Doesn't Practice Good Security Hygiene

You’d think a credit monitoring service—even one as skeevy as—would take great pains to keep up the appearance of security and confidentiality. You’d be wrong. When Brian called to cancel their service he was asked to call out his social security number and his mother’s maiden name, even though it turned out they could easily access his account and cancel his service with only his phone number and birthday. Oh, and the first CSR hung up on him, but (sadly) that’s not really very newsworthy anymore.

I too like other readers had signed up for this service. After a few months (and a few $14.95) charges, I decided their service wasn’t worth it. I have no issue with the money spent, that is my fault..
However, when I went to cancel my monthly subscription, the first thing the operator asked for was my SSN… not the last 4, but the full SSN.. Why in the world would a company who’s job it is to alert you to credit issues ask for something like that? I mean, one of their services they offer is related to identity theft.
But it gets worse…
After the CSR was able to (through some sort of magic or wizardry) pull up my account via my phone number, in oder to “verify” who I was, she wanted my mother’s maiden name !!!! After being on-hold for 20 minutes while she escalated to a manger, the call was disconnected..
Can you imagine the audacity of a company who’s job it is to “protect” your credit report and help with identity theft asking for full SSN and Mother’s maiden name? Keep in mind, all I was trying to do was cancel a subscription to a credit monitoring agency I was able to register on-line with…
I then called back in, and this CSR was able to cancel my account with my phone number and birthday (yes, he too asked for my SSN and mother maiden name, but again, through some magic he pulled my account using other info. I will say, while he tried to up-sell me, (Sir, I realize you think this service is ineffective, but for only 29.95 a month you can add this service and get more info) and then tried to convince me that I still had some time left on my account, and I should call back closer to my billing date to make sure I got full utilization , I stood strong and insisted on canceling my account..
I think I will be checking my credit card to make sure they canceled it…

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