Comcast Contractor Van Does Doughnuts

If you’ve ever wondered why Comcast is late for your appointment, it may be because their contractors are too busy doing doughnuts in the snow with their work vans, as shown in this awesome video! When I showed this to Carey, he said, “I actually like them more having seen it.” Whooo, it’s Comcastic!

(Thanks to Waldon!)


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  1. SkokieGuy says:

    Dog Nuts? Comcast is certainly an unpleasant company, but frankly I don’t even want to know what they do with Dog Nuts.



  2. mad_hatter_md01 says:



  3. zentex says:

    This is waaaay better than being sandwiched!

    Doing brody’s in the snow is a perfect valid excuse for being late and/or missing appointments.

    Oh my bad, would you like another serving of sarcasm? :D

  4. FightOnTrojans says:

    @SkokieGuy: They sure made that correction quickly! I saw it, though, and thought the same thing.

  5. akede2001 says:

    Meh, get over it. It’s people having fun in a dead end job. Quite frankly, if more people did things like this more often, a lot more people would be a lot happier.

    Who is it that usually gives you the “benefit of the doubt”? Usually laid back people.. not hard up “I haven’t had a break in four years” people.

  6. boomerang86 says:

    Looks like an independent Comcastic contractor, and that’s an all wheel drive van too. Next week he’ll be installing Dish Network!

  7. sardonumspa says:

    It’s his van. Who cares?

    I woulda taken the sign of first, myself.

  8. jamesdenver says:

    ahh- my teenage years growing up in Michigan…

  9. akede2001 says:

    @sardonumspa: It was probably a sticker..

    But still, if the company owns the van and only has a Comcast sticker on it– and he’s not even on the job– who the hell cares?

    I used to do this a lot in the snow. Cops would come and tell us to leave, because we’d do it in school parking lots and such. It was fun. Even cops knew it.

  10. adambadam says:

    At least he or she is not doing it in the middle of traffic and putting others in harms way

  11. Buran says:

    @akede2001: If they’re doing this instead of the work they’re paid to do, we’re not going to “get over it”.

    And, this is also abuse of company equipment, which is another reason for Comcast to not “get over it”.

    • Anonymous says:

      @Buran: “they” are paid “piece-work” or by the job, not hour, most work 12 to 16 hour days, six days a week. More than likelly it’s his own van, gas and cell phone oh yes tools and equipment too and some cover as many as four counties as part of our jobs. We also realy enjoy that hearpounding thrill everytime someone decides to drive through our traffic cones and aim for our ladders all for the overpayment of about $5 to $10. some of us do actually take the job seriously and consider each customer as our own not just a comcast customer.

  12. peggyhill says:

    hold beer, watch this.

    Comcast always had problems with indis… then again who hasn’t.

    I see all these sweet DirecTV vans all over and they send me the 3 maybenotlegals who do a p!sspoor job and I wind up doing their job over again.

  13. P_Smith says:

    What do you expect? The only qualification to be a comcast “technical expert” is a driver’s license.

    If these people were educated, they wouldn’t be working for comcast.

  14. The Bambino says:


    Wow, I bet you’re a blast at parties!!!

  15. Buran says:

    @The Bambino: I’m also right.

  16. Half Beast says:

    Oddly enough, Comcast actually *earns* some much needed cool points from me for this…

  17. snoop-blog says:

    doughnuts are fun! but more fun in a rear wheeled vehicle. i had a similar job where i drove a chevy blazer. i would totally rip ass through your driveway if you were an asshat.

    on a different note, am i the only one on here who purposely looks for lots to do doughnuts on when it snows?

  18. azntg says:

    They don’t know how to drive? Go figure!

  19. jtkooch says:

    That’s a Connecticut license plate….

  20. The Bambino says:


    Well, regarding your first point…how do you know it’s not their lunch break?
    Regarding your second point…please explain to me how in the hell doing doughnuts damages a vehicle. Have you ever even done a doughnut? Please tell me how this is “abusing company property”

  21. BalknChain says:

    I’m another Comcast hater, but that looked like some good ole fun. I’ve done my share of Camaro snownuts.

  22. t0fu says:

    Just because it has a comcast magnet on the side does that mean it’s a Comcast purchased vehicle?

    How do we know the van doesnt belong to the driver?

  23. dipsy30 says:

    Thats a Comcast Contractor vehicle, more than likely it’s his own. Actual Comcast rigs have large sticker signage attached not a magnetic placard. They also include a “1-800-call-me-in” sticker on the back. I was a in-house tech for over 5 years and got tired of the incompetence at even the higher levels of the business. I myslef kept waiting for him to hit something or his ladder fly off, that would have been funny

  24. Buran says:

    @The Bambino: Simple: they weren’t told they could do stuff like that, and I bet if you damage the suspension and take it to a dealer and they find damage resulting from it, they’ll void the suspension warranty … due to abuse.

