Where's My Stimulus Payment?

The IRS has a tool that lets you find out when your Stimulus Payment will arrive. Just punch in your social, filing status, and number of exemptions on your 2007 taxes. Its usefulness is limited, though, as it can’t tell you when your payment arrive until about a week before they send out the check.

Where’s My Stimulus Payment? [IRS] (Thanks to Josh!)
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  1. spryte says:

    I like that it’s easy to use, and you don’t need to enter in 3585985 lines of information.

    I got mine deposited this morning, WOOHOO! Time to go…..uhh….pay some bills.


  2. hellinmyeyes says:

    Damn, mine’s coming a week later than it was supposed to before their miraculous computer upgrade. Oh, well.

  3. MikeB says:

    I got mine Direct deposited in my bank the Saturday before the advanced release Monday. Then just the other day I received a mailer from the IRS explaining why I received what I received.

  4. Honestly, I won’t believe mine exists until I see it. I’ve been screwed around by the IRS too much over the years.

  5. rbf2000 says:

    Interesting – they debited my account for the payment that I owed them, but they are mailing me my check for the stimulus payment.

  6. Laffy Daffy says:

    AARGH! We messed up on the bank routing number this year and they sent our refund snail mail, so now we are looking at July 4 for a paper check.

  7. chiieddy says:

    They don’t have my information. Interesting, they were happy to cash my check.

  8. Starfury says:

    Mine isn’t in yet but I expect it to arrive soon. And it will go to pay down bills.

  9. DanYHKim says:

    I wonder if it would have been easier for everyone if we all just borrowed the money directly from a bank. The gummint doesn’t actually have any *real* money to use.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Typical IRS. I owed them money and they swiped it direct from my bank. According to their “schedule” they should have direct deposited over a week ago. Their handy-dandy little calculator doesn’t have any information so I’m guessing the morons are going to the expense of printing a check.

    Couldn’t organize getting drunk at a brewery…

  11. Yay! It says I’m getting one, and it’ll arrive on Friday. Which is nice. Beloved got hers direct deposited last Saturday. Which was nice as well.

    We’re converting ours directly into Euros. :-P

  12. @theirishscion: About, um, 7 Euros, last time I checked. <sigh>

  13. johnva says:

    @daqman: Same here. I did enter the information for the direct deposit option, but this site says the same thing for me: that they don’t have any of my information.

  14. Cool post. Thanks Consumerist.

  15. Tristan Smith says:

    Doesn’t seem to have any information for me as well. I ended up owing this year due to a glitch in payroll at my company. Anybody who had to pay the IRS show any information?

  16. aka_bigred says:

    Just got mine yesterday! Yay

  17. johnva says:

    @rndmideas: I owed a bit of money (not much) too. That seems to be the common link so far. And yes, they promptly grabbed my payment from my bank account.

  18. Willow01 says:

    I got mine yesterday by direct deposit, now I’m just waiting to see if I get a letter explaining why it wasn’t the amount it should have been.

  19. graphicwave says:

    I get the following….
    “We are sorry. Specific information about your Stimulus payment is not available.”
    Thanks, Uncle Sam! ‘preciate it.
    I HAVE heard that if you had a fee taken out of your refund (H&R Block for me), then you will get it mailed. What a load of crap. I guess I should check back a week before it should be mailed?

  20. maddypilar says:

    I got mine Saturday (2 days before this tool says I should have gotten it) and promptly sent it to my cc. How stimulating!

  21. dtmoore says:

    Also no info, I didn’t owe money this year, although still owe a little from last year :D. I also had a fee taken from my refund for my tax preparation service.

  22. Willow01 says:

    @graphicwave: I got that too, until I changed my exemption number.

  23. DeafChick says:

    They don’t have my info yet.

  24. zentex says:

    this whole thing is a joke.

  25. wolny says:

    This is a major fuck up! I am a 22-year-old college student who works in the summer. My parents claim me as a dependent because I do not make enough money to qualify as an independent household. However, since I’m over 18 and they claim me as a dependent neither my parents nor I get the stimulus money.
    I wonder how many other “semi-independent” young people are not getting anything.

  26. tamoko says:

    Waiting for the other shoe to drop…

  27. tamoko says:

    @wolny: That does blow… Sorry

  28. wolny says:

    Now, here’s the best part that many have overlooked. Apparently, if the household income after all deductions and allowances was low enough to be free of the income tax burden, the household would receive $300 per dependent including the head of the household. Which basically means that low-income families or self-employed people who do not make much money get screwed over again by getting only the half that everyone else is getting. Republican economics makes no sense: they don’t give free money to the people who are the most likely to spend it!
    I love the U.S.A.!

  29. Mrs. Stephen Fry says:

    I got mine today by direct deposit, too. What a lovely morning treat!

