American Airlines To Charge $25 Fee For Checking 2nd Bag

Starting May 12, you will have to pay a $25 fee to check more than one bag on American Airlines. Earlier this year, Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines and JetBlue Airways all announced similar fees. High-ranking members of American Airline’s frequent flyer club will be exempt from the charge. Next thing you know, the airlines will be charging you a fee for reading about fee increases.

American joins list of airlines charging for a second bag [CNN via Consumer World Blog]

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  1. Shadowfire says:

    So if I bought my ticket before the change goes into effect, am I still screwed into this? (I assume yes)

  2. punkrawka says:

    So what major airlines are left that aren’t charding this fee? United and Southwest? Any others?

  3. highmodulus says:

    Unfortunately, this is the future. Like Hotels and Rental Cars before them, airlines have learned to hide price increases with numerous unavoidable fees. Add in overcrowded planes, less flights, an obsolete, understaffed air traffic control system and it make you pine for the days for regulated air travel. . .

  4. RobGinNC says:

    @Shadowfire: No, Anyone who purchases a ticket before May 12, 2008 will be exempted from this fee.

    For more info see the whole AA FAQ on the bag fee: []

  5. Soon, the only place to buy airplane tickets online will be Ticketmaster.

  6. RobGinNC says:

    @punkrawka: Actually, Southwest is the only major US airline that isn’t charging a fee for checking a second bag.

    Here’s the details on United’s baggage policy: []

  7. joshthephenom says:

    Well, if I was Southwest’s president, I’d be focusing some advertisements stating that they’re the only major airline not doing this. Could see their sales increase.

  8. bluxed says:

    When i was on an american airline flight 2 weeks ago. I heard someone ask about checking a 2nd bag and fees and the american airlines rep said

    “there is no charge for an extra baggage, were a more liberal airlines”

  9. CRNewsom says:

    @joshthephenom: I don’t see how their sales could increase further. They are already the preferred carrier of many people because of their low fares…

  10. Norcross says:

    Just flew on Continental, and checked 2 bags and had a carry on. No extra fee. I did the on-line sign-on, and there is a fee for larger or heavier bags, or if I wanted to check a 3rd. Maybe I got grandfathered in, or avoided it because my company bought it. Who knows.

  11. Toffeecake says:

    I’ve been getting screwed with extra airline fees since they changed the “unaccompanied minor” age to 16 when I was a kid.

    My sister and I had been flying for years yet still had to pay $100 or more just to wear a gigantic tag and wait for everyone else to get off the plane so a flight attendant could read our tickets to us.

  12. RobGinNC says:

    @Norcross: You were grandfathered in. Continental isn’t charging the 2nd bag fee to anyone who flies before May 5th.

  13. ARP says:

    @joshthephenom: Except that once they are “forced” to do it, they’ll look even more foolish.

    I’m not thrilled about this fee, but I understand it. More bags= more weight and/or more handling= more fuel = more money. My issue is that they’re still raising fares in parallel. Charge extra for “perks” or raise fares, but don’t do both an pretend like it’s not happening.

    My issue is that now people are going to try and crush even more crap in the overhead compartments.

  14. Jevia says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if the reps were more diligent about making sure the checked bags fit within the other weight and size requirements.

  15. chiieddy says:

    This is why we had already planned to ship all our camping equipment ahead UPS for our Yellowstone trip this summer.

  16. joshthephenom says:

    @CRNewsom: It’s true, but as long as there are empty seats, they have room for sales increases.

    @ARP: True. They either need to do it now, while everyone else is doing it, or not do it at all and capitalize on the decision.

  17. bbagdan says:

    People respond better to rewards than penalties. Perhaps airlines should give a monetary credit to people who only check one or no bags.

  18. Serpephone says:

    I am taking the damn train. Amtrak lets you take three bags with you!

  19. huadpe says:

    @Serpephone: Yeah, but…Amtrak. I took them round trip Montreal to NY once. Horrible trip. What is a 1 hour plane ride took 12 hours, we were stuck at the border forever. The train wasn’t too uncomfortable, but it would have taken half as long to drive as to take the train. And 1/12th as long to fly.

  20. breals says:

    I would be more concerned if they start weighting my carryon baggage. If so, I’ll start wearing cargo pants and stuff the crap out of them with the heavy stuff.