Thanks, Bank of America: "I Deposited A Check That Dosen't Exist, And I Have A Receipt."

It seems that everything isn’t going so swimmingly during the transition from LaSalle Bank to Bank of America. One reader says that a check he deposited and has a receipt for has mysteriously disappeared…

Here in Chicagoland, Bank of America bought LaSalle Bank, so May 5, all LaSalle banks made the switch to BofA. So yesterday I went into an old LaSalle bank in Matteson, IL, deposited a check which should post by the next day.

Well, now my check is nowhere on the system and customer care told me their having problems with deposits made at old LaSalle banks not showing up, and no eta for a fix. So i said “apply the check manually or give me a credit?” They won’t do anything… so now i deposited a check that dosen’t exist and i have a receipt.

Are there any other LaSalle Bank customers out there who are having this problem? Have you had any luck in getting it resolved? Let us know in the comments or at

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  1. qwickone says:

    Although this is annoying, can you get a copy of the canceled check from the person that wrote it to you?

  2. Superawesomerad says:

    So the check duz exist?

  3. xl22k says:

    Um…spend the money, then pay the overdraft fee with the same money that doesn’t exist.

  4. hypnotik_jello says:

    spell check much?

  5. ironchef says:

    i guess they dosent. [sic]

  6. unklegwar says:

    Federal Funds availability laws require your deposits to be available in a certain amount of time. If the deposited money isn’t available for withdrawal in the legally mandated amount of time, call the feds (not sure who that is), and report the violation.

    You have a receipt that proves you made a deposit on a certain date and that it was accepted. Now hold their feet to the fire.

  7. unklegwar says:

    here’s some info:

    that should get ya started.

  8. unklegwar says:
  9. mac-phisto says:

    @unklegwar: the people you want to call are the occ (office of the comptroller of the currency). here’s a link to their complaint section –> []

  10. Sugarless says:

    I opened a BOA checking and savings account when I moved to NM for work. I had no experience with them and needed a bank near my home since I was leaving my car to my cousin.
    Just before I moved I settled a lawsuit against a drunk driver. When my lawyer mailed the settlement to me I went straight to the BOA a quarter mile away from the house.

    A week later BOA told me that I hadn’t made a large deposit and nothing showed in my account. Luckily I kept the deposit ticket the teller had given me.

    It took them two weeks, TWO, to “find” my money and no one apologized or explained what happened.

    I promptly closed all my accounts with BOA.

  11. enm4r says:

    Don’t go to LaSalle banks to make deposits. While this week was a rebranding week and “customer day 1” the actual “systems day 1” wont be until later this summer. Go to an old BofA if you’re a BofA customer (and likewise for LaSalle customers) if you want to see timely deposits. Until systems day 1 there is going to be a huge manual effort behind the scenes which will delay your availability.

  12. cronick says:

    I heard from an unnamed source that BoA needed the money to finance a party for the Board of Directors celebrating the acquisition. I’m sure they’ll pay everybody back with interest… eventually.

  13. Lambasted says:

    That happened to me once. A friend deposited $3,000 cash into my BoA account. He received a deposit receipt and thought all was well. That is until I was notified by my landlord that my rent check bounced. What?!

    I contacted my bank and they said they had no record of that deposit and since it was cash, not a check that could be verified, I was SOL (to paraphrase). What?!

    I contacted my friend who promptly stormed down to the bank and presented them with the deposit receipt. Only then did they conduct an investigation. With a couple of hours they found the deposit and their error. They blamed it on a computer glitch or something to that effect.

    I was so outraged. I spoke to the branch manager and demanded they write a letter to my property management company explaining to them that it was their fault my rent check bounced. I also had them request on my behalf any late payment or penalty fees I incurred as a result of the bounced check be reversed. Otherwise, BoA had agreed to reimburse me the amount of the fees. I had them fax the letter immediately.

    Lesson of this story. Always, ALWAYS keep your deposit receipt, especially when depositing cash.

  14. exkon says:

    Um..just curious question:

    Don’t banks have cameras? Can’t they just look back at the tapes?

  15. seamer says:

    Cameras are there for security reasons, since they dont zoom in right up close to the bits of paper you hand the teller. That’d be privacy reasons :)

  16. geoffhazel says:

    When you bounce a check and it’s your fault, the bank never fails to charge you for it. But when they lose your money, even if you suffer no material harm, good luck getting one penny out of them.

    Rat b*stards

  17. Lambasted says:

    @geoffhazel: I agree. I certainly didn’t appreciate their initial, “Sorry but you’re SOL. Sucks to be you” response. And then also refuse initially to investigate my claim. They said they wouldn’t investigate a deposit they had no record of based only upon just my accusation that a deposit was made.

    If my friend had lost or thrown the receipt away, I would never have seen my money again. And been responsible for bounced check fees on top of it.

  18. scoosdad says:

    This being a Lasalle Bank post, I was wondering if that BofA float in the picture at the top is in the same Chicago parade that Ferris Bueller crashed? Danke Schoen…

  19. Mr_Burmie says:

    Now I’m having flashbacks from the Bank 1/Chase merger.

    Good times.

  20. theblackdog says:

    @scoosdad: Not unless Ferris Bueller crashed a gay pride parade ;-)

  21. lauy says:

    Call back, tell them to file a missing deposit service request, and they should provide you with provisional credit within 1 business day if you can read them all the info off the receipt (like the CC#, Tlr #, etc.)…not an excuse for notoriously poor customer service (just like every other bank), but this should solve your problem…

  22. gomakemeasandwich says:

    I’m so glad I’m not a Bank of America customer.


