More Gross Stuff Found In Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water doesn’t just contain vitamins. It also contains gross skin-looking things. Sometimes it even contains gross bodily fluid-looking things. Another picture, and a chance to speculate on what this is, inside.

Steven writes:

Was about to drink some Vitamin Water this morning when I noticed this gunk floating around in it. Luckily I didn’t open or drink any of it yet. Here are some attached pictures. Purchased from Kroger in Blacksburg, VA. Will go return it next time I’m there.

That’s two possibly human, uh, products in your bottles that we’ve posted about, Vitamin Water. What gives? Is this flavor called Soylent Green? Or perhaps someone at the plant took it upon himself to implement your ad campaign? Either way, we’ll be closely scrutinizing the several Vitamin Waters we chug each day.

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