Icy Dock Offers You Rebate Or Warranty, But Not Both

The fine print on this Ice Dock hard disk enclosure rebate (PDF) offered through Newegg says, at the very end, “Manufacturer’s warranty does not apply to ICY DOCK’s MIR Free Promotional items.” Our tipster cyberguy says he confirmed with Newegg that taking advantage of the rebate does in fact void the warranty. Has anyone else noticed this warranty-voiding language with rebate offers?

Newegg is selling an Icy Dock HD Enclosure for $26 with $22 rebate. Net cost is then $3.99 + shipping. It isn’t until you look very closely at the fine print of the Terms and Conditions that you see that submission of the rebate voids the manufacturer warranty. The language is (purposely?) obscure, but I confirmed with Newegg and left a Product Review to alert consumers.
This may not make much difference in a product such as this, and Newegg says they will offer replacement for a year as part of their very customer-oriented General Return Policies (though I haven’t analyzed the fine print of this policy). BUT if this is trend, I can see now that, in short order, WE WILL BE PAYING FOR OUR REBATES WITH VOIDED WARRANTIES! And they will be offered for products prone to failure. AND … it will all be hidden in the obscure language of the fine print of the Rebates for which we wait 12 weeks!
Take a look — link to product below, no mention of the issue (except MY review). Look at PDF of Rebate, last line of T and C. There you have it!
It would be interesting to get Newegg’s Corporate perspective, as I am sure they vet carefully their exclusive Rebates. And what is Icy Dock thinking here? I would MUCH prefer they come out and say: “We’ll offer you our product for cheap (after rebate), but don’t call us if it breaks.”

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