Breyers Ice Cream Shrinks To 1.5 Quarts

Reader Bill noticed that someone hit Breyers Ice Cream with the grocery shrink ray… again:

I’m just getting over the first wave of ice cream shrinkage (from 1/2 gallon to 1.75 quarts) when I noticed today that Breyer’s is upping (or rather shrinking) the ante – they’re beginning to roll out 1.5 qt packages!


We checked Breyers’ website and noticed that they haven’t updated from the last time they shrunk their package:

Why have you downsized your Breyers 1/2 gallon cartons?

Over the last two years or so, a number of our ice cream competitors made the decision to reduce the size of their 1/2 gallon containers. At the current time, the price on all of our ingredients, most of all the fresh cream we use in our products, has gone up dramatically in cost. In order to remain competitive, Breyers has made the difficult decision to reduce the size of our basic pack to 56 oz. We believe this change is a way of mitigating the level of future price increases compared to what otherwise might have been the case. As always, you can expect the same great Breyers quality which has been our standard for over 135 years.

They are, according to Bill’s photograph, now down to 48 oz. At this rate, Breyers ice cream boxes are going to be about as full as potato chip bags.


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