Personal Finance Roundup

Your magic number for retirement [MSN Money] “A new calculator reduces all your retirement planning to a single figure. It’s a handy and useful guide, but can you handle the answer?”

Five Places to Put Your Cash to Work [The Street] “Here are five ways to get the best income from your emergency fund.”

What Kind of Life Insurance Should I Buy? [Free Money Finance] “Want to know which is better for you — term or cash value life insurance? Read on.”

The best cars for your money [CNN Money] “We asked the experts at to pick the 5 best car values – not just in price but also in the cost of ownership over five years.”

How to get a job that’s way beyond your experience [Brazen Careerist] “You should always reach for a job way above you, but do it in a way that makes you seem like a reasonable candidate. Here are some tricks.”

(Photo: Strobist)