  30. ChChChacos says:

    @wolny: I’m in the same situation. As a 19 year old college student I only worked during the summer last year. Now I actually live alone, in another state away from my parents, but yet I’m still a “dependent” of my parents but I live in an entirely different state on my own. I guess I’m one of those “semi-independent” people.

  31. MoogleLally says:

    @graphicwave: This is what mine said, and I’m kinda worried… I was suppose to be in the first direct deposit group on the 2nd.

  32. snoop-blog says:

    TANKS JOSH!!!!! I’m getting mine tomorrow!!!! yay! :D

  33. warf0x0r says:

    Just got mine today, Direct Deposit. Time to pay down some bills… I mean uh… buy random crap from stores… yeah, that’s it… yeah.

  34. wring says:

    i’m getting $300 less than i expected! boo!

  35. wolny says:

    @ChChChacos: Well, technically, I attend college in a different state and I even rent an apartment. At the same time, retain my “original” state of residence for some benefits to my parents while I work and pay taxes in the state where I go to school.
    In situations like these, I get jealous of Europe where they have a huge all-European Student Union that makes sure that students get equal benefits as independent adults.

  36. wring says:

    @wolny: exactly. i’m pissed, but oh well.

  37. Alexander says:

    My wife and I owe quite a bit of money to the IRS for last year and we keep getting different answers. Are we getting this money or is the IRS taking it and applying it to what we owe? Majority of people tell me they’ll be applying it to what we owe but I haven’t gotten a definitive answer. Anyone know?

  38. wolny says:

    @wring: I’ll try to pull a couple of journalistic strings over the next couple of days. Someone must pick up such a story. =)

  39. wring says:

    @wolny: what a clusterfuck this will turn out to be. i hope it gets the job done of turning more people against republicans.

  40. Looks like I’m getting mine on Friday. It will be going to a vacation I planned pre-rebate…in Mexico. But because I’m using it for discretionary items in Mexico, I’m still fueling the US indirectly, right? Because it’s a global economy? I’m guessing that’s not what Bush had in mind.

  41. AskTheAdmin says:

    Score! $1500 SMACKEROOOS next week. I wish I could go on vacation like AbsoluteIrrelevance but sadly due to the new addition to the family – it will be savings time for me…

  42. zentex says:

    @wolny: THAT is exactly why it’s a joke.

    @wring: it’s not the democrats or republicans, you got it all wrong, it’s the government as a whole people should be wary of.

    People these days have forgotten that it’s their DUTY to question the government, instead, everyone has a “herd mentality” and accepts everything they are fed.

  43. alice_bunnie says:

    If you owed taxes this year and paid by direct debit, most likely you will be getting a paper check. :/ Turns out even though they have your bank routing number, they will not use it for direct deposit.

    Also, if you go to their “Where’s my Stimulus Check?” website, the stupid thing will tell you you’re entering the wrong information. But, if you look further, actually, it’s because it won’t actually have the information until your check has been scheduled, which is about a week before the date on the table. So, that website will be useless until about a week before that date. Useless… that is just not surprising.

  44. wolny says:

    @zentex: Unfortunately, republicans are the reason for the fuck up. Democrats wanted a bit too much, but the donkeys cut it down shafting the poorest population. That’s the worst wolf in a sheep’s clothing I have seen.

  45. asimonson says:

    Okay — so who knows for sure that this Where’s my Stimulus Check – is a real IRS site?! I was on the stimulus page at irs.gov and can’t find a link to this page at all — the menu is different, as well as the URL. The actual IRS site says to call with questions and has a chart as to when the check will be “transmitted”. I would be VERY CAUTIOUS about putting your ssn# in here. It could be an insanely easy way to get your identity…. and to see when the check arrives you should only have to enter the last 2 numbers (that is what it is based on) There should be no reason to enter all the numbers!! Please beware — and if you have already entered your number here you may want to call the IRS to see if this is legit — or call and put a block on your credit reports (I think you can do for $5 at each reporting agency) so no one can open a new account under your name/identity. Ahh!! Never enter your SSN online!!!

  46. wring says:

    @zentex: sorry to hear you’re not getting anything.

  47. trillium says:

    Didn’t owe and they don’t have my info yet I know I filed and got a return. You’re right – won’t believe it till I see it!

    Supposed to get mine by th 9th according to their little calendar

  48. Bizdady says:

    $600 buck a roos being deposited into my bank friday!! It will be going straight into the credit card!! Then I’ll start charging again!! LMAO

  49. Megatenist says:


    Yeah, I’m supposed to get mine by the 9th, too.


  50. cmh77 says:

    Looks like because I used H&R (I didn’t want to) I have to wait for the mail. Although I didn’t get a “Rapid Refund” they still had their routing and account number on my return and gave me the money a couple weeks later.

  51. PeteRR says:

    Mine got deposited lat Friday, dated for the subsequent Monday.