    “Lesson of this story. Always, ALWAYS keep your deposit receipt, especially when depositing cash.”

    That’s the best advice possible to have when dealing with a bank.

    BTW, unklegwar and mac-phisto, people like you are the reason I come to this site. I didn’t even know such laws and offices existed.

  23. Wormfather says:

    Bank of America, Bank of Opportunists.

  24. blackmage439 says:

    My Dad is a high level support specialist for BofA’s Chicago mainframe operations. I should start badgering him for answers.

    However, from the stories he has told me, nothing outside of a computer screen is within his control. To put it simply, “managers” are incompetent fools. Something tells me that BofA’s managers are more moronic than LaSalle’s…

  25. ifeelu says:

    I had something like this happen as well. I have been using boa after they took over fleet, made a cash deposit (I went through the trouble of depositing with the teller and not the atm b/c it was alot of $$$). It showed up the next day on online banking. Then the day after its gone…

    so I called them and they said there is no record of a deposit ( how is this possible if it showed up on my online banking? even if it was pending shouldnt that record exist atleast?). I told them I had the deposit slip but they told me I need to go to the branch where I made the deposit. I work, so I had to wait couple of days. Finally I go in, blah blah blah glitch sorry blah blah.. they couldnt give me any good reason as to why the money was gone.

    In the end, ALWAYS keep your deposit receipt and if its more then $100 I would deposit it at a teller.

  26. Roxie says:

    In response to the OP’s story: I don’t know what “applying a check manually” is. My job at a bank involves processing teller work, and what I can say about the OP’s case is this. If we don’t have the hard copy of the check–the actual item–and if we have no image of the check in our system, then as far as we know, it doesn’t exist. Especially if the OP submitted a “not-on-us” check, the teller doesn’t have to put in anything other than the amount of the check. If the teller department has no record of other information that can be used to track the check–a routing number, an account number, etc–then you’re still screwed. Normally, it’s as simple as that, but it seems that LaSalle/BoA is having some serious computer problems that are going to have to get ironed out as LaSalle and BoA deal with the merge, so I think everyone–the OP and the bank–will have to wait and see.

    I’d suggest going back to the person or company who made the check out to you. Ask them if the check’s been received on their end yet. If it hasn’t been received, then you’ll want to ask them to put a stop payment on that check, since it hasn’t cleared, apparently, and issue you a replacement check. If the person/company who issued the check to you reports that the check actually did go through, maybe it’d help if they called up LaSalle/BoA and talked to them on your behalf about it? And they could submit proof that the check went through. I’m not quite sure if this would work, since I’ve never worked for a bank while it’s merged, but it’s worth a shot.

  27. grandpajack says:

    B of A sucks! Was a loyal customer for 15 years. Paid annual Safety Deposit Box upon reciept of Invoice by chk. Got letter is 2007. “You can save $25.00 on your annual fee.” Whoopee a bank that cares. Now I will only pay $20.00 right? WRONG!! Letter said if I declined an annual debit to my chk acct vs a chk,the cost would go to $70.00 and IF I TARRIED ANOTHER $10.00 WOULD BE ADDED! nOW $80.00. So I fired them and took $90,000.00 a year elsewhere, went around the corner to a local bank and got a box for $25.00. Wrote letter to Richard Lewis, BofA president. raised hell. He had a corporate Zombie from Tampa office answer my ltr which sid, don’t like it go else where. Wonderful customer support. No wonder their are losing there posteriors.

  28. Meg,
    Hate to gripe, but your post looks kind of bad when you have a typo in the headline. Dosent?
    As far as the deposit, he’s got the receipt, so I’m sure if he takes it in to BofA in a few days that they’ll get it all straightened out.

  29. LogicalOne says:

    LaSalle outsourced its software development/maintenance to several Indian firms a couple of years ago. Most of the in-house expertise was let go. Good luck getting BoA systems talking to LaSalle systems!

  30. smreid79 says:


    In addition, or in place of the feds, you may wish to start with your state’s attorney general’s office. They should have a consumer protection division and generally act quicker because they aren’t as swamped as the feds are

  31. ClevelandCub says:


    Why should anyone have to go though so many hoops just to be the bank’s customer and expect their deposit to post on time? BOA should have learned from First Union’s (NC based, now Wachovia) botched acquisition of CoreStates (PA based). Customers were so angry that there were literally lines out the doors of some branches with customers closing their accounts and branches with through boxes and boxes of official checks. First Union lost over 30% of the CoreStates consumer accounts because of poor customer service and systems integration (and training).

    Personally it sounds like BOA is trying to break that record.

  32. rabs says:

    I am going through something similar with BOA.

    Last week Thursday, someone made a transfer into my old Lasalle A/c from a real BOA account. It showed up straight away in my online account. But by Friday, it had disappeared.

    On Monday I began calling the Helpdesk and was able to provide the details of the senders transaction; but they were unable to trace the money.

    I ended up going to a branch. After about 30 mins on the phone, the person I spoke to said they had eventually traced the transaction, but b/c of incomplete paperwork, it will take another 24-48 hrs for the funds to become available.

    I called them yesterday (more than 48 hrs after) and was told the missing deposit request filed could take up to 5 business days to investigate.

    Today is thursday, still no sign of my money; it over #3000.