Circuit City Denies Its In-Home TV Calibration Is A Total Scam

Speaking on behalf of Circuit City in regards to our post, “Circuit City’s In-Home TV Calibration Is A Total Scam”, Mike Vallebuona of New Media Strategies (a company that protects its clients from “online attacks, rumors and misinformation”) send us the following pulsating pile of drivel:

First, Firedog technicians should only perform services that they are properly trained in completing. Second, the employee’s testimonial is not accurate regarding the way in which Circuit City calibrates televisions. Firedog technicians follow procedures recommended by Sound & Vision, a professional authority on home theater, audio, video and multimedia products. When conducted properly, the test patterns improve television performance including contrast, brightness and power usage, among other aspects. Additionally, on an unrelated note, an e-mail appears to be circulating that claims Circuit City and other stores have filed for bankruptcy. If you receive this e-mail, please know that the information is completely false, as far as Circuit City is concerned.

That’s nice. But according to the employee, his boss made him perform the test he apparently hadn’t been trained at all to do, and was threatened with job termination if he didn’t go and do it. Does Circuit City have a similar policy against managers telling employees to “make believe like you’re changing settings” ? If you have fingers attached your hands, you can probably operate the contrast and brightness settings on your TV, and save yourself from Circuit City’s useless tv calibration “service.” Oh, and we’re glad to hear that Circuit City isn’t filing for bankruptcy, as that would totally throw our “who is Circuit City a takeover target for” betting pool totally out of whack.

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