Use Electronic Postage And Highlighter To Guarantee Mail-In Rebate Success

Rebates are one of those “sales games” where the companies use all sorts of rules and tricks to reduce the likelihood that most consumers will “successfully” complete all the steps, but if you’re anal and like getting money, like this guy over at the SlickDeals forums, you can do a few things involving highlighters and electronic postage to improve your odds:

I always use electronic postage when sending my rebates. This prints the mailing date very clearly on the envelope. Then I make two copies of the envelope itself, I keep one with my copy of the rebate forms and I attach the other copy to the packet I am sending in for the rebate. I also highlight the date on the photocopy of the envelope so that it’s very clear to them that I mailed my documents before the rebate deadline. So even if they mis-file your packet or if they lose your original envelope or if they claim it was mailed too late there will always be a record of when the rebate was mailed attached to your packet. When they see this level of detail they know you mean business and that you are diligent. So maybe they are less prone to mess with you? I don’t know. But I do this religiously and have had great success.

What do you do to make sure you get your rebates?

Tips to ensure you get your MIRs [SlickDeals]

(Photo: ninjapoodles)

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