  52. Osi says:

    After speaking with the IRS over the phone, they state the website is incorrect.

    1. You can receive your check on the week (mon – fri) of the date on the schedule, based on the last two digits of your SSN.

    2. Even if you filed online, and had fees withdrawn, you have a 50% chance of getting a deposit … why?

    The IRS may have your valid bank information from previous years tax returns. YEARS as in 2007 filings and before!

    The way I was explained to, was that they will start with this year’s tax return. If it does not contain valid bank information (Aka SBBT, etc), they will go back a year and try that account.

    They will continue this until they run out of account information OR one finally deposits.

    If NONE deposits, then they will cut a check on that day and mail it on that day to you. You will not have to wait until the scheduled paper check mailing schedule.

    Also, the deposit tries take a few minutes at the most. Therefore, in a worse case scenario, you will have your paper check mailed out on the day it should of been deposited.

    This is how the IRS personnel explained it to me …

  53. trujunglist says:

    I’ll be excited to see any stimulus at all, but I highly doubt the efficiency of this process and the ability of the government to realize that they owe me $600.
    I expect to be on the phone with them for half of June and July. If I don’t come back, call the police.

  54. S-the-K says:

    I went to the website, put in my digits, and it said that it should be deposited in my bank TODAY.

    I popped over to my bank’s website and sure enough, there it is under “pending transactions”. Sweet! Now to go buy me a gallon of gasoline! :-)

  55. Ilovemygeek says:

    Sigh we’re supposed to get ours by May 9th but so far nothing. This fails

  56. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @Willow01: Same for me as well.

  57. AskTheAdmin says:

    @S-the-K: “Sweet! Now to go buy me a gallon of gasoline! :-)”

    LMFAO! How true.

  58. tmlfan81 says:

    “The way I was explained to, was that they will start with this year’s tax return. If it does not contain valid bank information (Aka SBBT, etc), they will go back a year and try that account.”

    Great. The past three years I’ve used Turbo Tax for my filing and before that the accounts I’ve had are closed and no longer open.

    I checked my status online and got bunk information. I called the 800 number but could not speak with a live person. The recording acted like I won’t get my check until June.


  59. c0dek says:

    mine was supposed to be deposited NLT 2 May…nothing yet, and no human to interact with when I called, so I emailed my Congressman…

    and now we wait

  60. tmlfan81 says:

    “and now we wait”

    I’ve done some searching on this while at work and I’m really mad at the whole situation. If you used H & R Block or a similar tax preparation service that allows you to get their fees deducted from your return, you will get a paper check.

    Because the funds are first routed to SBB&T, then to your bank, the IRS doesn’t have your account info. I’ll likely get a paper check, in June, for what I was supposed to have gotten.

    Fuck you, IRS – and Turbo Tax, too.

  61. zentex says:

    @wring: I am.

    But the government gave all this hype that it was “$600 per person blah blah” and then put their hand over their mouth and said “up to” real quietly. The people rejoiced when it passed quickly, and then felt remorse when they saw the fine print.

    “Let’s get the public hyped up and then quietly say the gotcha! oh! and lets give more money to the people that don’t really need it”

    …I’m just sayin.

  62. lastfm says:

    My statement is showing a pending direct deposit of $448 from the US Treasury. Um, this isn’t right.


  63. Osi says:

    Any pendings are due to a problem at the bank level. The government deposited, the bank basically said .. “wait a minute, lets look at the number really close and put in on hold to piss people off” …

  64. tmlfan81 says:

    I’m confused. So is the IRS going to attempt to deposit to SBB&T several tries and then cut me a check on May 9th? Or, as the phone system so politely put it to me, will I get a paper check in the mail?

  65. shakakan says:


    Look, you didn’t make enough money to have a tax burden. If the government gives you a rebate for money you didn’t pay them, it isn’t a rebate. It is welfare. Man-up and quit your bitchin

  66. snoop-blog says:

    If I was a college student living on my own, I’d be pissed if my parents claimed me as a dependant. Unless of course they were supporting me. Then shouldn’t they rightfully get the money?

  67. Osi says:


    The SBBT deposits will be rejected as that temporary account that bank opened for your refund is closed after refund (minus fees) is transferred.

    Therefore the IRS will mail you a check on the day you would of received the deposit.

    For example, the last two digits of my SSN is 23. I would receive a deposit on the 9th. Instead, the rebate check will be mailed on the 9th, and I will get it in the mail roughly 7 days later.

  68. scoosdad says:

    @asimonson: So what’s the worst that can happen? A random website collects a bunch of nine digit numbers that can’t be correlated to a name, address, phone number, etc. and at best they might capture an IP address which for most of us is just temporary. Quit worrying. The check is in the mail.

