Aer Lingus Accidentally Sells Transatlantic Flights For 5 Euros Each

Aer Lingus is apologizing to some 100 customers to whom it accidentally sold transatlantic tickets for a measly 5 Euros.

The tickets were supposed to cost 1775 Euros. Whoops!

The airline is refusing to honor the tickets, saying:

“It is a genuine mistake, a fundamental mistake on our part. We rectified it as quickly as we could. We have contacted the customers and given them the opportunity to re-book,” he told RTE state radio.

“To sell a business class flight for a fiver… that is a genuine mistake, people are going to know that there is something up.

“It is really a case of ‘if it looks too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true’,” he added.

The Irish Consumers Association is having none of it. A spokesperson told the media:

“The offer was made, it was accepted by Aer Lingus. Consumers booked and paid to bind the contract.

“Realistically I think Aer Lingus is going to have to do something to abide by it (the booking) and to help them,’ he said.

What do you think? Should the airline have to stand by this price?

Airline seeks to cancel ‘accidental’ sale fare [The Age] (Thanks, Mandy!)
(Photo:Cubbie’N Vegas)