Frontier Airlines Joins Airline Bankruptcy Conga Line

Frontier Airlines has joined the conga line of bankrupt airlines today, according to a statement from the company.

Unlike the abrupt demise of the likes of ATA and Skybus, Frontier will continue operating normally as it restructures. The airline says that its credit card processor was “holding back” customer payments and severely threatening the airline’s liquidity–an action which prompted the company to file for Chapter 11 protection.

Frontier says:

Frontier intends to continue normal business operations today and throughout its reorganization process. Specifically, it expects to continue to:
• Operate its full schedule of flights;

• Honor tickets and reservations and provide refunds and exchanges as usual;

• Maintain its EarlyReturns frequent flyer program and other award-winning customer service programs;

• Provide employee wages, healthcare coverage, vacation, sick leave and similar benefits without interruption; and,

• Pay suppliers for goods and services received during the reorganization process.
“Frontier is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and we intend to continue delivering on that promise with normal operations throughout our reorganization process,” said Sean Menke, Frontier President and CEO. “To be clear, we filed for very different reasons than those of other recent carriers, and our customers and employees can be confident that we intend to keep on flying and providing outstanding service and products.”

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