  69. MercuryPDX says:

    @hellinmyeyes: Ditto. 10 days later. :(

  70. Hijakk says:


    I wouldn’t worry about it – the site is encrypted and has a SSL certificate issued by entrust.net (legit) with the following info.

    CN = sa2.www4.irs.gov
    OU = Department of the Treasury
    O = U.S. Government
    L = Washington
    ST = District of Columbia
    C = US

    I checked it before submitting this, I’m sure the consumerist people did too.

    I’m getting $513 back, tomorrow supposedly. Not quite the full $600, but better than $300 or nothing (my girlfriend is in the same adult-but-claimed-as-a-dependent boat as some of the other posters).


  71. veronykah says:

    Crap! I’m only getting $300 too! I was under the impression I was getting $600…
    More fun being half 1099 half W2…
    Not to mention, can someone explain to me WHY do I only get $300? I made more than 3k? WTF?

  72. johnva says:

    @veronykah: While I can’t explain it without knowing your exact circumstances, you have to have tax liability equal to the size of the rebate to get more. The payment you get for an individual is equal to your net income tax liability with a minimum payment of $300, and a max of $600.

    So to get the full $600, you had to owe $600 or more in taxes throughout the year. If you owed between $0 and $300, you only get $300. This is your total taxes owed, not your unpaid taxes at the end of the year.

  73. tmlfan81 says:

    “The SBBT deposits will be rejected as that temporary account that bank opened for your refund is closed after refund (minus fees) is transferred.

    Therefore the IRS will mail you a check on the day you would of received the deposit.

    For example, the last two digits of my SSN is 23. I would receive a deposit on the 9th. Instead, the rebate check will be mailed on the 9th, and I will get it in the mail roughly 7 days later.”

    This is actually in dispute as I myself contacted the IRS directly through their 800 number and was informed that they will not attempt a transfer of funds and then mail a check on 5/9.

    I will get a check mailed out on June 6th.

  74. Vindicoth says:


    Actually its you have to make over $3000 TAXABLE. Everyone gets a $9000 instant deductible. Which means that if you didnt make at least $12,000 you won’t be getting back more than $300.

  75. johnva says:

    @Vindicoth: I know. Really, this is very simple. Everyone should just read the FAQ on this stuff.

  76. wolny says:

    @Hijakk: The “newsletter” IRS sent out reads, “Your stimulus payment is your net income tax liability up to $600 (or $1200 for joint filers). However, generally your stimulus payment will not be less than $300 ($600 for joint filers).

    Basically, only those who owed more than $600 in taxes will get the full $600 (or $1200).

  77. alice_bunnie says:


    I don’t believe that person is correct. I have had the same bank account for the past 15 years, and have had refunds direct deposited for the last 4 or so. This is the first year I have had direct debit. I did not get a direct deposit, so I assume we are getting a paper check.

  78. KarmaChameleon says:

    @theirishscion: I got mine last Saturday too. The horrible thing is, I get text alerts from my bank, and I got the alert for a direct deposit…as I was strolling into Gamestop.

    Fortunately I controlled myself and only bought a couple extra used games, and not the 360 the devil on my shoulder was whispering in my ears to get. :)

  79. crabbygeek says:

    It told me it would be delivered ahh… Today.

    I’m on vacation and now I can stimulate the economy, Florida’s at least.

    I am making a difference ;-)

  80. mustng67 says:

    Got it today w/my paycheck!!!
    I will not be spending it though
    I think it would have to be twice the amount to help the economy.

  81. sanderelli says:

    Did not get my payment as on IRS Schedule. After 2 1/2 hours on hold with H&R Block, was informed that because I had H&R Block take out my fees, the routing number given the IRS was theirs, then they dumped the balance into my checking acct. I am supposed to get a paper check between May 30-June 6, according to H&R Block… Just thought I would share so no one else had to sit on hold with H&R Block for 2 1/2 hours!

  82. AskTheAdmin says:

    Mine was supposed to be hear a few days ago :(

  83. dubess says:

    so some ARE receiving paper checks? i can’t even get info on the website or the phone. I am totally confused. This whole SS thing seems to be a scam. I’m reading and hearing of people w/ss#’s (last 2) near mine that have received a paper check or have at least received check info on the website but i get squat. what is the deal?

  84. freckers says:

    i think its crap that if you filed thru H&R block and paid a fee, the payment will be made by paper check and not direct deposit…FYI, i filed mine online thru TAXACT with direct deposit, it was free and got my stimulus payment on time in my bank…try it next year

  85. SheelaGauvinized says:

    I am a widow, since 1998. Will I get 300 or 600 back.

  86. squishypea says:

    What gets my goat is that the government has decided that I made too little income to qualify for a check. Aren’t I the exact type of person who needs that check more? I’m not a couch potato – I work very hard and am well educated but work in the arts. How ridiculous is this whole stupid stimulus plan if it doesn’t help the people who need it most?!