    And show me written proof from Comcast that it’s OK to do this even on your lunchbreak.

  25. blue_duck says:

    As long as they aren’t swinging the arse of the van into me, let the good times roll.. or spin. *rimshot*

  26. The Bambino says:


    Well if you’re being ticky-tack like that, sure…There’s no chance that Comcast says it’s ok to do that, but referencing your original comment “if they’re doing this instead of the work their paid to do…” Well, we simply can’t PROVE that they are even on the clock in the video, and again referencing your original comment “abuse of company vehicle…” we don’t even have proof that is a ComCast, and not privately owned, vehicle.
    I’m just calling a spade a spade.

  27. TechnoDestructo says:

    I talked my school bus driver into doing donuts in the school parking lot once. And it was a full-sized bus, too.


    It’s a waste of gas.

    But donuts on ice isn’t abusing the equipment…you’re not hurting it one bit.

  28. thirdbase says:

    Comcast doing doughnuts, what do they think they are cops.
    Oh yeah and Buran, Lighten up will ya geeeeeezzzzz

  29. Thorny says:

    Who HASN’T done this. Lighten up, people. Is this any worse than surfing the net at work?

  30. Buran says:

    @The Bambino: *shrug* and I’m calling them out on what I see as bad behavior.

  31. matt1978 says:

    @Buran: LAME

  32. Darkwish says:

    They were just trying to clear the lot for other people, right? No harm in that!


  33. ATTSlave says:

    @Buran: C’mon get off the broomstick and realize this is just some harmless fun.

  34. forgottenpassword says:

    Meh, I hate the comcast a-holes just as much as anyone, but I am not going to begrudge them a little fun occassionally. Heck!, when I worked in security, every winter I did at least one donut in the patrol vehicle they provided. Of course…. I always did it when i KNEW there was no possibility that I was being watched/seen/caught.

    I WILL however bust their balls for being stupid enough to do it in a place where someone caught them on video doing it! Jackasses!

    Btw… was this in a customer’s driveway/parking lot? Because it wouldnt suprise me if it was.

  35. forgottenpassword says:


    correction…. I see now that it is some idiot performing for the camera…IN THEIR WORK VAN!!!!!! Jeeze! At least remove or cover up the “comcast” sign! In this day & age of youtube & googlevideo… you are a moron to do something this stupid on camera & not expect the possibility of it being posted online & have it come back & bite you in the ass! If this guy loses his work contract with comcast… then I say he deserves it.

  36. The Porkchop Express says:

    @akede2001: probabl a magnet.

    So what if the guy has a little fun without hurting anybody. he was gonna be late regardless, at least he may be in a good mood when he’s late this time.

  37. While we’re bickering about whether or not he is on duty or he owns the van or not and other such CONJECTURE I propose that the man was recntly laid off and was giving his uptight boss his just desserts.

  38. That is 2 Fast 2 Furious!

  39. I ditched Comcast when I moved, but the last time the guy came, he actually took me through the system screen on my DVR and told me what numbers to write down and what to look for if I ever had that particular problem again.

    Then he said that he was moving to Florida the next day, so he didn’t give a shit. That left me with a good taste in my mouth.

  40. skyjag says:

    Well at least the contractor looks like he’s on his way to the appointment. I’ve had Comcast cancel an appointment before because of ‘inclement weather’, which was a light flurry with no accumulation. The best part was, I had to take the day off of work for the guy to show up. It’s comcastic!!!

  41. linoth says:

    You can hardly blame Comcast for the behavior of the technicians that they hire out. And besides, we have no information indicating whether he’s on the clock or if this is being done during a lunch break or what.

    Flat out, if this is a hired outside contractor, I wouldn’t hold this against Comcast. Adelphia went under because all of their in-house techs were on strike for years. They only had the outsiders who really just don’t care.

    However, I’m sure that the contract with this particular contrator is already under close review if it hasn’t already been cancelled.

  42. John Gardner says:

    doesn’t make him look smarter to me.. He should be doing “reverse” donuts, its a FWD van…

  43. Mr_Burmie says:

    Tony Orlando and Dawn

  44. sycophant says:

    Clearly that is officially sanctioned Comcast adverse weather driver training. Clearly.

  45. Airport_Whiskey says:

    I’m rather impressed how well he held the drift in a minivan.

  46. hi says:

    lol that looks fun!

  47. thrillwill says:

    I’m pretty impressed with that minivan too – my Aerostar would have flipped several times on the first attempt.

  48. Lol … About 4 months ago my wife and I switched from the local crappy cable company to a DirectTV bundle with our internet/phone provider. The guys showed up (on time) in their Ford F250 4×4 pickup. There were fresh mud splatters up the sides, and I knew what they’d been up to. Did I care? Nah I toldem “Looks like you boys know how to have a good lunch!”. They grinned kinda sheepishly, and did a right fine job.