This Earthbound Farm Organic Salad Comes With A Free Dirty Glove

Reader Justin claims he discovered this gray glove in a package of Earthbound Farm organic salad. Salads, organic or otherwise, do not typically contain prizes, and Justin’s reaction (“I was mortified”) is understandable. The experience has scarred Justin’s psyche and he is left wondering, “How many times was I one package away from eating glove?” Additional picture inside.

I’m willing to concede that the stray rodent skull or giant metal clamp will occasionally slip past the most vigilant of inspectors, but I would think that even a less-than-diligent employee would notice he just lost a glove. For one thing, his hand would probably get cold. And someone should have noticed a giant gray object in a box of leafy greens. We advised Justin to get in touch with Earthbound Farm and let them know that their salads are not children’s cereal, and should not come with a treat.
Organic Glove [justinthecity]

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