons in the area. Also if you look at their website that iron is listed as “was $139.99 and now is $129.00”.

    Obviously a misinformed employee or customer who thought it would be funny to move the sign next to the hand marked up price.

    LNT sucks you shouldn’t shop there anyway! :o)


  12. citybuddha says:


  13. danman81 says:


  14. Mike8813 says:

    I have no beef with LNT. That 20% off coupon that floats around on the internet was a godsend when I was in the market for a Roomba. Saved me $70.

    Hooray for LNT!

  15. Lance Uppercut says:


    Someone that irons a lot and wants a nice Rowenta iron and is willing to pay for quality?

    An expensive iron isn’t for someone like me that irons one shirt a year.

  16. TexasP says:

    C’mon now, marking prices up by X just before discounting them by X is standard operating procedure for most stores, not just LNT.

    The only time that a “Sale” is actually a “Discount” is when there is a surplus of inventory.

  17. ChuckECheese says:

    This is just CompUSA with fitted sheets and smelly candles.

  18. roadapples says:

    Anyone who shops at these places deserve to pay these kind of prices, Im just waiting for all these brick and mortar stores go under once the older generations die off and people buy everything online

  19. RoxnSox says:

    I always call this store Sheets and Shit. I guess this would fall under the latter part of the name.

  20. Ragman says:

    @ChuckECheese: “This is just CompUSA with fitted sheets and smelly candles.”

    I don’t know. CompUSA may have been overpriced, but at least you could find what you needed. LNT not as much.

  21. Lance Uppercut says:


    The same iron is $129.99 on Amazon. So not counting the $10 shenanigans they have a competitive price.

  22. Veeber says:

    @allstarecho: I’m pretty sure I paid about $110 for my iron, but I’ve had it for close to 12 years now. If you buy a good iron it really does make the job easier, and you usually don’t have to replace it, unless you drop it a lot or leave water in it.

  23. ChuckECheese says:

    @Ragman: Some people need a Proliant BL460C Xeon server, and some people need decorative trays to hold potpourri bowls. What’s the difference, really? Looks like they’re both having overpriced going out of business sales. And both stores sell overpriced, outdated snack treats. Weird, huh?

  24. blackmage439 says:

    “I mean, are consumers so stupid that they won’t notice that the $10 LNT gift card promotion is on a produce with a handwritten price that’s $10 higher than retail?”

    Sadly, yes…

    In other news: booo, L&T’s! I hope you rot. BB&B is much better anyway. I don’t shop there unless I have a coupon. Lucky for me, they spam them enough.

  25. trillium says:

    Can you buy that at LnT?

  26. Lambasted says:

    Methinks retailers think consumers are so dumb they don’t even bother hiding stuff like this anymore. Guaranteed some people will fall for this ploy and think they are getting a deal.

    I’ve noticed many stores mark-up products when they offer discounts. Unless you have tracked the price of a particular product and know how much it usually costs, you probably think you are getting a deal and will buy it.

    Going out of business sales where everything is like 30% off or so, are notorious for having price marked-ups. I fell for it once until I came upon an item I usually bought there and noticed the price was higher than normally. Boy I felt like a sucker thinking about all the other stuff I had already purchased without noticing the price increase. They got me.

  27. akede2001 says:

    Are we sure that this wasn’t some smart ass customer that crossed out the price and wrote the $10 increment, in jest of the $10 gift card offer?

    Most stores I’ve seen will at least put a sticker over the old price so it’s not obvious that they just raised the prices.

  28. bwcbwc says:

    If they did the markup in conjunction with the offer, that’s illegal in quite a few states, since the “discount” or “rebate” is considered false advertising.

    On the other hand, if they’re going bankrupt or closing the store, this kind of thing is common. The liquidator buys all the stock and assumes the lease (or whatever) and marks everything up before starting their “everything must go” sale. The historic price from the previous owner can’t be used in that case because it isn’t the same merchant anymore.

  29. MattO says:


    EXACTLY what i was thinking – i dont like to call BS on stories, but this one really looks like some moron came along and thought it would be funny to write that themselves.

  30. @MattO: @akede2001: I took the pictures and the crossed out prices appeared on all the tags of all the irons on that row. I didn’t do it but that doesn’t mean someone couldn’t have come by and done it before me.

  31. Lambasted says:

    @akede2001: You have a point. But I certainly hope that before this person ran to Consumerist with their “find”, he at the very least verified the written price increase with a sale clerk or manager.

    @bwcbwc: Regardless of the business behind liquidations, unsuspecting customers are still being fooled into believing they are getting more of a deal than they really are, and need to be on the lookout for price increase tactics when shopping such sales.

  32. Lambasted says:

    @pfblueprint: Did you verify the prices with the store?

  33. geoffhazel says:

    Kinda sorry to see LNT on the ropes. I got some stellar deals there a year ago, low end but quite serviceable hard anodized pots and pans, a knife set, all for cheap. Perhaps those killer deals are what got them to this point? Anyway, hope they pull through and give us more of that good stuff.

    This particular posting could just be a coincidence. Or a prank.

  34. geoffhazel says:

    @geoffhazel: but I wouldn’t be holding any gift cards for them with the current situation!

  35. Ragman says:

    @ChuckECheese: True, I wouldn’t buy snacks at either. I was going to say that the LNT by me didn’t have an ATM in it, but now I feel the urge to make sure of that. I will say the the LNT does NOT have a green neon sign in the front window that says “ATM”.

    Maybe that ATM was the downfall. People started paying in cash, so customers couldn’t go nuts throwing in overpriced extras like the $11 molex power cable splitters and service plans.

  36. LUV2CattleCall says:


    I have that iron! The Rowenta Advancer…once you try it, you’ll never go back – it sucks up 1500w but the steam it puts out makes ironing shirts daily for work a breeze.

    Except I got it at Bed, Bath & Beyond with the 20% off coupon, stacked with a $25 Rebate from Rowenta that actually showed up (Rowenta = not in bankruptcy so I could count on the receipt).

  37. lumpit says:

    I guess thats why several Linens & Things are going out of business.

  38. TheRealAbsurdist says:

    @Mike8813: A Roomba? And you didn’t just order one off of Woot?

  39. Uriel says: