Top Posts Of The Week

Let Best Buy ‘Professionally Install’ Your XBox Games
Are you one of the tens of customers who has trouble inserting their XBox 360 games? For a low, low price, Best Buy will come to your home and professionally install those complex XBox games.”

Microsoft Keeps Your Repaired XBox For 4 Months, Calls You A Thief For Wanting It Back
“Microsoft hasn’t returned Tiffany’s XBox 360 for four months because they think she is a thief, even though she has her original receipt and a credit card statement proving that she is the console’s rightful owner.”

WaMu: Sorry We Don’t Have Your $4200 In Cash, Want A Check?
“He told me (still across the room BTW) that they operated on some automatic withdrawal machines and that he couldn’t authorize that much of a withdrawal because other people needed to use it and that the amount of capital wouldn’t cover it.”

Macy’s Confiscates Your Item Because “Another Customer Wants It”
“…before she could pay for the item the store’s manager stopped her and took the pot away because “another customer want[ed] it.”

EMI Says You Can’t Store Your Music Files Online
“Today, MP3tunes’ CEO Michael Robertson sent out an email to all users of the online music backup and place-shifting service, asking them to help publicize EMI’s ridiculous and ignorant lawsuit against the company”