Paying Off $9,482 Debt In 5 Months

FatWallet forum member NewNole2001 details how they just finished paying off $9,482 in credit card debt. Here’s how Nole did it:

First NewNole2001 boned up on their personal finance knowledge by reading message board posts and listening to Dave Ramsey’s show. Then Nole negotiated the interest rate on one his cards lower. The others credit card companies wouldn’t budge, so Nole did some 0% interest balance transfers to stop the interest hemorrhaging. Nole used the “Snowball Method” to to, after paying his bills, plunk down $1600 a month, plus any extra money Nole could scrape together towards paying off his debt. Five months later, Nole’s debt free and working on building a 6-month emergency fund. “I can’t even imagine living like I used to. What a waste of my hard earned money!” Nole writes. “I’d like to sit here and say that it was such hard work, but really, it wasn’t, I just needed to direct my money in the proper direction.”

Paid off the last of my CC Debt today [FatWallet]

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