Peeping Tom Sears Manager Sued For $2.7 Million

It seems the floors aren’t the only thing that’s dirty inside Sears. According to Style Weekly, former Sears assistant manager, Robert E. Lee of Virginia, is being sued for $2.7 million for allegedly spying on a young girl and her mother through the ceiling tiles of a dressing room, while hiding inside of a “peeping hutch.” The alleged crime occurred in March, 2006 when Lee was discovered spying from the masturbation station, strategically located above the ladies’ dressing room. The young girl, whose age is described as “prepubescent,” is said to have been traumatized when she suddenly noticed Lee leering from the ceiling while she and her mother were trying on bathing suits. Lee admitted his culpability. The lawsuit states, “During the search of the room, police officials recovered sexually explicit magazines and seminal fluids.” Oh Sears. Before we were only ashamed of you, but now that shame has grown into disgust, with loathing not too far off in the distance.

Sears, Robert E. Lee Sued For Dressing Room Peep Show [Style Weekly]

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