Arbol Cafe Responds To Tipping Controversy

Image courtesy of Two weeks ago, we made note of a word war going...

Two weeks ago, we made note of a word war going on in the comments section of the restaurant review section of Philadelphia’s City Paper after a former employee complained that the Arbol Cafe was confiscating their tips. In response, Beth from Arbol Cafe wrote us:

Arbol Cafe does give tips to the employees, and was giving tips at that time ‘John Smith’ was in training. John Smith was in training and she received $25 for each of her three, 3 hour shifts. We opened in January and she worked a few days in February. If people think that we do not tip employees, they are only feeding off of one of our first employees in training as well as repeat bloggers/posters who now seems out to slander us at every chance they have. While we can’t continue forever defending ourselves without further criticizim from people who like to post negative comments, we do feel that it’s important for our customers and future customers to know that our employees are, and have been, and will continue to be treated with respect and the tips have been, are currently, certainly will continue to be forwarded to them as they pass the training period and can competantly work the front desk.

But what she really should have done is pointed us to what she told the City Paper’s Critical Mass blog, which is a bit more informative and a litte more reasonable-sounding.

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