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  • Blue Rhino: $3 off Blue Rhino propane tank exchange
  • Verizon: Free American Express $200 GC w/FiOS signup
  • Amazon: Mother’s Day Sale: Save up to 70%


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  1. theblackdog says:

    People on Woot are saying it’s an insanely good price for that monitor, and it’s compatible with most exercise equipment.

    I’m already in for 1.

  2. falc says:

    WOW! free american express gift card from Verizon when i sign up for FiOS…
    I can’t wait to get my gift card for that! I’m sure they’ll get on that right away after i sign up.

    //know i’ll never see the gift card after the free tv incident…
    /// also don’t want my house to burn down from installation…

  3. @falc: Say what you will about Fios, but it’s frakkin sweet. Way better than cable. The installation was a breeze for me. Also, I think getting gift cards is slightly easier than getting TV’s, so this should be easier.

  4. falc says:

    @Git Em SteveDave: don’t get me wrong. i would get FiOS in a second IF IT WAS AVAILABLE IN MY AREA. i’m sick of sending money to the evil comcast corp… i envy you

  5. orielbean says:

    I would at least like an approximate availability for FIOS when you put your address/phone number in….They keep shoving thier subpar DSL in my face.

  6. theblackdog says:

    @orielbean: Hey, don’t knock the DSL. I use it in my area and it works just fine for me, plus I don’t have to fork over any cash to the Comcrap monopoly.

  7. Pizza Club says:

    The woot link says Amazon but links to woot.

  8. jeff303 says:

    Might wanna hold off on the LNT deal