Mo Rocca Shills For Bank of America

I guess Mo Rocca saw how good John Hodgman did with that whole Apple gig and decided to get a piece of the action himself and hook up with a major corporation for some funny videos. Unfortunately, no one seemed to warn Mo that Bank of America is a little different than Apple. Namely in that people hate Bank of America. Apple: shiny. Bank of America: vile cesspool. Mo seems like a pretty smart guy, so I hope at least he’s putting his whore dollars in a credit union. Or at least somewhere better than Bank of America. A pile of dirty socks would suffice.

Mo Rocca On Banking [Official Site]


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  1. Megatenist says:


    I thought he was a pretty funny and cool guy.He didn’t have to submit to the darkside:(

  2. Megatenist says:

    But this still isn’t as bad as that guy singing a blasphemous version of one of my favorite U2 songs at that corp meeting.

  3. spinachdip says:

    @Megatenist: Yeah, but that gave us David Cross and Johnny Marr covering the cover:

  4. Megatenist says:

    *watches video

    Well, I’m off to go rip my ears off.Thanks alot….

  5. kimsama says:

    Mo Rocca has fallen far and fast. Countdown with Keith Olbermann? Bank of America? Dude, what happened?

  6. BlackFlag55 says:

    Mo Rocca? Out here, that’s tilling the field and turning over even more rocks with their little pointy heads being pushed up by winter frost.

    Oh … watched video …


  7. JDAC says:

    @kimsama: Hey, Countdown is a great show!

    In any case, he lost his cred once he got a show on Animal Planet and is appreaching the same nadir as Rachael Harris.

  8. jojo319 says:

    I’m curious. I just recently moved to a state that has BOA. We didn’t have them in my former state. What makes them so horrible compared to Wells Fargo, Chase, etc…..? I actually saw a guy standing outside a BOA with a sign saying to boycott BOA because they get so much money from fees. Don’t all banks?

  9. humorbot says:

    Don’t… don’t touch the rocket…

  10. Sasquatch says:

    Mo Rocca is awful. I was ecstatic when his mediocre brand of comedy left the Daily Show.

  11. thefezman says:

    This post was tagged with “Viral endeavors destined for failurel”

    Can you say failure(l)?

  12. @spinachdip: All right. I hadn’t seen that. That was great.

  13. Landru says:

    I think Mo Rocca funny, but he always seems to miss the mark with his choices of what shows and product he associates himself with (ever see him on The Smoking Gun?)

  14. GreatCaesarsGhost says:

    Celebrities endorse products all the time. Is there something about Mo Rocco that would make you think he’s above this?

    Didn’t Gorby used to shill for Pizza Hut? Or was that Mandela?

  15. Someone also forgot to tell Bank of America that Mo Rocca isn’t funny. Back to VH1 with you, Mo!

  16. djanes1 says:

    Pssh, in the category of guys with intellectual, plastic-rimmed glasses, its Ira Glass, hands down!

  17. Metropolis says:

    Mo Rocca is not now nor has he ever been funny. He’s just an annoying talking head that makes “witty” observations about pointless crap.

  18. Rachael says:

    I can’t decide which Mo Rocca move was worse: the Animal Planet fiasco or his short-lived Bravo show featuring couples who “competed” for martyr points and proved how awful their partner is. Sounds like a show lots of couples can watch and enjoy together, Mo!

  19. Derek, IN says:

    Oh, Mo. At least we still have “Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!”

  20. Felix the Cat says:

    I guess people will do anything for money. To bad there are so many idiots working at this bank, here is my little problem FYI: