Thanks, Bank of America: "I Deposited A Check That Dosen't Exist, And I Have A Receipt."

It seems that everything isn’t going so swimmingly during the transition from LaSalle Bank to Bank of America. One reader says that a check he deposited and has a receipt for has mysteriously disappeared…

Here in Chicagoland, Bank of America bought LaSalle Bank, so May 5, all LaSalle banks made the switch to BofA. So yesterday I went into an old LaSalle bank in Matteson, IL, deposited a check which should post by the next day.

Well, now my check is nowhere on the system and customer care told me their having problems with deposits made at old LaSalle banks not showing up, and no eta for a fix. So i said “apply the check manually or give me a credit?” They won’t do anything… so now i deposited a check that dosen’t exist and i have a receipt.

Are there any other LaSalle Bank customers out there who are having this problem? Have you had any luck in getting it resolved? Let us know in the comments or at

(Photo: RcktmanIL )

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