Round 23: US Airways vs Washington Mutual

This is Round 23 in our Worst Company in America contest, US Airways vs Washington Mutual.

US Airways: According to Zagat’s, they’re the number one worst airline (“as “unhelpful” as “the DMV,” “schedule should be published under “fiction” and the Philly hub is the “Bermuda Triangle of luggage”). They’ve also joined in with the other airlines in devaluing their frequent flyer programs (translation: legally steal money from you). If that sounds bad, just be glad you’re not a US Airways employee. A recent NYT article revealed US Air employees actually hate their own airlines more than their customers do.

Washington Mutual, but one cockroach feeding off the sub-prime mound of bat guano, recently rejiggered its executive bonus pay so no execs would feel any pain from the imploding mortgage market they profited off of and helped create. Two years after acquiring Providian, they still haven’t integrated the two systems, sometimes resulting in customers getting completely stranded overseas after having their wallet stolen.

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