Nine Inch Nails is offering their new album for download “one hundred percent free,” on their website. They’ll also release a CD and a vinyl version in July for those of you who like paying for stuff. “The music is available in a variety of formats including high-quality MP3, FLAC or M4A lossless at CD quality and even higher-than-CD quality 24/96 WAVE,” says NIN. Will you buy a record that the band gives away? [NIN]


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  1. apotheosis says:

    It’s free of charge but they’ll still take donations.

    I’m sure Trent would appreciate it, he just hasn’t been his usual cheerful self lately.

  2. ElizabethD says:

    Free download = NICE. Thanks for the tip.

  3. homerjay says:

    Boy, you guys are on the ball today. I don’t think I’ve seen so many postings (and good ones, at that!) in such a short span of time!

  4. B1663R says:

    HUGE nineinchnails fan, i mean HUGE!!!!

    have been since pretty hate machine man, that album is old (so am i though)

  5. pearfreak says:

    Im big fan of NIN. While its free, I will still buy the CD in July.

  6. B says:

    @apotheosis: Yea, but if he’s cheerful, he doesn’t make good music. Maybe we should give him really crappy donations, make him angrier.

  7. apotheosis says:

    @B: I’d like to see a cheerful Trent just once. I’m imagining an upbeat industrial re-cut of Weezer’s Buddy Holly.

  8. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    There are a handful of artists that I like to collect the actual albums for (including imports and singles and such).

    So I will certainly download this album, as well as buy it, as NIN is one of those bands for me.

    Hell, I’ll also donate to support this distribution method.

  9. str1fe says:

    I’ll probably download this now to enjoy it then buy the vinyl once that’s released. It’s how I’ve always preferred to buy music – get the BT or free download then purchase the vinyl if I like what I hear.

  10. rekoil says:

    It’s great you guys are posting this, but I should point out that this made national news (I saw it on CNN’s Entertainment page) over a month ago. And to update, Trent sold out of the $300 collector’s edition – 2,500 copies @ $300 each – within a week, taking in $750K without a record label to skim off most of the take. Not bad at all for something that could be had for free!

  11. apotheosis says:

    I think you’re thinking of their last album, rekoil. This info and album is new on their site as of May 5th.


  12. Yes, I’ll buy it if I like it. But if they DIDN’T offer it for free download, I probably never would have bought it at all, because I wouldn’t have had the chance to find out if I like it.

    Smart artists know: The more people are exposed to your art, the better for you!

  13. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    @rekoil: I believe that was a different album, Ghosts I-IV. This is a new-new album!

  14. unit3 says:

    I may not buy the album, but I’m certainly going to buy tickets to see them when they’re on tour in July, and I’ll likely buy a t-shirt when I’m there. In total, that’ll make the band more money than if I bought all of their albums at retail, and I do it every time they play a concert.

  15. Nice, Mr Reznor wants to make sure everyone comes and sees his live shows coming up soon :D Buy a cd and buy a shirt!

  16. rekoil says:

    @apotheosis, @AlteredBeast: Yep, you’re right…doh! Thanks for the correction.

  17. chrisgeleven says:

    Yeah the album last month was Ghosts I-IV and you only got the first 9 (of ~35 tracks) free. If you wanted all tracks, it cost anywhere from $5 to $300 for a limited edition vinyl box set.

    This new album The Slip is 100% free, whether you want it in MP3, FLAC, Apple Lossless, or WAVE formats.

  18. msbeer says:

    I’ll buy it because I like NIN and I want to support Trent’s efforts at kicking the RIAA’s a**.

  19. The guy’s a genius, taking from the same playbook Radiohead has. Make your music freely available to the public, who will still pay you money for it, and flip off the record industry in the process. Only bigger artists like NIN have been able to do this, but it’s fabulous.

    Introducing: music as an art form, not just a business.

  20. GenXCub says:

    I have all their albums… and this one is ‘meh’

    I think there’s a REASON it was free (Why oh why couldn’t The Fragile have been free!!)

  21. GenXCub says:

    With Teeth (their most recent release prior to this) was a completely awesome record. This one… not so much.

    I think someone needs to release a Goodbye Yellow Brick Road type of album for free for us to really get wow’d because when you release a steaming pile and say “look it’s free!” it’s probably because it wasn’t going to be successful as a normally sold album, so you may as well get good PR from it.

  22. @GenXCub: “Year Zero” was before this one, “With Teeth” was before that. Here’s what I’ve been wondering (having not listened to the entire album yet): is this a sequal to “Year Zero?” Outtakes? It seems too soon for Trent to be releasing brand-spankin’ new material.

  23. GenXCub says:


    I stand corrected. I remember when he offered a track on Year Zero for free on the website and I did the same thing… I didn’t care for it, so I guess I didn’t even bother to see if it was in record stores!

  24. Empire says:

    Considering NIN hasn’t had a good album since Pretty Hate Machine, I’ll download it but I won’t buy it unless Trent Reznor has suddenly remembered how to write music.

  25. spryte says:

    @GenXCub: Year Zero quickly became my favorite NIN album…I’d suggest checking the rest of the album out. Not that you’ll like it just because I do, but hey…

    Trent rules. I did the $10 immediate download and CD for Ghosts, and will happily do the same (or equivalent) for this one. I’m one of those nerds that likes having the actual CD and jacket and all that…

  26. spryte says:

    @Empire: That’s in your opinion, Empire, and contrary to quite a lot of others’ opinions. Would be better stated as “Considering NIN hasn’t put out an album that I liked since PHM…”

    Just sayin’…

  27. BalknChain says:

    Wow, I’ll have to go listen. Closer is divine.

  28. CumaeanSibyl says:

    I already bought Ghosts I-IV in physical form even though I could’ve just had the mp3s for $5. What I really appreciated was that, when you bought the album, they included a high-quality download and a bunch of extras, so I didn’t have to go to the trouble of ripping the CDs.

    I’ll probably buy this one too, and you know, I’ll probably buy Year Zero at some point. I don’t have terribly discriminating taste in music, so I’m sure I’ll like them. Anyway, I have a whole ton of NIN tracks on my computer that I didn’t pay for.

  29. Amusing says:

    I pulled down my lossless copy today, but I will be buying a copy when it comes out in July as well. As a fan since PHM came out it is nice to see where he is taking things now.