Tmobile Forbids Use Of Paper and Pens In Call Center

An insider reports that a Tmobile call center has outlawed customer service reps having pens and paper out in the open. According to our source, the outsourced Business Care facility in Sarnia, Ontario is concerned about reps making off with data. Pens, paper, pencils are not to be left out on the work areas. If they are used, they must be put back inside the desk and locked after use. This has “made life considerably less pleasant for them…There are a number of reps who write faster than they type, so they use a notepad as a sort of buffer.” Even photographs and other paper items on cubicle walls will have to be laminated to insure they’re not used as illegal writing surfaces. The tipster says Startek-run call center is conducting an audit today to insure compliance with all of its new, policies. It’s a good thing that no one working at Tmobile might have access to a small electronic device capable of data input and transmission.

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