Morning Deals

  • Woot: 3M Filtrete Air Purifier for $39.99
  • Amazon: adidas Men’s Titan 07 Track Shoe for $16.49
  • Amazon: WiiFit preoder for $89.99

Highlights From Dealhack

  • Amazon: Save at least 20% off Simply Calphalon Cookware
  • CellPhoneShop: Save an Extra 10% to 20% off Mobile Gear
  • Toshiba Direct: Save 20% off Customizable Satellite Notebook PCs

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  1. Kryndis says:

    That WiiFit price isn’t much of a deal. $89.99 is MSRP.

  2. t0fu says:

    i was just thinking the same thing

  3. chemman says:

    The deal for the WiiFit is that you can pre-order it, not the price. From what I hear, they will probably be hard to find anytime soon after the release so this gives you a chance to get your order in now.

  4. Joedel263 says:

    Toys R Us has (and still is) been doing preorders since the end of February..

  5. Joedel263 says:

    it ate my comment..

    Toys R Us has been (and still is) offering preorders on Wiifit since the end of February

  6. korleone says:

    Well, after all the praise I’ve been hearing about I thought I’d give them a try since I needed two BT headsets. It turned out to be a pretty great price, so I should have known it was too good to be true. Before placing my order I verified with customer support that the headsets where new. I was assured that they were “new” not refurb,but they where in OEM “white-box” packaging.

    I received them today, and not only are they in a used condition (scratches and “goo” can be visibly seen) but the one I attempted to use didn’t even work.

    I called CS for a return, and everything went fine over the phone. We’ll see how this works out in the end. I’m a little leery knowing that their reps will blatantly lie to their customers.